Alumawood Patio Cover Reviews | The Durable Patio Protector

Covering your patio is such a necessary step that you should do when you decorate your patio. Without a cover, your patio is not protected from harsh sunlight or heavy rain and your outdoor furniture will be exposed directly to the harmful elements. Patio cover also will make you feel comfortable to stay on your patio in the middle of the day without fearing your skin will get burnt.

You can choose numbers of patio covers, thanks to so many attractive designs available in the market that you can choose to match with your patio. However, design is not everything. Durability is also a crucial factor that you have to consider when choosing a patio cover.

Those which are made from wood, for instance, can experience crack, peel, warp, rot or decay. It may be such an unfortunate fact that a wood lover should deal with. But wait, there is a perfect solution for you who still wants to add some natural sense to your patio without feeling worried about instant damage, the Alumawood by Amerimax Building Products.


Alumawood Patio Cover Review


Alumawood Patio Cover Reviews | The Durable Patio Protector
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Alumawood is the combination of aluminum and wood, and the result is a durable patio cover. The design looks like the real wood that withstands to severe weather condition. It doesn’t need any coating and sealing like the traditional wood patio cover. Alumawood can be used in a simple patio or custom one. It obviously looks way much better than the regular aluminum cover.

You may need to pay 25% higher than the wood cover, but it’s really worth it. By this price, you will get a lifetime patio cover which doesn’t require any tricky maintenance.  Don’t worry about the labor cost, it is approximately the same as building a wood patio cover. It is a perfect choice when you are gambling about the pros and cons about aluminum and wood for a patio cover, you will get the benefits from both materials in one product.

Alumawood patio cover comes with  Aluma-Shield with Teflon surface, which is resistant to dust, dirt, stains, and oil. This material will make the Alumawood shield keeps looking clean and good for years. This durable patio cover doesn’t care about any geographic location. So if you think living in the coast area makes it hard for you to have a wood patio cover, then Alumawood will handle it perfectly.

Always choose the Alumawood patio from Amerimax manufacturer, because other products are not well built as the original one. If choose other competitors’ products, you will not get the great detailed appearance of the original one.

So now, there is no more worry about having your wood cover decayed or cracked. The Alumawood patio cover is a perfect option for your wooden themed patio, and it requires less maintenance cost. You will be able to spend more time enjoying your patio under the bright sunlight or holding an outdoor party in the night. There are two custom options which are offered by the manufacturers, the Amerimax Column and Lightsrtip, choose the one which really matches with your patio’s design.

Check out this video from Classic Alumawood Cover to find how Alumawood is build to cover your patio!

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