10 Ways to Change Your Home Decor in Weeks

Home decor is vital for finding ways to show off your personality and identity while also creating a space that makes you comfortable and happy.  This task is a lot of work, undertaking changes from everything to the wall color, to even the furniture you surround yourself with, and it can feel like you’re staring down months and months of work.  That doesn’t have to be the case, though; you can create a home that feels like a home to you and gives you comfort in much less time.  Here are the top ways to change your home decor in weeks and create a place you’ll love to live in.

1. Work In Chunks

10 Ways to Change Your Home Decor in Weeks

The worst thing you could do for yourself is to think you can complete this project in one weekend.  Give yourself the time you need by working on projects one by one.  Throwing too many balls in the air means you won’t catch any of them, so be patient with yourself and undertake each task as if it was your only task.  One Weekend work on a painting, the next weekend replace light fixtures and other wall and ceiling fixtures.  Work forward from here until you’ve reached your goal!

2. Focus Room By Room

Don’t overwork yourself by trying to recarpet every single room of your home at once.  If you need to recarpet, take it room by room separately.  This change will ensure that the rest of your home is usable and will encourage you to move forward with your next step of the project.  If you get stuck in a room or aren’t sure where to take it for the next step, you can move on to the next place and come back to that problem.  There’s no right or wrong path to take to complete these projects, just that you have to work through them to finish them.  If you’re unsure about a project and want to study up, you can find tons of resources on Youtube and Pinterest sites.

3.  Ask Family And Friends To Help

10 Ways to Change Your Home Decor in Weeks

Any large project can benefit from the help of others.  Ask for friends and family to help you complete whatever you’re working on and help you speed the process.  This action may also benefit you because you’ll be able to ask for advice from people who may have worked on projects like these before.  There’s nothing wrong with trying to learn, and asking for help is an excellent way to show you’re willing to do what it takes to educate yourself and broaden your understanding.

4. Make a Clear Plan Before You Start

Before you buy the first paint bucket or tear down the first strip of wallpaper, it’s essential to plan.  There are a couple of ways to go about planning, and it depends on what helps you understand the process better.  Many people resort to writing long lists and working off of them.  This plan may be useful for people who enjoy the feeling of a due or checklist.  You can mark off things as you go and work on trying to keep to a hopeful schedule.

The other way is to sketch out your home’s layout, get a copy of the blueprint, and then draw out your plans.  It could be that you write in wall colors or that you draw where specific furniture will go.  The best method for this is to work digitally to erase and redraw things without ruining the image, and you can print it when you’re ready.

5. Hire And Buy Ahead of Time

10 Ways to Change Your Home Decor in Weeks

Stockpile nearly everything you need before you begin working.  This planning means gathering tiles, getting cabinets ordered ahead of time, and contacting contractors weeks or months in advance.  Following through with this step first ensures that you’ll be ready when it’s time to work.  The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck having to wait on their cabinets, despite having just torn down the old ones.  Plan thoroughly, and make a clear timeline for when you need everything for each room.

6. Follow Through, But Be Okay With Setbacks

It’s vital that you stick to your plans, but at the same time, it’s essential to be flexible if something might not work out.  You can’t give up your home decor changes just because the shade of paint they gave you was wrong, or the contractor had to quit.  It’s okay to be upset, but from there, take that energy to work towards a plan that will help you succeed.  Setbacks are going to happen; there’s no such thing as a perfect home remodel.  Instead of feeling depressed because the couch you wanted is out of stock for another year, compare Lovesac to different couch brands and find a better one to suit your tastes.  As long as you’re willing to work with the changes and let yourself succeed in the long run, everything will turn out according to plan.

7. DIY What You Can

10 Ways to Change Your Home Decor in Weeks

Professionals are incredible, and it’s a great feeling to rely on someone who has years of proof that they know what they’re doing.  At the same time, contractors can be incredibly expensive, and it’s a lot to try and save up for if you’re not even sure that you need them.  Instead, focus on putting in some effort to complete what projects you can without professional help.  By working to complete projects on your own, you’ll learn new skills, have more pride in the finished project, and save enough money that you can do more work on other things you weren’t sure you’d be able to afford!  It’s worth the work.

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