8 Gorgeous Southwestern Garage and Storage Space Ideas

8 Gorgeous Southwestern Garage and Storage Space Ideas

Every Southwestern home reflects a rich history of Colonial Spanish and Native American styles. It means that you can always follow the classical approach and traditionally design your home.

However, if you feel like it, you can also go for some subtle changes that will make your home truly yours. For example, by designing a unique storage space or a garage, you can make the first step in creating a distinctive home design within the Southwestern architectural style.

Owning a Southwestern house is an excellent opportunity to showcase your creativity. All it takes is finding some innovative ideas and putting them to good use.

This article will help you find sources of inspiration for your home. If you wish to improve the looks of your house, read on.

Install Wooden Garage Doors

A pair of wooden garage doors can give your home a more natural look. However, keep in mind that wooden doors are more expensive than steel doors and might require more maintenance. If you do not mind looking for garage door repairs in Portland, Oregon, once in a while, try them out.

Repurpose Vintage Furniture

Bring more life into your storage space with some vintage furniture. They can serve as cabinets or work tables. Moreover, they will make your garage cozy and welcoming.

Virtually any vintage furniture will do. If it has some beautiful architectural features, then it will be an extraordinary addition to your storage space.

Use Some White Paint

Painting your garage doors white will make your home interiors cooler, as white color reflects more light than other colors do. Additionally, when combined with brick walls, it can create a gorgeous exterior design.

Use a Vintage-Inspired Wooden Pallet Fence

A wooden pallet fence can turn a storage space into a beautiful patio. Moreover, it will keep your belongings safe inside as well.

If you are planning to paint the fence, then select a color that enhances the look of your storage space and makes it stand out from the neighbors’ fences. We recommend you use neutral hues like beige, brown, or white.

Use Some Salvaged Materials

Turn your garage into an art exhibit by using some salvaged materials. Almost any piece can be repurposed. Just try to give them new life, and you can turn a storage space into an amazing garage wall decoration.

Old rusted metal barrels make perfect hooks for your oils and other garage tools. It can add a rustic touch to the room and some character. These are very cheap to buy at flea markets and even thrift stores.

Shelves can also be made from old crates covered with some cool canvas material or ribbons, depending on the kind of look you are trying to achieve. In fact, almost anything can be used to re-spray your garage walls or repurpose old items.

Plastic bottles can also be used for decoration. Just cut them in half and use them as pendants. It’s really easy to do and looks really impressive. This will also add some character to the room, as most people are not aware of this easy decor project before you show it off!

Use Some Old Doors As Racks

Old-style doors make great garage racks thanks to their durable construction. Moreover, they can be repurposed to hold other things as well. Hooks can be added to the doors, making it easy for coats, bags, and keys. They can also be used for more creative endeavors, such as a background fish tank.

Be Different With A Stained Wood Floor

If you opt for a bare space, you should use a wooden floor instead of the traditional concrete or asphalt. It brings an extra touch of elegance to the overall look of your home. Be sure to get the wooden floor stained and sealed. This will give a good look to the area.

Repurpose Old Pallets As Storage Space Sorter

Pallets are excellent materials for storing items on the garage floor. Moreover, you can make them even more useful by repurposing them into the sorter. For example, you can stack some old pallets atop one another and then use them as a spice rack. Alternatively, you can use them as shelving for your weed-killer and pesticide containers, which also usually come in plastic buckets.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do with your garage and storage spaces to make them seem more interesting and original. By recycling old furniture to using salvaged materials, you can add a lot of flair to your interior spaces without spending a dime in a way that is environmentally-friendly. You might also want to look into some color patterns that would completely change the look of your garage. For example, you can use white paint in combination with brick walls. Most importantly, the changes and additions you make to your home should be in accordance with your own taste. Don’t give in to fleeting trends only to end up with a style that you’re not fully appreciative of.


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