Grand Resort Patio Furniture Review | 7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set

Having a huge dining set beautifully assembled in your patio is totally exhilarating. You have perfectly created an entertaining space to hold some joyful outdoor times with your family and friends. It is the homeowner’s obligation to create an appropriate outdoor space to make their guests happy.

7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set 6-min

Credit: Sears

So the next thing to buy after you have your patio all set is the outdoor furniture set. Sure, it depends on the size the patio that yu have built to determine what kind of furniture that you have to buy. If you have a large one, choosing the complete set is always a good idea

If the 3 Piece Villa Park Bistro set seems too small for you, then the 7 Piece is perhaps more reasonable to decorate your large patio. Coming from the same collection, the 7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set consists of 6 chairs and 1 table just as the name suggests. This Grand Resort’s complete furniture set is a good product which worth to call ‘a recommended outdoor furniture to buy’. Let’s find out more about the product below.

7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set

7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set 4

Credit: Sears

There are two swivel captain chairs, four stationary chairs, and one rectangular table set included to the set. All of them are presented in elegant steel look with some cushions on the chairs. The set will totally change the atmosphere of your property once you put it on your outdoor space.

The Chairs

7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set 3

Credit: Sears

Just like its twin, the 7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set is also designed in a mesmerizing classic style. The combination of dark brown steel frame and tan cushions is perfect to create an adorable and relaxing appearance to the chair. This furniture set is something that you have to include to your top choices when you look for the beautiful dining set to buy this season.

7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set 5

Credit: Sears

Besides its interesting design, the frame is also sturdy and durable. A good quality furniture which can be placed outside in all weather condition. The plush cushion is also very comfortable to sit on with its soft and fluffy texture. The chair’s dimension is 24 W x 36 H x 25 D inches.

The Table

7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set

Credit: Sears

The large rectangular table with ornate latticework top provides great function and beauty at the same time. The four curvy legs of the chairs look so adorable, enhancing the overall look of the table. This 72 x 42 inches table will surely become a focal point in your outdoor space.

7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set 2

Credit: Sears

The overall quality of the product is not disappointing at all. With such beauty and durability, 7 Piece Villa Park Dining Set is an ultimate recommendation when you shop for an outdoor furniture. It’s hard to say that this dining set is a bad choice.

Though one customer stated they received a badly constructed table in his purchase, it can’t be the general thought to say that this is a poor-quality product. The price perhaps become one thing to consider. The $935.54 perhaps sounds pricey for you, but still, you will be pleased with its good quality.


  • Sturdy and durable steel frame
  • Attractive design

  • Pricey

In addition, the Harbor Beach 7 Piece Dining Set ($561.32) and Oakdale 7 Piece Padded Sling Dining Set ($579.14) are the more affordable alternatives product that you can consider.

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