7 Home Security Tips You Should Know

Your home is your haven, refuge, and shelter. It’s a place where warm, loving memories are made, and comfy evenings are spent after a tiring day. Your home is a place wherein you and your whole family most feel at ease.

And if it is under-protected, this might jeopardize the security and safety you feel in your own home. In 2012, there were about two million burglaries in the United States. Although this statistic is dated, it’s still a number nobody wants to become part of.

Fortunately, you can protect your home and your belongings using several home security tips. For a little help, here are some ways you can protect your home from burglars and boost your feeling of security, whether you are at home or not. So, take a read!

Use a Home Security System

A quality, reliable home security system is your chief defense against thieves. There are many systems available today that can be fitted to your budget and home. Perhaps your local home security company could aid you to choose.

One of the best systems available is the Frontpoint Security System. It offers free local and cloud storage, two-way audio, 1080p HD camera video display, user-friendly application, and unmatched customer support. Do read the Security Baron’s in-depth review of this product to know more.

Trim Trees and Bushes

Do not provide places or areas for burglars to hide. Thus, it’s crucial to trip trees and bushes that might offer thieves a place to hide. Make sure to trim back bushes that block a window. Also, you need to consider the lighting of your house.

Search for places around your property that might allow a burglar to break into your home under the cloak of darkness. Opt to install lights in areas you suspect thieves would hide. Consider motion detection lights to conserve energy and not disturb your neighbors with the bright lights.

Lock Doors and Windows

When you’re not home, make sure to keep windows locked. Also, when they’re not in use and when you go to bed. But if you like sleeping with an open window, then consider installing window locks to open it a few inches.

Moreover, it’s essential to keep your garage door locked as well, even during the day. Keep in mind that leaving it open will lure and invite burglars. Take note that it provides easy, quick access inside your house. Even though they cannot steal something at the time, would-be burglars can see if your property is worth a visit later.

Don’t Advertise Your Vacation

If you’re planning to travel or go on a holiday trip, never broadcast it beforehand. Indeed, people love to share some good news and burglars like that about us. And posting a status on Facebook or tweeting that you have arrived at the airport is one way to notify burglars that your home is uninhabited.

It would be best to save or keep all your updates about your vacation when you return, to avoid such a dilemma. Additionally, if you’re going on a vacation, have a neighbor or friend stop by at your home to pick up any fliers, newspapers, and mail that might be left at the door.

Keep in mind that if a flier has been left on your front door for several days, a burglar could know and discern that you’re on an extended leave. Moreover, if you’re always going out at night or just returning from work, you must have interior lights programmed to a timer.

Having lights on in your home will thwart burglars and will let you feel much safer and secure when you come home.

Change the Locks

If, for example, you just newly-bought your home from someone, then the first thing that you need to do is to change the locks of your new home. Perhaps there is someone out there with a key to your house waiting for the right time to use it. Changing the locks of your house is great for peace of mind.

Outdoor Wires

Ensure that the electrical wires and telephone wires aren’t directly accessible by thieves. Take note that they’ll typically try to disarm or disable your security system by removing these wires.

Invest In A Safe

The most common items stolen by home thieves are cash, small devices, and pieces of jewelry since they are valuable and easy to carry. Thus, it is a good idea to invest in a small safe to keep all your valuables from getting stolen.


Keeping your home, belongings, and family safe and secure doesn’t have to involve lots of money or make your pocket empty. A few simple home security changes like the tips mentioned in this post can protect everything and everyone for years to come. These actionable tips will undoubtedly improve or beef up the security of your home.


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7 Home Security Tips You Should Know

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