6 Inexpensive Décor Ideas For Your Bathroom

6 Inexpensive Décor Ideas For Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one place in your house where you and your family members frequently use. You probably don’t get to spend any time in the living room on a day-to-day basis when you’re always out and about, but you won’t ever skip going to the bathroom. Hence, this is why it should be a place that’ll make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Apart from installing complete fixtures and ensuring their functionality, it’d be best to have them decorated beautifully.

Thrifty Bathroom Innovations

From statement rugs to paintings and portraits, you can revamp your old bathroom into looking like the one from five-star hotels. Whether you’re planning to tackle a full-blown bathroom renovation or simply add some décor pieces into it, this article will provide you with some budget-friendly ideas for decorating.

Put out some bathroom accessories and let your bathroom be as cozy as it should be by considering the following inexpensive décor ideas: 

  1. Floral Wallpaper

Incredibly tremendous and helpful for small-sized bathrooms, floral wallpaper can effectively turn it into a more elegant and fashionable space. There are bold prints, soft-toned ones, and a wide variety of floral patterns you can choose from.

You can go for something that complements your bathroom’s paint color and theme. To maximize the beautiful flowery outcome, you can add some fresh blooms on a vase or some dried flowers to make the atmosphere fragrant. 

  1. Incorporate Brass Accents

If you want to focus on replacing plumbing fixtures, you can do so by removing the old rusty ones into brass fittings. This material exudes luxury and is considered a classic statement for bathroom designs. It’s a significant cosmetic upgrade, too, as you pair the brass fixtures with a brass mirror. This won’t cost you much money since many antique shops and other stores sell bathroom pieces at a low cost.

To maintain the brassy theme for the entire toilet, you can add a brass soap and shampoo dispenser, brass knobs for the door and drawers, and even brass hardware for hanging towels. 

  1. Add A Colorful Or Unique Rug

Rugs are undoubtedly practical décor accents. They’re responsible for transforming a plain and dull place into something vibrant and more alive. The roles of rugs don’t stop there since they also provide warmth for your feet. Whenever you’re done from a cold shower, you can rest your feet on the rug to make it warm and dry.

Choosing a colorful or well-designed rug is a fun way to play with the color scheme of your bathroom. Try to match these to your bathroom color ideas altogether and see if a definite style could enhance your bathroom even more. Wider or bigger rugs are also capable of hiding your floor’s imperfections. 

  1. Cover The Under Sink With A Skirt

Suitable for countryside living homes, this fresh and feminine idea will work on your bathroom for different reasons:

  • It looks great and it creates an accent on your sink area.
  • The skirting fabric you’ll use can have different colors, patterns, or prints that suit the overall bathroom theme.
  • With a skirt underneath the sink, you can hide some imperfections. It could be the visible plumbing fixtures or some cluttered cabinets.
  • A skirted sink is creative, unique, and fun to replace quickly and as often as you want. Once they need some washing, you can remove it and replace it with a clean one.
  • This sink décor is ultimately budget-friendly as you can find a ready-made one or have it sewed by a tailor or seamstress.
  1. Design With Greens

This décor idea will freshen you up as greens and plants are a great mood-enhancer. Decorate your bathroom with a lush plant, and it’ll work to ventilate the indoor air too.

Many indoor plants would suit well on your bathroom. You can go for small flower pots or go big and go for tall plants like fiddle leaf figs. If you have your favorite plant, go for it and transform your bathroom into a relaxing place with greens to make you feel calm and fresh after a good shower. 

  1. Dramatic Lighting

The lighting of your bathroom is essential to make it look more beautiful and appealing. With inexpensive lighting fixtures, you can find different kinds like chandeliers, hanging light bulbs, and even lamps. Go for a lighting fixture that’ll improve the lighting of your bathroom. You can go for LED lights for an environmentally friendly option. With these artistic lighting décors, your bathroom will never go dull.


Transforming your bathroom into an artistic space in the house doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time and money. Simply apply the ideas enclosed above or carve out different ideas and inspirations from other resources, and you’ll be able to revamp your bathroom successfully.

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