25 Stylishly Inviting 5X7 Bathroom Design Inspirations

The small bathroom has become the most popular option these days. The homeowners today prefer to go with a narrow bathroom than the wider one.

It’s because a small bathroom is enough to handle our daily basic needs without taking lots of space of your home. You can use it comfortably every single day just like those wide bathrooms offer.

The key is, you have to make it as effective as possible which relate to furniture and fixture choice and arrangement. Also, you need to determine the supporting elements to keep the room look and feel inviting like the lighting and color aspect.

Here, we have picked lots of 5X7 bathroom design inspirations that can be the good reference to make a small bathroom properly. You can include them in your inspiration list for your bathroom remodeling plan.

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Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check some inspiring 5X7 bathroom design!

5X7 Bathroom Design Inspirations

Bright Neutral Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 1-min

The neutral shades are always the good option to choose when you are going to build a 5×7 bathroom design. They will create a bright soothing nuance which makes a narrow bathroom keep fresh.

This layout is basically an all-white bathroom which is colorized by the grey touch, creating a neutral nuance beautifully.

Rustic Modern Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 2-min

The rustic touch is still everyone’s favorite up until today since it can create a gorgeous warm atmosphere. Here, the brown rustic brick-style tile covers the shower area which gives another style to the overall look of the room.

Furthermore, the huge mirror is installed to create a wider impression for this 5×7 bathroom design.

Rustic White Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 3-min

The brightly mesmerizing bathroom which is dominated by white and matched with the rustic touch. It can be a nice idea for you who are looking for a neutral 5×7 bathroom design with a more natural vibe.

Again, a big mirror is chosen to complete the room which makes it look and feel more inviting.

Decorative Scandinavian Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 4-min

It’s surely safe to say that the Scandinavian-inspired decoration is always one of the best choices to create a chic layout. In this 5×7 bathroom design, the wall is fully covered with white brick tile and combined with the rustic flooring, creating a traditional vibe stylishly.

Then, the greeneries and decorative rug emphasize the Scandinavian atmosphere perfectly. Moreover, the huge window lets the outdoor light to come through to make the room look joyful.

Neutral Sleek Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 5-min

This one works well for you who want to have a simple modern bathroom with the long narrow layout. The room is colorized in a white finish in a more glossy look which makes it so gorgeous.

Then, the grey shower area adds more color to this all-white 5×7 bathroom design.

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Neutral Nautical Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 6-min

The wood paneling wall and ceiling of this 5×7 bathroom design creates a gorgeous nautical look which is so tempting to try. Then, the earthy grey tile flooring gives a bold touch to its overall layout.

For sure, it’s a good reference to include in your neutral bathroom inspiration list.

Textured Neutral Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 7-min

One thing that you can try to make a neutral bathroom look more attractive is choosing the textured layout than the plain one. In this 5×7 bathroom design, the brick-style wall coves almost the entire room which creates a more decorative look.

The black tile adds a bolder touch and also optimizes the lighting of the bathroom very well.

Decorative White Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 8-min

The stylish all-white bathroom with the catchy blue tile which can be a good inspiration for you who are looking for the beautiful nautical bathroom. To create a much cozier vibe, the bathroom plant completes the decor adorably.

All-White Boho Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 9-min

Another mesmerizing 5×7 bathroom design which chooses the Bohemian-inspired decor, and it comes in an all-white style. The white brick tile fully covers the walls and flooring to give a more festive look to the room.

Furthermore, the rustic furniture and natural decor items colorize the bathroom which emphasizes the Boho nuance gorgeously.

Modern Bluish Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 10-min

Blue is definitely one of the best vibrant colors to colorize your bathroom, and this idea shows how to apply it stylishly. It’s basically an all-white bathroom which is decorated with the festive geometric blue tile in its shower area which makes it look so attractive.

Then, the deep brown countertop adds a gorgeous bold touch which beautifully calms this bright bathroom. Furthermore, the light blue contemporary stool also adds a statement to the room in a very fashionable way.

Earthy Neutral Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 11-min

The unique 5×7 bathroom design with a more natural look due to its rustic concrete wall and wood touch. It has a distinctive vanity design and an in-ground hot tub which makes it so worth to be your ultimate inspiration.

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Geometric Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 12-min

If you are wondering what is the most popular look of a room layout this year, the geometric element will be one of the best answers. Here, the chic geometric tile in yellow and brown gives the stylish decorative look to a plain bathroom which is so inspiring to try.

