The outdoor umbrella is a must-install pato’s accessory which is so useful for you. The main function of patio umbrella is to protect you from harmful UV rays, so you can enjoy the summer air comfortably in the middle of the day. Covering your outdoor living space is also beneficial to protect the outdoor furniture from elements. There are 3 types of patio umbrella which are table, cantilever, and tilting umbrella, they have each different feature and prices. Table umbrellas are those which the pole is inserted into the umbrella hole on the table, cantilever and tilting umbrellas are types of umbrellas

Outdoor furniture can be very pricey sometimes, especially for those which need more numbers patio set like 7 to 9 dining set. But if you have a small outdoor living space, a 3 piece furniture sets could be just enough for you. The ones which include two chairs and one table are perfect for a joyful afternoon tea time. On the other hand, having a small patio means that you don’t have to spend as much money as when you buy furniture to decorate large patio. Usually, you have to spend more than $500 for a good quality 7 piece

Having your patio covered is an important thing to do. Besides making you feel for comfortable to spend a long time enjoying the summer air in your outdoor living space, it also will protect all the furniture and accessories that you place on your patio. A  patio cover will always make your outdoor space feel more inviting. You can hold a joyful dinner or BBQ party with your friends and family without worrying the severe UV rays or rain water. As for the outdoor furniture and accessories, their durability won’t get tested too much because they are protected from harmful

Price may become the first consideration when you are about to purchase a furniture. You may find many dining sets, bar sets, or chat sets in beautiful design, but the expensive price can become your obstacle to buying it. There are several factors which determine the price of outdoor furniture like its material, style, and particular brands. It is okay to buy cheap outdoor furniture for your patio because some of them also look as gorgeous as the expensive one. Besides that, the use of outdoor furniture is not as frequent as the indoor one, you may use it for relaxing

Color is one of the essential factors when you are choosing patio furniture, it should be matched with your patio’s theme and backyard’s environment. If you pick the wrong color when you shop for outdoor furniture, you may end up turning your outdoor living space into an ugly and uninviting place for relaxation and recreation. Some choose a dramatic bright color to decorate their patio, but if you prefer more relaxing color which is not too intimidating, gray is one of the great ideas. Gray is a neutral color which creates such calming psychological effect when you see it, so it is so

Patio umbrella is one of the most important accessories which can beautify and make your outdoor living space more inviting. It works to protect you from harmful sunlight when you are enjoying the summer air on your patio. You can choose various designs, colors, features of outdoor umbrellas which suit your needs. It is also a more affordable option of a patio cover. Before you buy patio umbrella, it is important for you to know the types of patio umbrellas. There are 3 types of umbrellas which are appropriate to place in outdoor  space like patio, deck, or pools, as follows: Table Umbrella

The blinds are certainly needed to protect you from the sunlight or rainy. Today, the blind is not only for indoor but it is also good for outdoor. As well as for the patio, the blind helps you in protecting in human vision if you want something private.  So, you can be relaxing on the patio while you are listening to music or lying on the soft cushion. Certainly, you have to choose the outdoor blind for a patio that’s perhaps suitable for you. Furthermore, you need to fit the patio space which will be installed the blinds. Considering the

Nowadays, the patio door blinds are very needed to complete your patio furniture. Actually, it can make your patio or room look large and bright with vinyl materials. Meanwhile, you have to decide to buy the suitable blinds one. Well, many stores or marketplace offers the blinds product, but you must careful to choose the best one.  For example, the patio door blinds Lowes provide the great and affordable price under $50. Let’s check it out!   Patio Door Blinds Lowes under $50 1.Patio Door Vertical Blinds $21.97 For the first patio door blinds comes with custom size by Lenovor

Looking for the right patio furniture is a kinda tricky job when there are so many models and designs available in the market online and offline. You might have browsed many dining sets, seating groups, or chat sets to decorate your outdoor living space, but you still can’t find the right one. It indeed depends on your need when you are going to purchase patio furniture. People have different taste of style, material, and budget when it comes to shopping a furniture. However, you might need some ideas about the good quality yet affordable patio furniture, it will make you easier

There are hundreds of accessories and furniture to decorate your patio. They are available in various attractive designs and useful functions to make your outdoor space feels and looks more inviting. You can choose what kind of outdoor accessories which match with your patio’s style. One of the must-install patio’s accessories is an outdoor ceiling fan.  It is so beneficial to keep you stay cool while enjoying the summer air in the middle of the day on your patio. Numbers of brands like Hunter Fans, Minka Aire, Fanimation, and others offer outdoor fans for patio in various design and feature, so