Highest Rated Incredible and Amazing Baroque Bedroom Set on Amazon

Baroque style always becomes the epitome of sumptuousness and elegance in the very classic way. The style began around 1600 in Rome and Italy and spread to most of Europe. This style was described as highly ornate, lavishly texturized, and very intense.

When applied on bedroom furniture, it creates a majestic, sumptuous, and opulent bedroom impression in an instant. There are many Baroque bedroom set you can choose in the market. But, to find one that is perfect for your heart and pocket, it is quite confusing. You may also like: Cheap Bedroom Furniture Sets Under $500

Here, we give you some recommendation and review about several bedroom set that adopting the Baroque style that are not only beautiful but also quite friendly to your pocket. Enjoy!

Baroque Bedroom Set

Baroque style has long known as the mainstream artistic style movement in Europe that began around 1600 A.D. In a bedroom furniture, the baroque style is adopted by emphasizing bold massing, colonnades, domes, light-and-shade, sophisticated and majestic carving, and molding details.

In addition, the sophisticated carving and styling are combined with high-quality wood materials in the rich finish. Such style creates a classic and opulent product that will exude a luxurious and glorious impression of Renaissance era in your bedroom in an instant.

Unfortunately, a baroque bedroom set usually has a higher price rather than another style such as contemporary or even a rustic one. Because, baroque style needs special handlings such as material selection, carving, and finishing, it makes a baroque bedroom has more production cost than another style.

But, the result is worth it to bring an exceptional elegance and luxury to your bedroom that you can’t get from another style.

Here, we have chosen for you some Baroque bedroom set that you can find on Amazon, that is not only glorious but also quite affordable. Enjoy!

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Bellefonte Baroque Style Brown Cherry Finish Eastern King Size 6-Piece Bedroom Set

Adopting Baroque style in classical English era, the Bellefonte Bedroom Collection will bring a romantic and elegant impression in your bedroom. Sleigh headboard and footboard become an opulent focal point to your bedroom. Meanwhile, rich cherry brown finishing on clever wood veneering creates a unique texture that enriches your bedroom look.

In addition, sophisticated carving in classical style become beautiful ornaments that emphasize the feeling of an authentic Baroque bedroom set. Comes in 6 pieces that include a bed frame, 2 nightstands, a dresser, a mirror and a chest that will fill your bedroom with elegance and luxury. 

Thus, the Bellefonte Bedroom Collection is a must-have collection for those who desire an opulence in an exquisite Baroque style.



The bed is adopting a luxurious English inspired design. With exquisite headboard and footboard, this Bellefonte Bed Frame set is sure will make a bold statement in your bedroom.

Clever veneering that creates a “V” wood pattern become a unique focal point to your bedroom. Meanwhile, beautiful and sophisticated hand-carving ornate the bed frame to make it looked more glamorous.

The Headboard and Footboard

The headboard has sleigh design with a classical pendant shaped ornament in its apex. With the “V” wood pattern shape on the headboard front, the elegant impression is exuded in a simple yet elegant way.

The footboard itself has a sleigh design that matches with its headboard. It has a simple yet elegant design. Classic hand-carving on the footboard frame exudes the baroque style.

Meanwhile, the footboard front is left clean from any accessories but the unique V wood texture is still there to emphasize its uniqueness. A clever way to decorate a high-quality bed set in an elegant way.

The Chest

The chest has 6 drawers that will give extra storage option to store your bedding needs. The upper level is divided by two faceted drawers to store your smaller stuff.  As well as the bed set, the unique veneering becomes a great feature to gives a unique ornament in this elegant furniture.

The Dresser and the Mirror

The dresser and the mirror come in the great design of baroque style. Classical Baroque style carving becomes an opulent and elegant embellishment to this nine-drawers dresser. Meanwhile, luxurious crown molding detail on the mirror frame makes the mirror becomes not only a useful mirror but also a classical Baroque decoration element to your bedroom.

The Nightstand

The Nightstand has three faceted drawers that will keep your bedding needs stay in reach. Classical hand carving decorates the nightstand frame, makes it a nice complementary element in the furniture set.

