Best Guide to Determine Average Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom

It’s absolutely every homeowner’s dream to have such a newest bathroom design that follows the latest trend on the internet. The up-to-date bathroom model will deliver a new refreshing atmosphere, and of course, makes you feel much more comfortable. Therefore, remodeling your bathroom from time to time is always a great idea.

There are a number of reasons in renovating a bathroom in your home. First, the bathroom can be mentioned as a crucial room in the house, and the second one, everybody should enjoy a cozy bathing to relax the body as well. The old ugly bathroom will not make that happen since it doesn’t deliver any comforting looks.

Average Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom

average cost to remodel a small bathroom
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Certainly, before you are eager to remodel your small bathroom, the important thing to know is how much the bathroom remodels costs. It must be the first consideration before you decide what kind of remodel that you want to achieve.

Therefore, the estimated cost of bathroom remodel is absolutely needed for you who are planning to renovate your small bathroom. The average cost to remodel a  bathroom must be calculated correctly. This will prevent you to get a wrong price matrix that totally makes you a bit stressful.

Indeed, the calculated price has to include all bathroom stuff for replacing or buying a new one. Furthermore, when you are renovating your small bathroom, make sure that the costs are in the forefront of your mind. The costs incurred also should be in accordance with your existing budget.

Here, we share you average cost to remodel a small bathroom that hopefully help in your planning.

Bathroom Layout

average cost to remodel a small bathroom
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One of the main influences to the cost of remodeling the small bathroom is when you want to build a fascinating type of bathroom layout. The up-to-date layout can drag you to do lots of renovating that makes the prices go up significantly. It is better to select the simple layout that can work well without spending more cost.

The average cost to remodel the small bathroom mainly includes putting up taking down the wall, replacing the appliances and repairing the ruined stuff.

The Cost of Material

average cost to remodel a small bathroom
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The cost of material to remodel the small bathroom is varied for every area. We give you the cost generally based on the material price and labor from several areas. This small bathroom remodel refers to replace the new all bathroom stuff in the bathroom. It includes new toilet, sink, bathtub, cabinet, toilet, floor tile, countertop, vanity cabinet, plumbing, the light fixture, and the sink.

Here, we show you the estimate of material cost that probably helps in buying a new one.

 Bathroom Stuff Cost
 Sink $80.70
 Toilet $115.71
 Cabinet $210.42
 Floor Tile $500.20
 Shower $30.20
 Small Bathtub $350.05
 Faucets $25.05
 Light Fixtures $40.10
 Countertops Ceramic Tile $150.10
 Mirror $50.99
 Paint $30.06
 Plumbing Material $15.45
 Electric Equipment $500
 Building Material & Supplies $400
 Labor $8,000
 Total Estimate Cost $10.999.03

As a result, the estimate cost to remodel the small bathroom is about $$10.999.03 with all bathroom stuff replacied. For price above, we use the lowest price that mostly affordable.

Another important thing to know, the estimated cost is based on the general cost of the small bathroom remodel contractor in some areas. The cost may change depending on the markup of the material and the labor. Furthermore, if the homeowners are eager to set the modern bathroom stuff with a higher price on our list, automatically, the cost will change as well.

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Cost of Labor

average cost to remodel a small bathroom
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The cost of labor is also different due to the area you live. It depends on the duration of the job and the number of bathroom stuff installations. Generally, the bathroom remodeling labor will cost twice as much as the building material. Of course, our estimation is not an exact rule of average cost to remodel a small bathroom. In this case, we just give you a general description so you can make a matrix reference cost.

On average, the labor costs can serve the range price of 6,000-10,000 for small bathroom remodeling. The cost includes complete install of the tile, install plumbing and wiring, install new light fixtures, and finish for wall bathroom painting. Obviously, the average cost to remodel a small bathroom will be much more pricey if you replace all of the appliances.

As a result, make sure if you are planning to remodel your small bathroom, you must know the estimated cost for it first. The better way is doing the survey of remodeling contractor in your area to compare one price to another. So, you will not be stuck with the wrong estimates by some contractors as well.

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