4 Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Small Space

4 Tips on How to Make the Most Out of Small Space

All of us sometimes dream about having a luxurious, spacious apartment. Just imagine owning a fantastic house with all the newest gadgets, jacuzzi, three bathrooms, multiple guest rooms, sauna, pool, or cinema… sounds just perfect, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, for most of us, this vision will never come to reality – and that’s fine. In fact, living in a small, and maybe a bit less luxurious flat, undoubtedly has its advantages, too. Just think about the daily cleaning of a huge space or the bills you would have to pay! Moreover, a well-planned small apartment can be just as chic as a big one, and often it’s much easier to decorate.

What to do, though, if your living area is a little bit too small for your needs? Luckily, there are a few smart ways to make the most of your small space without breaking down the walls.

Divide the Room

If you live in a studio apartment, you might feel like a lot of space in the room is unused and wasted. You might encounter a similar problem if you simply want to make broad use of rooms instead of making them serve just one purpose. A solution for that is simple: you should divide your room in the best strategic way. To do it, consider the intended purpose of the areas you want to divide and create a floorplan where you section each space according to your needs. You can then divide it with a glass wall or a room divider to create a feeling of a separate room.

Luckily, the room dividers offer is vast, so you can easily adjust the product’s style to your house’s design. If you don’t mind not physically seeing the product you’re buying, you might even check out the offer of foreign companies, such as Portable Partitions Australia. However, if you’re still unsure about how the product will look in your space and whether it will fit there, better visit a local furniture shop.

Maximize the Storage

To make the most out of a small living space with few square meters to spare, always make sure to declutter it. To get rid of all the clutter taking up your valuable floor space, consider getting extra storage. You will be surprised how many creative ideas there are for excellent storage space for tiny rooms!

For the kitchen, you can exploit the space between the top of the furniture and a ceiling. When it comes to the living room, think of TV wall units with storage or perimeter shelving. In the bedroom, you can put a massive bed with extra storage underneath. For the office, you may use a mounted wall desk with additional shelves above it. And that’s just a few out of many ideas! Get creative with your solutions, and in no time, you will have excellent design along with ample storage.

Use Special Furniture

To maximize your space and make the most out of all the devices and gadgets in your house, you should use double-duty furniture.

Primarily, think about the fold-down furniture, such as a bed or a desk. A fold-down bed will serve you as a commodity piece at night and won’t take up any of your square footage in the day. A fold-down desk is an excellent option for a tiny room, too, as you can pull it out only whenever you need it.

Moreover, think about multifunctional furniture, such as a hanging table, a lamp with in-built shelves, or a mirror with hidden shelving. If you search the web, you will find many other creative solutions for double-duty items, such as multifunctional chairs, tables, or many others. Furniture like this is specially designed for small areas, so you can be sure it won’t clutter your space.

Create an Illusion

The path to the incredible decor of a small space starts with good lightning and bright walls. If you want your living area to look a bit more spacious, you should make the room feel bigger by strategically brightening up space through the use of colors, light, and mirrors.

When it comes to walls, forget about dark colors – to create an illusion of ample space, the rule is the lighter, the better. You might even think about high gloss paint to further amplify the effect. When it comes to lightning, focus on the natural one by eliminating the curtains; this will create an illusion of an open, bigger house. Lastly, decorate your living space with mirrors and other shiny objects, which can reflect the light.


Although you might feel the interior design of your small home will never be as effective as the one of a luxurious flat with multiple rooms, that’s not true. On the contrary, the outlook of your space is always what you make out of it. That means bonus points for creativity!

For more tips on decorating your small room and efficient use of your existing items, search the web for more inspiration. Check out Pinterest, where you can look up great small space solutions that other amateur interior designers use. Lastly, remember to make your space feel personal  – the furniture doesn’t have to be expensive or trendy as long as it expresses your unique personality, fits your needs and style, and says something about you. Good luck.

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