Construction & Durability

Made of high-quality wood materials and highly decorative texture veneer, this Baroque bedroom set creates a durable and majestic product. Differently, solid wood surely gives a greater durability than generic MDF wood materials.

Meanwhile, silver hardware drawer pulls in black chrome finish with majestic and sophisticated carving become a great final touch to this magnificent furniture.

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The price of $3,550 for this 6 pieces Baroque bedroom set is relatively not so expensive. With less than $4,000 you can get an overall package of bedroom furniture that includes a bed set, 2 nightstands, 1 dresser, 1 mirror, and 1 chest for your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the classic English Baroque style in this furniture set exudes an exceptional elegance and opulence to your bedroom. Thus, if you crave about an elegant and high-quality bedroom set, the Bellefonte Baroque Bedroom Set is a must option on your shopping list.

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Mandalay Baroque Style Brown Cherry Finish Queen Size 6-Piece Bedroom Set

Adopting the Baroque style into a canopy bed is just like an instant magic for a glamorous addition to your bedroom. Beautiful carving, button tufted leatherette headboard, and intricate steel canopy bring an elegant impression to your Baroque bedroom in an instant.

All of those features make the Mandalay 6-pieces Baroque Bedroom Set with the brown cherry finish is a deluxe bedroom furniture that you might want.



A canopy bed surely become a luxurious focal point in any bedroom. Meanwhile, how about canopy bed with baroque style and Leatherette padded headboard and footboard? Sure, it is a booster for your bedroom glamour and opulence. Mandalay bed set, with intricate canopy steel and Greco-Roman style pillars, will be a great addition to your bedroom.

The headboard has a classical arc design and crown molding details that become a deluxe focal point. Tufted and padded headboard in leatherette material adds a great impact in the bed set overall look. Meanwhile, Baroque style carving detail on the apex of the headboard arc become a luxurious feature in this bedroom set.

The footboard has a low and straight design with padded and tufted details in leatherette. Meanwhile, the bed feet are adopting Greco-Roman style pole with elegant Baroque carving that connects with the poles. It exudes robustness in elegant and classic impression.

Construction & Durability

As a premium Baroque bedroom set, this product is built with high-quality materials. Although it is not specifically mentioned, we can see that it is not made from low-quality wood. Cherry brown finishing that creates an elegant shimmering shine is quite enough to indicate that this product is precious.

Well, the Mandalay Baroque Bedroom Set is not only an elegant and opulent bedroom set, but also a durable furniture that will last almost forever.


The $3,429 price tag is simply quite cheap if we mind about its quality and durability. With less than $4,000, you can get a complete set of bedroom furniture. A canopy bed, a pair of a nightstand, a dresser, a chest, and a mirror is more than enough for your dream bedroom.

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Scottsdale Baroque Style Brown Cherry Finish Queen Size 6-Piece Bedroom Set

Do you want to add the elegance of tufted headboard bed set with extra storage option in the footboard? The Scottsdale 6-piece Queen Baroque Bedroom set might be the correct answer. Classical arc design with Baroque style carving and tufted leatherette headboard become an instant addition of elegance and luxury in your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the storage space in the footboard become a useful feature that you won’t find out easily in another ordinary bed. In addition, the other furniture set is not only become a beautiful complement to your bedroom, but also a great show stealer that bring luxurious impression to your bedroom.



The bed simply becomes the great focal point to your bedroom. Classic arc design with Baroque carving in the apex of the headboard and molding crown details in the frame. In addition, the headboard has a tufted and buttoned Leatherette surface that is very comfortable and luxurious.

If you look closely to the headboard, you will see that it is adopting a semi-sleigh design that increases its opulence. Meanwhile, the crown molding details that displayed by precision and sophisticated hand carving give an elegant impression.

Its tufted headboard with sumptuous Leatherette provides not only comforts but also a superb elegant touch that will change your bedroom look in an instant.

