Bar Stools For Kitchen Islands | 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool Review

What are we looking for besides comfort? Comfort at home is the main thing for everyone. There are lots of room at home that has always been a favorite place for us, and one of them is the kitchen.

If you have a kitchen island, you obviously need some things to complement its decoration. The main thing in a kitchen island is the bar stools.

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There are so many different types of bars tools that you can get, but only a few that might fit your taste and theme of your kitchen. Choose one of them that matches your kitchen theme to create an interconnected and sustainable atmosphere. We can not buy products carelessly, we have to think about anything not just about style and design but also about the features of the product.

Also, in addition to design and style, you also have to think about the material that builds the product. There are many types of materials on the market, and among them are wood, iron, copper, plastic, and leather. It’s not only about the affordability, you have to know how to choose the right product to support your existing decoration.

If you are looking for the best bar stool product with reasonable price, the 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool can be your great option. It is manufactured by one of the best producents that can give you the classy products but with the relative price which is Flash Furniture.

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This company takes pride in process of offering the best and high-quality products. It is actually the things that can make the customers feel satisfied. The Flash Furniture also widely offers many products for hospital, restaurant, and office.

Here we have a review of 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool for you. Let’s check it out!.

2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool Review

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This Flash Furniture’s 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stooll is a dazzling vibrant chair that will easily become a main focal point in your kitchen. The shape of the seat is quite unique with the very low back design and curvy seating space. Sure, you can find other color options, but the bright yellow one looks so awesome to make your kitchen look much more attractive.

The saddle seat style combined with chrome base color makes this chair look beautifully futuristic to decorate your modern kitchen layout. It has a foot rest on its leg for your maximum comforts.

The overall dimension of this product are 30.25” height x 17.625” wide x 17.625” diameter and for the overall weight of this awesome 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool is 34 lb. It is not too heavy to be moved by yourself.  The thickness of the seat is 4 ”, and the seat back dimension is 6” H x 14.5” W.

Regardless of that unique design, the seat is quite too small for a large person (above 6′).

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Talking about the construction, this Flash Furniture’s 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stoolis quite a sturdy chair which will not disappoint you. For the materials that used in this bar stool are metal, acrylic, and plastic.

The construction is quite strong because of its 100% metal materials. Its shining acrylic seat also feels so strong when you sit on. The chair is also quite lightweight, so you can move it wherever you want to.


It is not enough with only beautiful and attractive design, you have to think about its durability too. Due to its construction, the durability of the 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool is not an issue. You can safely use the chairs for years, without any tricky maintenance.


In the maintenance process, you do not have to take so much time to clean and care it. Its shining surface is very easy to clean, and it’s actually spot resistant.


If you think that the bar stools for kitchen islands are mostly expensive, maybe not for this one. The $116.9 is a reasonable price that is offered by this product.

The Flash Furniture’s 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool is perfect for you if you are looking for the good quality bar stools with an affordable price.


Dimensions30.25” height x 17.625” wide x 17.625” diameter
Weight34 lb.
StyleModern and classy
MaterialsMetal, acrylic, and plastic
TypeBar stool

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As the conclusion, the Flash Furniture’s 2 Piece Low Back Swivel Bar Stool is not a bad stool that you can place to decorate your kitchen island. Its distinctive design and good construction are the things that become the plus point of this product.

That small size that is not really suitable for you who have a large body is only a minor minus point that perhaps you can just skip away.

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