Grand Resort Patio Furniture Review | 7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set

The patio furniture is something that you can’t miss to decorate the space. It is such an essential feature to make your outdoor space enjoyable to have some relaxing times or outdoor parties. Once you choose to build a patio, it’s your obligation to make it as exhilarating as possible.

7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set

Credit: Sears

As choosing the furniture to place in your living room, selecting the right furniture to place in your outdoor space can be tricky too. It is always an important thought to do some research in hunting the perfect chairs and tables to put on your patio. You can’t end up having a poor furniture set that will just waste your money away.

Grand Resort perhaps is a must-heard trademark when you browse for some reliable patio furniture. Sure they have some great products that are recommended for you to buy. Here, we have one of the best dining set from Grand Resort, that can be included in your shopping list.

7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set

7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set 5

Credit: Sears

As the name implies, you will get a super adorable dining set all in wooden design. The set includes 6 chairs and one rectangular table. The style perfectly matches with the backyard surrounding, so it’s a great compliment to your outdoor space decor.

7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set 4

Credit: Sears

The design of this natural finish chair is simply classic. You will not find any distinctive ornament on this product. The tan cushion perfectly matches the wooden chair, creating a lovely earthy look to the overall design. The catchy look of the chair perhaps is on its back which is designed in a slatted style. The weight of the chair is only 16.5 pounds.

7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set 2

Credit: Sears

Just like the chair, the table of this set looks so traditional. The table top style is so sleek and wide enough to occupy some dining plates and glasses with its 72″ L x 40″ W dimension. There is nothing special with table legs, yet it still looks adorable.

7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set 3

Credit: Sears

Made of Shorea wood, this 7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set is durable enough to face direct weather exposure. You may need to apply some wood care oil to maintain its look. Storing the set in your basement around the snowy season is also a wise idea. The wood is also known with its elasticity and natural rot and insect resistant for your easy maintenance.

The minus thing of this set is that the chair is armless, so it doesn’t really provide comfort when you sit on it. The design is also too simple, especially if you have a patio without other decorations. But with such reasonable price, it is still totally worth to buy.


  • Affordable price
  • Nice natural finish


  • The chair is armless, less comfortable to sit on
  • The design is too simple

This Sunset Key Collection 7 Piece Natural Wood Dining Set is more suitable for you who have a large patio with some natural decoration due to its simple design. Adding an umbrella will be a good idea since it has an umbrella hole on its tabletop. It’s the affordable dining set to occupy your family’s outdoor gathering time. Its natural finish is a perfect choice for you who want to enhance the earthy atmosphere in your property.

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