The footboard itself has a low-key design to create a spacious impression to the bed, nice match to the highly-embellished headboard. Indeed, it has two drawers for more storage option to put your bedding needs and supply.

The dresser has 8 drawers that are more than enough to store your own stuff. The upper drawer has different design and drawer pull from another six drawers. In addition, elegant Greco-Roman crown molding details in the dresser frame become a luxurious embellishment in this furniture.

As well as the dresser, the upper drawer of the nightstand has different style and size. The upper drawer has a buttoned drawer pull while the rest of two has a sophisticated-carved metal pull. Meanwhile, the nightstand has a similar design with the dresser with its Greco Roman crown molding design in the frame.

The chest has one smaller drawer at the very top side and four similar drawers below. Greco-Roman crown molding details, metal drawer pulls, and eclectic design in this premium furniture become features you might not resist.

Construction & Durability

Great design and sophisticated embellishment is nothing without high-quality and durable material to support it. This also applies to the Scottsdale Baroque Bedroom set, it is made of high-quality and durable wood. It is not only durable but also creates a beautiful shine and texture with its Cherry brown finish.


The price of $3,384 is the best deal for an opulent Baroque bedroom set like this. It is great because with that amount of money you will get an overall bedroom furniture set. It includes an upholstered bed, 2 nightstands, 1 dresser, 1 chest and a mirror. That is enough to fulfill your overall bedding needs and storage.

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Monte Vista Dark Walnut Finish Ivory Leatherette Queen Size 6-Piece Canopy Bedroom Set

Are you looking for luxury for your bedroom? Look no further than the Monte Vista Canopy Baroque Bedroom set. The canopy bed in spiral bed posts mix with button tufted leatherette headboard and footboard in Ivory color.

Furthermore, the headboard has a beautiful classic arc design that brings an elegant and luxurious impression in an instant. Meanwhile, the complementary furniture has a beautiful design that becomes a matching complement to its gorgeous bed set.



For an absolute extravagance, the bed is adopting the luxury at its finest. Tufted padded leatherette headboard in ivory or black color mix perfectly with canopy bed style with spiral poles. In addition, Baroque style carving for headboard and footboard become an opulent embellishment to this beautiful work-of-art.

The Headboard and Footboard

The headboard is adopting classical arc design style that mostly used in Baroque architecture. You can find beautiful carving in Lily flower shape for a statement of luxury on the apex of the headboard.

Four posters that support the canopy adopting Greco-Roman style on its base and spiral shape for the body. It brings sturdy support in an elegant design to this beautiful bed.

Meanwhile, the footboard has a low-key design that creates a spacious impression even in a glorious canopy bed style. In addition, the tufted buttoned Leatherette front in beige adds a sumptuous touch to this Montevista bed set.

The Dresser

The dresser has a great design with lots of spacious storage room which include nine drawers in various size match to your stuff various size. It comes with 3 x 3 formation to create a well-suited product.

The drawers in the middle column have a quite big drawer with 2 classical drawer pulls on each drawer’s front. Meanwhile, the rest drawers in the flank have a smaller size with only one drawer pull each.

The Mirror

To be a matching furniture, the mirror is adopting a classical arch design in faceted shape just like the headboard. In addition, crown molding carving in the mirror frame adds another luxurious dimension for this gorgeous bedroom furniture.

The Nightstand

The nightstand has a great design to meet your bedding needs. Three drawers with classical metal drawer pull exude a classic and elegant design that matches with the glorious bed set. In addition, Baroque style carving becomes an opulent ornament that embellishes the storage furniture.

It is not only just an ordinary furniture complementary but also a great and beautiful decoration to your bedroom overall look.

Construction & Durability

The high-quality materials always become a quality assurance in any bedroom furniture. The Montevista Baroque Bedroom set has a great design with high-quality material that will make it is not only beautiful but also durable.

In addition, this high-quality material brings a shimmering shine from its finishing that exudes a deluxe impression.


