3 Piece Bathroom Rug Sets | 3 Piece Rainbow Rug Review

Completing your bathroom with high-security stuff is always a great idea that you have to do. The high-security stuff will give something precious to prevent unwelcome accident happen. You have to place something to secure the room.

The bathroom is such a dangerous place if we are careless to place some security features. There are some spots that can cause the accident in your bathroom including shower room, bathtub, and toilet area.

3 piece rainbow rug
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For that reason, we have to give serviceable bathroom stuff to set a high security. By placing the rugs in the bathroom is surely one of the greatest ideas in preventing something to happen. But, there are thousands of bathroom rugs at Walmart with a variety of prices and designs, especially for 3 piece rugs.

One of the most recommended rug models with some beneficial features is 3 Piece Rainbow Rug. This is a beautiful rug and reliable enough to place in your bathroom. Coming from Sam brand, the product absolutely delivers a satisfying material with attractive design.

But, before buying one product as you want, it is better for you to read the review about the product.  Here, we share you 3 Piece Rainbow Rug review that hopefully will help you to buy one best product depending on your desire.

By reading the review, you can know the design, construction, durability, maintenance, and price. By knowing those features, you can consider whether the product is worth to buy or not.

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3 Piece Rainbow Rug Review

3 piece rainbow rug
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Coming with charming and catching rainbow look, this rug will become one of the most focal points in your bathroom. This existence of this 3 piece rug will totally enhance the bathroom layout. The rainbow stuff always has a something attractive to make your room look more catchy.

The 3 piece rug includes toilet seat cover, contour and bath mat with different dimensions as well. This 3 piece rainbow rug comes with 19″ x 19″ for cover, 19″ x 19″ for contour and 19″ x 30″ for bath mat. All sizes can totally suit any toilet size for any bathroom. The colorful surface with soft texture will pamper your feet while stepping on.


Without any doubt, this 3 piece rainbow rug delivers a perfect construction at the first touch. This rug is fabricated with selected and high-quality polyester material. Its high-quality material certainly makes this 3 piece rainbow rug reliable and strong to use in your bathroom for years.

On the other side, you can feel the soft texture of polyester that absolutely makes you feel so comfy for your daily use. The polyester structure of the rug can totally absorb the water very well. (Read also: Bathroom Lugano Rug Review)


Talking about the durability of this 3 piece rainbow rug, it is so pleasing. Constructed of selected 100% polyester, the rug absolutely offers the excellent longevity and durability. Additionally, the material also comes with the stain-resistance and insect-derived feature.


To have the bathroom rug with much longer performance, you have to carefully maintain the rug carefully on a regular basis. The rug with polyester material just needs to get the common daily cleaning.

Just take the liquid cleaner to clean the surface, then leave the rug dry. That’s quite a simple way in cleaning and maintaining the 3 piece rainbow rug. Moreover, designed with machine washable feature, you can always take care of the rug easily and simply.


You can buy this product by spending $17.50, it is such a reasonable price though you still can find some much cheaper products to buy. That is the reason why you have to choose this product to complete your bathroom with this beneficial stuff.

Well, if you are planning to spread out the 3 piece bathroom rug, certainly this 3 Piece Rainbow Rug is a great option for you. The trustworthy functions and construction offer the beauty and comfortable at same time. The appearance of this rug is totally perfect to upgrade your bathroom’s look.

As a result, it is exactly your time to think about purchasing this fantastic rug to decorate your bathroom look. Of course, after knowing its overplus’ product, this 3 Piece Rainbow Rug is absolutely perfect bathroom stuff to place in your bathroom’s corner.

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