7 Reasons To Invest In Improving Indoor Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is the reason for frequent allergic reactions, nausea, and breathing problems. It is best to do an indoor air quality test.

Air pollutants are considered as silent killers. From breathing difficulties, allergy, and asthma to long-term diseases like- lung cancer and various cardiovascular disease results because of polluted air.

You might not be able to detect the tiny air pollutants of your surroundings and outdoors but you can take necessary action to keep your indoor air quality healthy and take precautions while you go outside.

In this article, we will address why you should keep your indoor air clean and prevent pollution and harmful chemicals from harming your body.

Importance Of Clean Indoor Air

Keep in mind that the air quality of your house will determine the health condition of you and your family members.

For homeowners, The United States Environmental Protection Agency has quoted that, it is important for every individual to focus on their indoor air quality.

Regularly breathing dirty indoor air can cause different issues like sleep problems, headaches, nausea, asthma, and allergies. We spend most of our time indoors and clean indoor air can significantly affect our body and mind.

Why Test Indoor Air Quality?

It is important to find out the reasons why and how much your indoor air is getting polluted.

You also need to know about the pollutants you will be dealing with.

Without testing, you will be unable to take effective preventive measures. 

The pollutants are so small in size that it can not be seen with bare eyes, it does not even have any smell. 

An air purification contractor can help you to decide on some high-quality air purifiers for your house and the best indoor air quality tests.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to invest in indoor air quality

1. Get Rid Of Allergy Components

Amongst the indoor and outdoor pollutants, allergy components are very harmful.

Generally, allergies occur due to dust and pollen. Both of these components can easily enter your house with the air. 

These are tiny and light particles that can easily travel to your lungs without any hindrance through your mouth and nose.

Whenever these particles enter your body, your immune system goes to overdrive mode and starts releasing an antibody called histamine in large quantities. 

These excessive releases cause your allergic symptoms.

If you had no unwanted pollen and dust in your house then all this would not happen in the first place. 

2. Reduce Moisture Levels

Air pollutants also affect the temperature, moisture, and humidity condition of your house. 

If the moisture increases so will humidity and will ultimately give rise to molds and other bacteria

It can cause acute exacerbation diseases and respiratory diseases. It is mainly harmful to adult males and females aged above 50.

3. Decrease The Amount Of Pollution

Commonly, your house may get dirty even after cleaning 2-3 hours ago. 

Because at present the pollution is high. The outdoors is so polluted that somehow it enters your house no matter how much you clean or keep your doors and windows shut.

To keep it under control you need to install a good quality air purifier.

The air purifier will act as a filter, stop the pollutants from entering your house, and will also protect your house from the harmful UV lights.

4. Improves Focus And Concentration

If you are physically ill then it is going to hurt you financially. With a viral case of allergies or flu, you will not be able to step outside the house.

Better and cleaner air means you can concentrate well without having to sneeze now and then. You might be thinking we are exaggerating with the whole allergy thing.

But there are tons of people who get allergies just by sitting at home doing nothing. And that’s all because of the air. So to keep your mind at peace it is best to invest in improving air quality

5. Energy-Efficient Products

To purify the air you are most likely going to need separate air purifiers or upgrade your HVAC system. HVAC in short means heating, ventilation & air conditioning. 

For indoor air quality testing and improving you can use ERVs or energy recovery ventilators.

These are energy efficient and rotate the outdoor fresh air with your stale and locked indoor air.

ERVs are part of your HVAC system and make sure you get fresh air without increasing your electricity bills. These have also been tested to show positive results.

6. Proper Pest Inspection

Pests and insects are other common pollutants. They are naturally very toxic and poisonous. 

Cockroaches and dust mites are two common insects that roam around our houses. Then we also have mice. Their leftover pollutants, feces, and urine can blend in the air and cause breathing problems for people with high sensitivity.

Indoor air quality along with regular inspection can detect where biological pollutants are nesting in your house. As for cockroaches in your kitchen, you can use pesticides or several other ways to get rid of it. But to keep them away from your bedroom you must clean regularly.

7. Eliminate VOCs

VOC stands for volatile organic compounds and this normally comes from paints, sprays, coatings, and glues. 

Which is why VOCs are found more commonly indoors than outdoors. A high level of formaldehyde can come from tobacco, textile products, glue, and gas stoves.

Increased levels of VOCs can cause both short and long-term damage to our bodies. It usually causes headaches and nausea at first but being exposed to too much can lead to serious respiratory disease.

To mitigate this problem, you need to call in the experts immediately to do a formal inspection and air quality test.

If you ever feel nausea, or frequent headaches after a recent paint job or without any specific reason it may be best to contact the experts.

Final Thoughts

Safer indoor air quality will keep you and your family members healthy. So without thinking twice, keeping the above-discussed points in mind, you should consider investing your time and money to purify your air quality sooner.

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