Bar Stools For Kitchen Islands | 2 Piece Calhome Modern Bar Stool Review

Do you need to change or replace your bar stools? Or maybe you need something new? You can find it in many ways, in many products, and absolutely many reviews of it.

Yes, kitchen bar stools are kind of the items that you should have next to your the kitchen island. It offers joyful seating to make you feel comfortable to do some activities in your kitchen. This place is always good for you to have a quality time with your beloved family or even your closest friends.

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Several products of bar stools have each plus point that will make you love it. It comes in a wide variety of choices such as colors, materials, style, and designs. So, you will never get bored if you have to choose one that is really you. Mix and match are not only applicable for your daily dress, try it on your kitchen island as well.

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Calhome is one of the best brands that offers a big variety of many products for furnishing and home improvement. The first from the company, it has a mission to bring the high-quality product at the affordable prices. These all furnishing and hardware are made to fit you, as a single, multi, or your sweet home and even a condos.

Nowadays, the bar stools are surely a thing. People choose bar stool not only to provide a nice seating space but also to support the theme you made in your lovely kitchen. Then here, we have a review about 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool. Let’s check this out!.

2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool

2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool
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The design of this 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool is really gorgeous. The overall dimension of this product is 36” H x 17” W x 18” D, and for the overall weight of this product is 42lb.

The great design of this 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool complete with its square shape that makes it perfect. The chrome finish if its pedestal base is a perfect match for this modern stool.

However, as you may have noticed, the stool is quite small, so it’s not really comfortable if you have a large-built body.

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The construction of this 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool is quite sturdy. It has a strong metal frame material that will is surely promising. The 3″ faux leather seat of this bar stool doesn’t only look adorable but also offers you an enjoyable and relaxing seating.

This 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool also comes with the non-skid and ergonomic feature for your convenience. It also comes with a swivel and adjustable height feature to make you feel way more comfortable sitting on this bar stool.


The durability of this 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool is quite reliable. Its sturdy metal construction and high-quality faux leather ensure you that this product is a piece of mind to use for years.


In the maintenance process, it is literally not too hard to do the caring and cleaning job for this 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool. What you have to do is preparing a clean and damp cloth or mob to clear it up.

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The $104.79 price of this modern swivel bar stool is totally reasonable considering its design and quality. It is really worth to buy and will make you quite satisfied. This is a good choice for you if you are looking for the good quality of bar stool with the affordable price.


Dimensions36” H x 17” W x 18” D
Weight 42lb.
MaterialsMetal and faux leather
Weight capacity330 Pounds
Package include2 bar stools

Considering the design, feature, and material, this 2 Piece Calhome Modern Stool is a nice product that worth to include to your kitchen furniture shopping list. The size of the chair is something to think about only if you have a large body. But you can still do some modifications to make it more suitable.

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