10 Cool Concepts Of Furniture For Modern Spaces

10 Cool Concepts Of Furniture For Modern Spaces

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Kind of like the kitchen, the living room is another place where the heart resides. It’s where you unwind with a decent book, enjoy family game nights, or even help your kids with their homework. Since it’s useful in multiple ways, your living room needs to be well-decorated with the right furniture, including a few antique pieces that shriek “wow” and a comfortable sofa.

Mastering this trifecta can be a crucial challenge, but there’s nothing a little bit of creativity can’t fix. Your living room needs to be both well-organized and inviting. Every detail counts, from the throws and pillows topping your upholstered sofa to the stunning color combinations enlivening your modern space.

The only problem? There are hundreds of books and magazines that offer to decorate modern spaces with functional and super-tight furniture. With such an assortment, it can be challenging to pick your combination. Thankfully, we’ve gathered a few inspirations living room ideas.

From a globally inspired space in Colombia to a pattern-powdered pad in NY City, this collection of cool furniture ideas for modern rooms is well-guaranteed to create a spark.

Ahead, we share ten unique furniture concepts for living rooms.

  1. Get Creative with the Coffee Table

Instead of embellishing your coffee table with the standard assortment of stacked books, go for something unique and subtle quirky. You can cover the surface with a collection of beautiful planters and pots, which juxtapose and enhance the traditional, formal elements adding a touch of modernity.

On the other hand, if your living room doesn’t have a coffee table, apply the same ideas; it would work just fine. Suppose this idea makes you want to buy a coffee table near Tennesse. In that case, the Knoxville Furniture Store has everything you need; tables, bedroom furniture, eloquent chairs, and much more. Visit, and you will get enlightened!

  1. A Round Piece

It’s not as much about where you position your furniture as it is about the appeal of the pieces you choose. Modern designers prefer to add at least one round piece to every room they design. People can walk around it without bumping their knees. So what round piece will look best in your living room? You can place round tables, sofas, or beam bags for the kick.

  1. Redefine the “Neutrals”

If you’re not a big fan of bold colors and tons of patterns but appreciate tentative pieces and tasteful bursts of color, go artsy.

Rather than opting for all whites and blacks, pick a few anchor pieces that strikeout. For instance, you can get a lamp and a few art pieces to offer a splash of color (go for marigold, navy, green, and red).

  1. Hang a Chair

Think about it; would a low-profile chair look good in a bright and cheerful living room? Probably not!

Why not opt for a hanging chair? These chairs are the spotlight of today’s modern spaces. Hanging chairs add a little bit of “fun” because they are well-designed to swing here and there. If you already have one, that’s incredible. If you need one, prefer to buy a hanging chair with leather upholstery and ensure it features a sophisticated look. After all, it’s the perfect blend of modern and cozy.

  1. Choose Comfy Seating

If you frequently entertain visitors at your home, pick a strategic living room layout that shrieks comfort and conversation. For instance, you can incorporate semi-circle seating that is both inviting and spacious. Moreover, sectionals are also a fantastic option when you don’t want a circular sofa.

Furthermore, if a part of you adores the all-white aesthetic, a brush-painted rug and a custom-made rope light wouldn’t hurt. Right?

  1. Set up a Library Ladder

Let’s be honest; nobody likes to visit a home where books get scattered in every corner. If you, too, have a mess of books lying around in your living room, do something about it!

Library ladders are the new thing. They offer plenty of space for stuff other than books as well, such as decoration pieces. You can put every item that otherwise did not have a place in the house on the library ladder and make everything look subtle and chic. Indeed, adding a ladder for high shelves screams “modern living.”

  1. Opposites Attract

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, vintage sofas incorporate an elegant feel. They’ll take you back to Victorian times. So if you have an open space or a vast room, promote a sense of attraction by arranging seating around the coffee table with a rug beneath. The goal is to create something cozy and relaxing.

  1. Bonus Materials

Don’t forget to balance color with neutral textures. Therefore, you can use wicker baskets, an antique pine dresser, and a wood-frame mirror to warm up a rustic-styled cabin. Not only do these pieces look modern, but they also represent a fascinating impression of the house-owner.

  1. An Artistic Palette

Create a masterpiece out of your living room with painterly patterned fabrics, a palette of soft colors, and arty effects. Choose fine linens, silks, and cotton – all printed in washes as a starting hue for your scheme. Use highly decorative pieces, and make sure your furniture aligns with it so that you can achieve a perfect poise of function and form.

  1. An Oversized Pendant

If your room spreads a minimalist vibe, go for a Noguchi-inspired, oversized paper pendant. However, take note: if your furniture is chunky and large, or the décor appears to give a “busy” look, the pendant could overwhelm it. The good thing is rice lantern pendant lights are available. They are super-affordable and don’t even take much room.

The Verdict

Now, that wasn’t so hard. Was it?

You can’t rely on art and other aesthetics alone to fill in empty spaces; you need to have the right blend of furniture. Today, people prefer items that are not just fancy but functional as well. That said, you have the advantage of picking any theme and add a limited number of things to your space to make it look calm and pleasant.

The ideas presented above provide enough kicks to help you discover your favorite combination and furniture. No matter what you choose to go with, make sure, it doesn’t disturb your other rooms’ peace. In other words, it must blend well with the overall appeal of your home!

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