5 Simple DIY Wall Décor Ideas

5 Simple DIY Wall Décor Ideas
Image by Kathrin Pienaar from Pixabay

Look around the house and see if you are staring at blank and simple walls. If it is the case, you need to fill those walls and add a vibrant personality to your home. However, as much convenient it is to march down a retail store and pick a wall art, these commercial décor items can be needlessly expensive. Discover new ideas for decorating your walls by adding Do-It-Yourself (DIY) artwork around the house that will cost you only a fraction of the price.

DIY wall art is not a new concept but had been done throughout history across different cultures. In this article, we will look into modern DIY projects that can be easily replicated for your liking. Depending on what is your current wall system, stylize your bedroom and lounges with striking accent walls or handmade project corners. Here are five DIY Wall Décor Ideas that you can reproduce around the house:

  1. Geometric Pattern Accent Wall
5 Simple DIY Wall Décor Ideas

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

This décor concept is best suited for larger rooms but is not restricted to it. Oversized triangular or circular patterns behind your couch will uplift your lounge area. This contemporary design is creatively sophisticated. Geometric patterns can also be adjusted to a framed wall art made from plywood and spray paints. While laying out different patterns, use a tape to see how the geometric pattern will unfold.

  1. Simple Art Collection

If your house consists of young children who love painting over canvases, this is a perfect family project. Use wooden or metallic frames to portray your child’s best masterpieces. This will help inspire your child to pursue creative outlets and more basic paintings can be easily replaced with newer ones as they grow up. Arrange your family art collection in a standard vertical grid or organize it on top of a bookshelf. Adults can pitch in too by placing their own colorful abstract art to further animate the space.

  1. Flower Based Wall Art

5 Simple DIY Wall Décor Ideas

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

If you adore nature-based wall decors, then use this DIY project to express your love for plants and flowers. There are many ways you can stylize those blank walls. It is a creative choice to spruce up a boring wall or a headboard. You can even use the charm of dried flowers and herbs fixed on a wooden hanger for an eccentric look.

  1. String Lights Wall Décor

String lights attached across bedroom walls has featured in Hollywood often. You can decorate the wall further by attaching your favorite photos along the hanging string lights. This option is suggested for individuals who prefer personalizing their wall decors. It is important that you purchase string lights that do not heat up easily when turned on.

  1. Polka Dots

A fun couple or friends activity which will force you to take out those paint brushes stored away for years. Add a playful vibe to your living room or children’s bedroom walls by painting polka dots. Be creative and use different colors or match the style of standard purple, gold, or light blue polka dots.


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