Grand Resort Patio Furniture Sets Review | 3 Piece Villa Park Bistro Set

Patio, one of the most exhilarating spots in every house to do some fun activities. There is nothing to compare when you can relax your mind while enjoying the summer air with a cup of tea in your own backyard. That’s why many homeowners choose to pave some meters space of their outdoor space to build a patio.

It’s always a good idea to have a patio in your outdoor space, but then you will need some outdoor furniture to complement it. Some chairs and tables are the obligatory features that should be installed on the patio. You can enjoy the space two or three seasons of the year cozily and joyfully.

grand resort furniture review

Credit: Sears

Sure, it can be tricky choosing the furniture for your outdoor, just like when you shop for the indoor one. You will find hundreds of designs and style of patio furniture offered by dozens of brands. Doing some research before deciding to choose one is always a must.

Grand Resort, one of the most favorite furniture trademarks by the Sears Brand offer some interesting products that you can buy. You will find some irresistible products that worth to put in your outdoor space. Here we have a brief review of 3 Piece Villa Park Bistro Set, a Victorian style set for a small patio.

Villa Park Bistro Set Review

You will get two lovely chairs and one small round table, a perfect coffee time’s company for a narrow patio. All of the furniture are presented in a simple yet adorable aluminum frame style.

grand resort furniture review 4

Credit: Sears

The swivel chairs’ design looks so gorgeous with its decorative back and round base. The tan cushions and pillows are added for your comfort when you sit on.  With 300 lbs. weight, you can feel the sturdiness of the chair. This 35″ H x 25′ W chair will instantly add a classic Victorian look to your patio.

grand resort furniture review 2

Credit: Sears

The small full aluminum roundtable beautifully complements the chairs of this set. As you can see the base of the chair is made in 4 lovely curved legs with a small ring in the center. The table doesn’t need to be extraordinary to look stunning. The table comes in 28 diameter which is a nice size to put a coffee set.

3 Piece Villa Park Bistro Set

Credit: Sears

The downside of this 3 Piece Villa Park Bistro Set is that the pillows may experience wear and tear as the time goes by. You may need to replace the cushions and pillows annually. Then, you cannot put any patio umbrella since it doesn’t have any hole on it table top.

As the all aluminum furniture, this furniture is also strong enough to face any weather condition. You won’t have any problem to put this one outdoor, facing directly to the sun.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Adorable classic design
  • Luxurious black powder coated finish

  • No umbrella hole
  • Poor cushions

In conclusion, 3 Piece Villa Park Bistro Set is quite recommended for you to buy if you are looking for a furniture for your small patio. But you have to put this one under the existing shade since it doesn’t have an umbrella hole. This set is more suitable if you prioritize style rather than the comfort. The 3 Piece Bedford Set is the better option if you want some chairs which are more comfortable to sit on.

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