4 Stunning and Comfortable 5×8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Of course, you desire your bathroom with an attractive design that makes you feel cozy and comfortable. For over the time, you will feel bored with your bathroom. It is time for you to remodel your bathroom with a new artistic design.

Nowadays, many people plan to remodel the bathroom by looking the idea from some sources. It will be more valuable when they get the bathroom remodel completed with before and after image.

To answer the people’ desire, now, we are going to share you 5×8 bathroom remodel ideas. It hopefully can help you in deciding the bathroom remodel. If you are planning to remodel your bathroom, it is better to look for the cozy and comfortable room.

5×8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas

1.From Retro to Whoa

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas (4)

Credit: Houzz

The first idea of bathroom remodel idea has changed 5×8 bathroom to new attractive design. The bathroom is covered in the vinyl as the barrier to separate the space.

Before: At first, the bathroom was covered with vinyl almost everything in the hall. There was a space to separate between the bathroom vanity mirror and the toilet. The bathroom was so narrow and too compartmentalized. Without the barrier between the bathtub, toilet and vanity mirror, it allows the bathroom more impressive.

After: The new design changes the bathroom interior by removing all the separating wall to make the space larger. So, space looks larger and freely to do the activities.


2. From Ceramic to Marble Dream

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas (4)

Credit: Houzz

The second idea comes from New York City bathroom remodel where it was designed with the ceramic at the first.

Before: The bathroom was built in 1959 featured with the common ceramic tile. The bathroom provides the space including the stuck-on soap dishes and shower door. The bathroom looks a little bit dark for a kind of bathroom. It makes the homeowners getting bored with this bathroom condition.

After: The bathroom comes with elegant and classic looks with white marble dream. It is covered the walls and floor with the blue on the floor. With this remodel, you can get the space with the fresh and brighter. The bathroom also provides a large vanity with the sink and several drawers below to put the tools and equipment.


3. Dark to Light and Cherry Looks

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas (4)

Credit: Houzz

This bathroom model has designed the materials and the space that delivers the dreary looks.

Before: The bathroom appeared the dark with the yellow light under the vanity mirror over the sink. It makes the homeowners depressed with this bathroom condition.

After: With this bathroom remodel, the homeowner get the bathroom with the brighter and attractive look. The bathroom is complete with the vanity mirror with bulb lights that can add the bathroom more alive. By existing a pedestal sink under the lights, it allows you to get easy and more clearly when you are washing your face.

To remodel your bathroom, you can also install the Bluetooth bathroom fan. For knowing the steps, we can also read DIY: How to Install Bluetooth Bathroom Fan with Easy Steps.


4. Yellow to White Light

5x8 bathroom remodel ideas (4)

Credit: Houzz

At the first, the bathroom idea offers the yellow light with so boring situation.

Before: The vanity mirror placed in the bathroom provides the narrow room. The storage with drawer spends much space to put many tools in it. So, it makes the bathroom larger and more freely.

After: The bathroom comes with the elegant and inexpensive tile for changing the walls and shower. Both of them are completed with marble tile accents and glass. The bathroom delivers the gorgeous design with elegant looks

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