Kitchen Island Stools With Back | Augusta Black Bar Stool Review

Are you looking for a new kitchen island to replace the old ones? Knowing and finding a good product of bar stools for the kitchen island is not too hard today. Moreover, many reviews and a big variety of the kitchen island stools also that you may get. If you want to find the best price complete with all the features that are available, you have found one that fits here.

There are so many manufacturers competing fiercely to market their products. With the price and features that are offered on the market, it makes us much easier to get what we want. You can find many kinds of this product, from the difference of colors, material, themes, shapes and so on.

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You also need to know which products are good and which ones are just usual. Therefore, we are here to give you a review about one of bar stool products which also become favorite of many homeowners.

Here is the Augusta Black Bar Stool product, it is so gorgeous with its super black color design and strong finish. This bar stool comes with a cool and modern back. It has many features that also balance to the price.

Are you wondering to find out what is the best from this Augusta Black bar stool product? Check the complete review of the product below.

Augusta Black Bar Stool Review

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When you try to find a good product for your kitchen island, it’s not talking about the fine material but also comes in a good looking shape and design. This Augusta Black Bar Stool has an artistic and attractive model and design that will decorate the kitchen beautifully. It comes with the transitional style and jet black finish that absolutely has a strong point to be put in your kitchen island area.

The affordable kitchen island stools with rich features always become the number one reason to buy it. You will find more feelings about this product after you bring it home.

This bar stool type is really cool and looks great, you can have a quality time here with your beloved people. You also can try to make a little party while relaxing your busy activities with this fantastic bar stool. The touch of modern and art on this Augusta Black Bar Stool is so neat and fascinating.

The measures of this product are 22 inches W x 19 inches D x 43.5 inches H. The seat width is 16inches and for the weight is 28 pounds. You will feel satisfied with this Augusta Black Bar Stool’s design. The dark black and brown color of this bar stool also offer a classic and high classy atmosphere into your kitchen and for your kitchen island.

One thing to conider, the seat is quite small for you who have a large-built body.

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The thing that you absolutely should know before buying the kitchen island stools with back is the construction. The good price and the features should be balanced, that would be a good product to buy.

For the materials of this Augusta Black Bar Stool are wood (from the body and frame) and the polystyrene in the seat material. It has a hardwood on the frame that makes it look and feel so sturdy.  Also, there is a comfy jet black faux leather of the seat over the high-density foam. 

It has 360-Degree swivel that can help you to feel more enjoyable to spend your time sitting on this stool.


Strong, sturdy, and durable are the things that you may find on this Augusta black bar stool.  The endurance of a product is always a reference for us before we buy it, right? 

The metal body that used to build this bar stool is really great and make it stronger to be used for periodically long time. Moreover, the black faux leather that used on the seat of this product is quite durable and not easily torn. Now, with this Augusta black bar stool, you can make a new nuance to your room.

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It is not too hard if you want to clean it up, you can only use the dry cloth and wipe it softly. In caring and cleaning process this Augusta Black Bar Stool makes a great point.

This can certainly be your consideration to decide to get this product. It is also lightweight, so you do not have to ask anyone if you want to move it wherever you want to, just do it by yourself.


The $83.66 price tag of this product is quite reasonable, it must be the next thing that can be a finish decision to get this product. It is really worth to buy, if you see the beautiful and gorgeous look of this bar stool that also has many features, we think this one is suitable for you.

But why? Because the price is comparable and understandable with the best features of that bar stool.

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Dimensions22 inches W x 19 inches D x 43.5 inches H
Weight28 pounds
StyleTransitional and modern
MaterialWood, Hardwood, faux leather
Features Swivel and high back
Seat width16 inches

This Augusta Black Bar Stool offers you a new sensation in your kitchen island. This one is a thing now, the materials (hardwood, faux leather), design, color, frame, body are the reasons why this is worth to buy.

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