Greenish Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 13-min

The fabulous 5×7 bathroom design in a nice combination of soft green and white. It looks decorative yet still so cozy with the proper color choices and amount of lighting.

Soft Purple Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 15-min

The soft purple can be a good option to create a calming bathroom decor with a more colorful nuance. Here, the shade is combined with an all-white layout, creating a gorgeous neutral look.

Again, the deep brown wood flooring is chosen to give a bold touch to the room.

Glamorous Washed Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 16-min

The simply beautiful 5×7 bathroom design with the rustic white touch. Then, some golden accents which are applied in chandelier and hardware give a luxurious touch to the overall look of the room.

For sure, it’s an inspiring idea to create an all-white bathroom look more decorative.

Bold Red Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 18-min

This one is basically a black and white bathroom with a more decorative look and colorized with some touches of red. Yeap, the bathtub in the red finish is the main focal point of the room which makes it look more colorful.

The bathroom also has a good combination of vintage and modern bathroom fixtures in one layout.

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Decorative BW Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 19-min

The chic 5×7 bathroom design in the black and white nuance which looks so decorative with its checkered style flooring. All of the bathroom furniture and fixture choices are also designed in a black and white finish which match the bathroom gorgeously.

To add some colors, the colorful towels and bathroom accessories are chosen which also keeps the room’s simplicity.

Geometric Rustic Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 20-min

This is a nice inspiration for you who want to have a rustic bathroom with a geometric touch. The black tile with honeycomb pattern covers one side of the room which styles up the concrete walls and flooring perfectly.

The fixture and furniture are kept simple which don’t take the space of the bathroom too much.

Bright Neutral Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 21-min

The combination of glossy grey tile and white wall of this bathroom creates a simply admirable layout that you can include to your inspiration list. Then, the decorative tile in blue brightens up and colorizes the room attractively.

Earthy Black and White Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 22-min

The gorgeous black and white bathroom with more natural vibe due to its decorative white marble tile wall and black wood flooring. It’s a nice inspiration for a decorative monochrome 5×7 bathroom design.

Shades of Brown Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 23-min

For you who want to enjoy the superb natural vibe in your bathroom, this one can be a good reference. The room is dominated by the shades of brown which creates a gorgeous earthy nuance.

It has a light brown tile wall which is combined with the rustic deep bathroom vanity. Then, the grey flooring is chosen to let all the brown elements popped up perfectly.

Warm Classic Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 24-min

The beige overall look of this bathroom creates a cozy warm atmosphere that everyone will surely love. It has a nice combination of natural beige and off-white beautifully.

Cozy Neutral Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 25-min

The beautiful neutral 5×7 bathroom design with the simple combination of white and gray. Its grey wooden flooring creates a much fresher vibe which makes the room feels so inviting.

Sleek White Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 26-min

It’s an all-white 5×7 bathroom design which is worth to include on your inspiration list. You can see that the flooring actually has the geometric pattern which gives a more texture to the room.

The huge mirror and window help a lot in making the room look much wider.

Chic Vintage Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 27-min

Another black and white 5×7 bathroom design which is so tempting to copy, and it comes with some stylish elements. Yeap, the decorative BW flooring in the shower area, vintage mirrors, and gorgeous fixtures style up the room beautifully.

Farmhouse BW Bathroom

5X7 Bathroom Design 28-min


It seems like the black and white layout is always everyone’s favorite from time to time. This one is a beautiful inspiration with the farmhouse-inspired layout.

The walls are fully finished with solid black, and the decorative til and brick-tile accent give a more decorative touch.

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Eventually, those are some amazing 5X7 bathroom design inspirations which are so worth to be your ultimate reference. They show how to decorate a small narrow bathroom effectively and beautifully.

You can choose the one that suits your needs and taste to have a small bathroom which can handle your basic daily needs. Also, keep in mind to pick the one which matches the overall layout of your existing bathroom if you are going to remodel it.

The 5X7 bathroom design is always one of the best choices when you are about to build a small bathroom for your house. Then surprisingly, you can decorate it as comforting and as stylish as possible with those amazing inspirations.

As you may have noticed those layouts use the proper furniture, fixture, and color choices to keep the cozy atmosphere of a narrow bathroom. They complement each other beautifully to create a nice harmonious look.

Well, happy remodeling your beloved bathroom then!

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