Octagon Kitchen Table | Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table Review

Have you got a proper kitchen table for your kitchen? Do you want to replace your old kitchen table with a new model? Decorating the kitchen is always fun to do.

However, a comfortable kitchen will make us enjoy when we work in it. Today, the kitchen table comes in various types, from different basic materials, shapes, styles, and more. This will make us easy to decide and free to choose which one is best for our kitchen.

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There are many styles of kitchen tables that are very interesting to have, the different and unique shape will make your kitchen more alive and cheerful. Each person must have a different feeling in determining the shape of a suitable table for their kitchen.

What is your favorite table shape? Is it just a regular square? Here we have an octagon kitchen table that really nice for your kitchen area. This is the Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table by circaC20.

This unique octagon kitchen table has more point to make your kitchen atmosphere feels like a brand new one. Let’s check the review below!

Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table

Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table
  • 1.5K

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The design of this octagon kitchen table is beautifully distinctive. It carries a natural style of an original tree that slightly modified. It becomes a very interesting and will surely add another style to your kitchen’s layout. Below are the characteristics of this Adirondack Octagon Stick End table below:

  • It has a vintage item style from the 1930s
  • The beautiful and natural brown color
  • The measures of this octagon kitchen table (21″ across the base at legs x 27″ tall x 13″ across the table top)
  • Good natural shape that has a camp decor and accent
  • The cool tree branches and a wood plank

The crossed legs of the table make the appearance of this Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table more attractive. It also creates a high artistic value. What a beautiful furniture, you will fall in love with this Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table.

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Construction is always a top consideration for choosing the right product for your dream kitchen. Don’t ever pick the wrong choice, there are a lot of materials to make a strong construction and match your character.

The materials of this octagon kitchen table are wood plank and tree branches. The plank is usually made from a sawed timber and it is more than 1 12 in or in 38 mm thick and wider about 2 12 in or in 64 mm size.


The durability of this Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table is quite strong. But because it is made of the tree branches, you really have to take care and give a big attention to these prone-to-broken legs.


If you ask ”How to maintain this Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table? Is it easy to do?” The answer is yes, you can do a simple way to clean this up and care.

  • Try to clean this Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table with a damp mop and a mild soap to pick up the small stain on the surface
  • You can only use a dry cloth then sweep it if there is no too much stain on the surface of this table

The easy way to do that really helps your busy daily life activities, so you can efficiently manage your time in the kitchen with it. This octagon kitchen table also lightweight, you can easily move it anywhere you want.


The price of this gorgeous Adirondack octagon stick end table is $115.00. This octagon kitchen table is worth to buy. You can get the unique and natural style within a set of the perfection of art.

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Measures  21″ (base) x  27″ tall x 13″ (top)
Style Natural and vintage
Materials  Tree branches and wood plank
Color  Brown (Natural wood and trees)

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This Adirondack Octagon Stick End Table is a great choice for you who love the vintage and unique kitchen table. The price of this kitchen table also is quite affordable, it is $115.00.

This table is one of the right choices for you who like to relax with family and friends with a different atmosphere. Also, this octagon kitchen table is very high artistic value. This small table can add warmth in your family, its mini size will make your mood get warmer and cheerful.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab it now!

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