This Is How A 1.2 Million Liter Backyard Pond Looks Like (Probably the Biggest One in The World)

Imagine having a pond that as wide as a half size of professional football end zone in your own backyard, this is how the 1.2 million liter backyard pond created by Jerry and Marina Leusink from Sandre in Alberta, Canada. They made their massive pond all by themselves to revive Jerry’s memory of having some joyful swims in the pond when he was young.

1.2 million gallon backyard pond 1-min

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He stated the Prairie Farm Report that the pond has 90″ long and 70″ wide with about 14″ deep with more shallow parts for kids. All the family members can enjoy the pond during the summer, and he also uses it for super fun skating times in the winter.

1.2 Million Liter Backyard Pond

1.2 million liter backyard pond 2-min

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By the help of his brothers, a truckhoe, and a small CAT this incredible family’s DIY project was accomplished successfully. In the first couple of years, Jerry used the pool pond without any liner, they only depend on the clay soil base for a while. Turns out, the weed started to grow up, so they decided to lay on a 1/2 inch thick polypropylene liner.

“We needed a good crew of about to pull up the sides and then pin it in place until I could get the big rocks and hold it there,” Jerry told the story about the large roll of the liner was put on his pond.

Besides holding the liner, the rocks also beautifully decorate the pond which flows naturally with his backyard surrounding. Then, some little wood poles and rope enhance the style of the pond very well, creating a more rustic look.

The Chemical Use

As commonly used as the pool maintenance chemical, Jerry uses powdered chlorine to maintain the water quality of his pond. Some chlorine directly dissolves in the water and Jerry puts some of it inside the floating bottles.

There are about a dozen of the bottle hanging right on the top of the aerator which disperses a bit of chlorine on a steady basis.

The Aeration and Pumping System

To avoid the unwanted typical pond problem like green water or blanket weed, Jerry uses the solar-powered aerator. It works by the 8 to 10 intervals during the day for 30 to 45 minutes which surely appropriate to keep his massive backyard pond fresh.

1.2 million liter backyard pond 10-min

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Jerry drains and clean out the pond with the pump, and use it again to refill the water from an underground water tank. “I can also use it to circulate water in the pond. It doubles as a pump for my suction hose, the hose I built myself a sweeper almost like a vacuum that I can go into the bottom of the pond suck sediment, leaves, and other debris,” Jerry explained how he keeps the pond clean.

Other Facilities

For maximum enjoyment, Jerry also built a medium-sized patio with some adorable bistro sets. He also uses it as a dance floor in the evening.

Then, he also adds some playground like volleyball field, horseshoe pits, tetherball, and sandbox. He really provides the great facilities for all of his family members.

So, to build this fascinating 1.2 million liter backyard pond which literally looks like a manmade beach, Jerry spent for about $15,000. Are you willing to build the same one?

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