Side Chairs With Arms For Living Room | Antonin Curved Armchair Review

Having the great living room is almost every homeowner’s desire, it always feels great to have the enjoyable living room. You can make the comfortable spot for your spare time to have a little chat with your friends and family.

To make such dream comes true, people always try to make their living room more and more comfortable. They keep doing the improvement for their dreamed living room.

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Improving the living room can be in many kinds of aspects. You can change the style, concept, color or add the new furniture, accessories, and decor. It is very interesting to make the living room becomes more beautiful and comfortable at once.

Side chairs with arms can be the alternative if you want to comfort the living room and beautifying it. Now you will feel confused to choose one of the side chairs with arms to make your living room beautiful and comfortable.

Here we will give you the review of one side chair with arms, it is very comfortable and also beautiful. It is the Antonin Curved Armchair by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse.

Antonin Curved Armchair Review


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This Antonin Curved Armchair is one of side chair which comes in the classic elegant design. It has the curved arms and back which is so beautiful. There are some other trendy colors that you can choose which are green, creme, bright gray, and blue. The tufted button style completes its transitional appearance.

The legs of this chair material are solid wood which is perfect with dark walnut finish. The color is matched each other with the linen upholstery color. Overall the design is great, it looks good to decorate your living room. This kind of chair can surely enhance the overall look of your living room.

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Ergonomics / Comfort

At the first time you see this seat of the chair, you can determine its comfortability. The chair has the ergonomic arms and back, it will provide the ultimate comfort when you sit on. It is very relaxing with its thick foams covered the soft linen fabric. This chair will be a great comfortable spot in the living room if you have one.


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This Antonin Curved Armchair combines a classic and modern touch at the same time perfectly, which makes it definitely great for any living room styles. It brings the sophisticated appearance to the living room. One of the most stylish products we’ve found on the side chair with arms catalog.


The chair fabric material is linen, which is the naturally made fiber from the stalk of the flax plant. It is the superior fabric which is so popular because of its quality. Having this kind of material for the chair will increase the fabric durability very well.

For the legs and the base, this chair uses the solid wood. Besides of its beautiful looks, solid wood is a great material which is durable for the long time use.

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Do not ever underestimate the quality of this Antonin Curved Armchair. This chair is produced by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse which produces some elegant and reliable furniture.

This product has a great quality both in the appearance and ergonomics, it creates a balance between these two aspects. Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse always introduce the good quality furniture and this chair is one of those.


You can bring this chair to your graceful living room by spending $249.99, it may sound quite pricey considering the size of the chair. However, if you are kind of person who thinks about the style first, never feel doubt to purchase this product.

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Eventually, the Antonin Curved Armchair by Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse is a recommended adorable and durable chair for you to have in your living room. The design, style, and materials are fabulous for the low-priced side chair with arms.

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