Apartment Patio Ideas: 25+ Simple Designs on a Budget to Copy

Living in an apartment can be quite depressing since you have to deal with narrow space all the time. Unlike a ‘real house’ you may have some limitation to do various kinds of activities inside your apartment. You may need to think several times when you want to give some improvements to your apartment to provide extra space that you can use to do some joyful activities.

A patio, for instance, is one of the most popular additions which are adored by many homeowners. It can be a very cozy spot that you can use to enjoy the outdoor air while having some tea or a good conversation with some friends.

Having a patio may sound easy if you have a quite spacious outdoor space but not with a tiny apartment. It requires quite a lot of space when you want to add a patio as an additional space in your apartment to have some relaxing time.

But, you can actually add a patio to your apartment with some tricks so it can fit the tiny space available. Of course, you have to make the design of your patio as effective as possible by minimizing its dimensions. The pieces of furniture that you want to use also has to be able to fit the space but still provides good comfort for everyone.

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Here, we have picked dozens of inspiring apartment patio ideas that you can use as an ultimate reference to enhance the beauty and comfort of your tiny apartment.

Best Apartment Patio Ideas

Apartment Patio Ideas: Chic Chairless Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Chic Chairless Decor


If commonly a patio is always decorated by some pieces of furniture like chairs and table, but this one is unlike the others. It only has some rugs and throw pillows for the sitting area that everyone can use. The patio looks chic with some decor items that style it up. A small accent table, however, completes the decor as the spot to put your drinks and snacks.

Apartment Patio Ideas: Fun Joyful Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Fun Joyful Decor


A Boho-style hammock becomes the main focal point of this apartment patio which will make your relaxing time feel exhilarating. A vintage chair is added which flows beautifully with overall look of the patio itself. The lattice screen surrounds the patio to provide a better privacy so you can enjoy some activities comfortably.

Apartment Patio Ideas: Earthy Rustic Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Earthy Rustic Decor


The combination of wood exterior wall and concrete flooring of this patio creates a gorgeous rustic overall look. A 4-piece outdoor conversation set which is made of rattan on a monochrome rug with diamond pattern complement it by adding another earthy element. Moreover, various kinds of plantations on a catchy planters then enhance the attractiveness and freshen atmosphere at the same time.

Apartment Patio Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Catchy Earthy Decor


The decor of this patio looks so attractive with the rattan fence and wood pallet sofa which decorate its white overall look. The pallet sofa is enough to provide a peaceful relaxing time that you can create all by yourself without costing you a lot. A string lantern works as additional lighting source which also makes the decor look more beautiful.

Apartment Patio Ideas: Stylish Earthy Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Stylish Earthy Decor


Though the balcony of this apartment is really small, it still fits to become a stylish and cozy patio which is so inspiring to copy. A small pallet sofa with thick mattress and some pillows is the only sitting area which also becomes the main focal point. A round coffee table complement it to give a more comfortable atmosphere. A string light and plants beautify the overall look of the patio in a very admirable way.

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Apartment Patio Ideas: Cozy Warm Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Cozy Warm Decor


A small bed with pillows simply makes this small patio look and feel so inviting. Wood as the main element which decorate the area create a warmly cozy atmosphere and a beautiful natural overall look. The combination of the earthy and greyish finish of the planks give a stylish nuance in a very mesmerizing way.

Apartment Patio Ideas:  Colorful Earthy Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas:  Colorful Earthy Decor


In this idea, some colorful flowers decorate a small patio which looks enchanting and feels refreshing. The greyish nuance of the patio perfectly let the colorful the flower pop up in a very attractive way. A 3-piece wooden conversation chair in vintage design provides the cozy sitting spot which gorgeously complements all the decor elements of the area.

Apartment Patio Ideas: Enchanting Natural Vibe

Apartment Patio Ideas: Enchanting Natural Vibe


The balcony of this apartment is decorated with faux grass field to create a real backyard vibe which makes it so inviting to enjoy. The colorful flowers and various kinds of greeneries beautify and give a very refreshing atmosphere around the area. A chic 3-piece conversation set directly faces the glass fence of the balcony which offers you a captivating view.

Apartment Patio Ideas: Catchy Colorful Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Catchy Colorful Decor


The colorful planters, linens, accessories, and plantations decorate this patio with faux grass field base attractively. A vintage Boho bench and accent table are the main focal point of the area which is enough to make your afternoon tea time feel so cozy. Of curse, those greeneries work very well to freshen the nuance of the patio which even makes you love to stay around the area for a long time.

Apartment Patio Ideas: Modern Earthy Decor

Apartment Patio Ideas: Modern Earthy Decor


An L-shaped sectional with the clean-lined design is the give a stylish modern touch which complement the modern style of the apartment. Its natural wood finish then complements the accent wall and the log-style coffee table which add a warm earthy nuance. The all-white style of the balcony perfectly brightens up the area which makes it feel so relaxing.

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Well, that is the list of adorable apartment patio ideas that we have created just for you. They show you the way on how to make your tiny apartment become a more exhilarating place to stay by adding extra space to that you can use to relax your mind. They are so worth to add to your inspiration list when you have a plan to improve your beloved apartment.

A patio is always a good addition to keep in mind to make your house or even apartment look more admirable and feel more enjoyable at the same time. It’s a nice spot to do various kinds of activity like having some delightful coffee or tea time, fun chat with friends, or simply enjoying the outdoor summer air. You can decorate it some catchy decor items and accessories that will make it look way more attractive.

Commonly, the patio for an apartment is built on the balcony which can be quite difficult due to the limitation of available space. You will need some tricks on how to turn it onto a chic and cozy patio.

Just choose the best apartment patio that really suits your needs and taste, then start improving your very own apartment now!

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