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For every homeowner, installing or building a fencing in his backyard is mandatory. Some even say that a fence is an icon of outdoor living space. It is understandable because backyard’s fencing provides many benefits for the homeowner.

Backyard fencing mainly acts to give you protection, from unwanted person or animals. Other benefits that the homeowners can get from fencing is privacy and the style’s improvement of their outdoor space. So you can enjoy relaxing in your backyard comfortably and safely when you install a fence.

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When you are shopping for home’s add-ons, there are always be some considerations that you should think abut before purchasing them. In choosing the fence to install in your backyard, you will need to do some research to find the right one. It is important to think about, because you may end up buying a poor outdoor fence.

There are so many variants of backyard’s fence that you can choose, and below are some thoughts that you can think about to find the right one:

  • Price – You will find a wide range of prices when you shop a backyard’s fence. The price is mainly determined by the material, and the cheapest material is chain link fence. You will find some adorable designs both at the cheap or expensive price, but the durability cannot be guaranteed when you are buying the inexpensive one.
  • Privacy & Security – It actually depends on the homeowner’s need. If you are really looking for the fence which provides great privacy, go with a tall wood or PVC fence. Chain link, metal, and aluminum fence mainly provide good security.
  • Maintenance – Chain link, vinyl, and aluminum are the best option when it comes to maintenance. Wood fence typically requires regular maintenance like painting and staining.
  • Design – The Wood fence is the winner in beautifying the backyard, it will match beautifully with the natural surrounding. But it doesn’t mean that you will not find some gorgeous designs in other fence types.
  • Installation – Some fences can be installed easy DIY steps, and some require a professional job. If you just need to cover a small area, perhaps a DIY fence is a good option.

Those are some considerations which you have to think about when you are looking for a backyard’s fence. When price becomes your major consideration, then you must seek for the affordable one.  Here we have a recommended affordable fencing panel that you can buy at Lowes.


Affordable Fencing Review

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credit: Lowes


This fence works better or the second layer of protection of your backyard and a good option for a small outdoor space. The design is very simple but it still gives a nice touch to your backyard. It comes in 2.4 x 3.5 feet dimension.


The fence is made of powder coated metal which resistant to rust, though, in some certain areas, it may experience rust after 4 to 5 years. The welded steel construction is quite sturdy and does not fall apart for years.


Because it is made of iron, the fence need some easy treatment to remove any rust. You can do a quick brush and spray paint to handle the problem.


As a ‘No Dig’ fence, it is obvious that you will not need any digging step to install it in your backyard. Some tools that you will need to use to install the fence are measuring tape, hammer, wood block, gloves, and eye protection. The installation can be done in 3 simple steps: measure, drive and assemble. It can be done easily without any helps from professionals.


At Lowes, the No Dig Empire Powder-Coated Steel Decorative Fence Panel is sold at $17.98 which is such a great deal to get a good quality fence. For this price, the product is totally recommended to buy.


Dimension2.4 x 3.5 feet (Height x Width)
Thickness0.0469 inches
Weight7.9 lbs.
FinishPowder coated
Warranty5 year limited

The Empire Steel Fence is a very good consideration if you are looking for an affordable and more practical fence. It is not really recommended for the primary protection since the dimension and design don’t provide a good security. The fence works well to install in a small backyard.

Keep in mind what exactly the purpose of the fence that you really need. Whether you need it for privacy, protection, or just to beautify your outdoor living space. Finding the information from the House Owner Association (HOA) is also necessary, to know the proper regulation of fencing in your area. That will determine what kind of fence that you have to buy.


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