5 Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

5 Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

A few creepy little crawlies here and there may be acceptable. But if they keep coming back, that’s another story. It’s about time for you to make that change to avoid those crawlies from invading your home again. It may start with a few and then later on multiply as they begin to make your home their home as well and then breed.

In your pursuit of having a clean home, make it your goal to clear your house of these troubling pests or at least limit them as much as possible. There are many things you could do to keep your home pest-free, and here are some effective ones.

  1. Be On The Lookout For Early Signs

There are early signs that pests are breeding or building up in your home. Typically, if you live in a four-seasoned country, it’s during the wintertime that furry pests are going to build their home. For tropical countries, these are the rainy months. During this season, try to be on the lookout for early infestations, like shredded paper, droppings, and seed shells.

If you aren’t well versed with pests, there are also experts you could call in for help. You could inquire about the services of providers like www.AtticProjectsCompany.com and similar companies that serve your local area.

  1. Remove Food Supply

Pests won’t thrive in any home where they won’t feel they have a good source of food. If you provide them with a constant food supply in your home, you’re only going to keep inviting these pests.

So, to put an end to this, consider cutting off any potential food supply for pests. This means that after cooking and mealtimes, make it a point to clean your dining area and kitchen, including the countertops. Try to avoid eating in your bedroom, so you could focus your cleaning only on these two areas of your house.

If you sometimes eat on the porch or deck of your house, be sure to also clean up after. Just because it’s outside your home doesn’t mean you can leave it uncleaned. You could still leave traces of crumbs that’d invite outside animals into your yard. This could be as problematic as having them come inside your house.

  1. Keep A Clean Home

A tidy home isn’t a place where pests would like to thrive. So to avoid inviting pests into your house, remember to always keep it clean.

It’s more than just removing traces of food crumbs. Clutter is something pests also love. So if you have a lot of cluttered areas in your house, this would create a perfect environment for them to build their homes, like their nests.

You don’t have to spend the whole day cleaning the entire space, if this is too ambitious. At the very least, you could give the floors a good vacuum once every two days and the entire home a deep clean once a month by taking in the services of professional cleaners.

  1. Cover Up Or Fix Obvious Entry Signs

Depending on the overall condition of your home, there may be parts identifiable as the obvious entry signs of pests that you have to fix. Otherwise, no matter how clean your home may be, you’re still giving these pests easy access and entry into your house. Here’s are some fixing ups you could do:

  • Repair any gaps on the plumbing pipes, air conditioners, and dryer vents.
  • Fix up the mesh screens in your windows, if there are some that already have holes.
  • Caulk around the window frames.
  • Seal the cracks and holes in the walls.
  1. Get Rid Of Mice Right When You See Them

Upon the first instance you start to see a mouse coming inside your home, try to evict them right away. Mice in your home could also be a telling sign that other pests are present, too. Once they’ve already made it inside, you’d need to find ways to evict them. You may have only seen one mouse, but you never know if there are still more, hidden in the nooks and crannies of your home.

Mousetraps and baits may seem simple and primitive, but they could still be effective at driving mice out of your home. Eventually, when you don’t see any traces of them anymore, that’s when you could do permanent changes, like sealing your home.


These are only some of the ways for you to keep your home pest-free. The bottom line is that to avoid getting expert pest control services to take care of your home, you have to do your part in ensuring the overall hygiene and safety of your house. Pests may be tolerable when they’re only a few, but it won’t last that way for long. Eventually, these pests are going to multiply, and that’s going to be a bigger problem. Proactive steps could keep you ahead of your game to ensure your home stays pest-free.

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