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The backyard is a relaxing place to enjoy nature in your property. Some add a patio, pond, plantations, waterfall or other outdoor features to make the backyard feels more exhilarating. It is such a special place for every homeowner to have joyful times with family.

When it comes to a backyard, fencing is one of its icons. Without a fence, a backyard is not really a backyard, it’s such an obligatory addition to every outdoor space. A responsible homeowner must have installed a proper protector for his backyard.

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Providing security and privacy, creating boundaries between neighbors, and enhancing the home’s value are some benefits that you will get from installing a fence. There are various types of backyard fence like wood, aluminum, iron, vinyl, and chain link. Each material provides different functions and offered at different prices.

With those various materials, wood fence always becomes the popular one. For a long time, many homeowners choose wood fencing to decorate their homes. Cedar, pine, and fir are most common wood materials for the fence, they have their own advantages and disadvantages.

When you are looking for a wood backyard fence, make sure you check out the American Fence Company of Omaha. With 50 years experience in fencing business, they offer various high-quality and beautiful fence. You can choose the right wood fence that really suits your needs.


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There are so many benefits that you can get from installing a wood fence in your backyard, such as:

  • Wood fence is typically more inexpensive, whether for the price and installation.
  • Wood fence gives a beautiful natural look to match with every backyard’s style. It really enhances your property’s value.
  • Wood fence has been properly treated is very durable to face all weather conditions for years.
  • Wood fence relatively requires easy maintenance, especially for Cedar wood which has its natural protection.
  • Wood fence is environmentally friendly than other fence materials.

There are various types of wood that you can choose, which are Cedar, Pine, and Douglas Fir. They also have a wide range of fence design to match with your backyard’s style. Each style provides you different purposes.

At American Fence Company Omaha, you will find seven fence styles which are the wood picket, under and over scallop, privacy with the custom accent, solid privacy, shadow box, and woodland series. You can choose the right one by determining what is the main purposes of the fence that you want to get.

Cedar wood is still a popular option chosen by many homeowners. The beautiful look, durability and the relaxing scent of this wood are still incomparable. It is so perfect to install in your backyard. You will not be tricky of special maintenance, the fence may just need to restain every 2 to 3 years to keep the color dazzling.  Douglas Fir can be your second option since it is great to use for the lifetime. This wood has been used for many outdoor additions.

American Fence Company of Omaha is one of the good places to go when you are looking for a quality fence for your backyard.

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