The price of $3810 is merely the most expensive among the reviewed product. On the other hand, the Montevista Baroque Bedroom set is one of the most deluxe from the reviewed product. Indeed, it has almost all of the luxurious features for a bedroom furniture set can have.

With less than $4000, you can get a luxurious canopy bed in Baroque style with its complete furniture set in that will add a luxurious touch to your bedroom. Therefore, if you are looking for an extravagant bedroom set, the Montevista Baroque bedroom set surely the right answer.

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South Yorkshire Baroque Style Brown Cherry Finish Queen Size Bed Frame Set

What makes a bed set become a Baroque style? Is it a sophisticated carving in luxurious poster or canopy bed? Or is it shiny finishing on high-quality wood? Or is it a classic arc design that exudes an opulent and elegant design?

All of those answers nearly describe the Baroque style, but it misses almost a mile. Why? Because the Baroque style itself actually is meant to be a rebellious act that driven through artistic expression in Europe at the 15th century.

The South Yorkshire Baroque Bedroom Set Queen bed size has that rebellious nature exuding in its sleigh and Leatherette tufted padded headboard. Deep Brown Cherry finish on the high-quality wood brings a great finishing to this beautiful bed. 

The V wood veneering texture becomes a kind of “rebellious act” that is not only beautiful but also elegant for your bedroom focal point. In addition, beautiful carving a la the 15th-century Baroque style assert that this Baroque bedroom set is worth to be taken into your shopping list.



The headboard, with its beautifully tufted and padded Leatherette, becomes a great focal point to your bedroom in an instant. Although it doesn’t have lots of carving as much as another Baroque bedroom set, this bed set stores a lot more precious things.

In addition, cleverly arranged veneering that creates a “V” texture on the footboard become an elegant and opulent design. Altogether with the tufted headboard, it creates a comprehensive element that is not only beautiful but also glorious for your bedroom focal point.

Thus, the Montevista Baroque bedroom set is a bed frame that will be great for your luxurious bedroom.

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Construction & Durability

Beautifully carved in high-quality wood this great bed frame offers a glorious and durable product you can depend on. On the other hand, its veneer has soft line texture that surely will enrich your bedroom decoration.


For a Queen size bed frame, the price of $1,035.03 is quite expensive. But, if you consider about its premium design, deluxe material, and long lasting product, that amount of money is almost nothing.

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Fashion Bed by Leggett & Platt Baroque Queen Bed, LP-B11895

Beautifully bend and crafted that is very florid and ornate, The Fashion Bed by Legget and Platt Baroque Bedroom Set is a beautiful addition to your bedroom.

Sturdy, florid, and highly ornate, this Metal bed frame offers a great baroque style that mix with the sturdy state of wrought iron. Meanwhile, gilded slate finish exudes opulent, luxurious impression to this bed frame. The price of $579,74 is a quite cheap price to redeem this beautiful bed frame.

Thus, Fashion Bed by Legget and Platt Baroque Bedroom Set is the best buy for you who wants an opulent bed at an affordable price.



With its gilded slate finish, the Fashion Bed by Legget and Platt Baroque Bedroom Set is an opulent bed set you might want. Actually, it has a black base coated with a hand-applied mottled white translucent paint. It gives a bluish hue with a gleaming gold highlight. Thus, it creates a great finish that leads to great color to this iron bed frame.

Meanwhile, the highly florid and ornate embellishments that are molded by metal bending exudes an authentic classical Baroque style. The footboard has a concave design that dips in the center, contrast with its arched headboard design.

In addition, the sturdy look is emphasized by its four bold posters that almost reaches 4 inches thick. It is quite a monstrous poster that gives a sturdy and massive support to the bed frame and the weight upon it.

Construction & Durability

The wrought iron material is always great in durability and strength. It is much more durable than wooden bed material one. But, you have to be careful about its maintenance, as it will easily be exposed to rust as the coating is peeled off. That is quite a major downside of this great Baroque Bedroom Set.


As mentioned above, you only need a $579.74 to redeem this great bed frame set. That is almost the cheapest price for a Baroque bedroom set. Meanwhile, the steel frame that is bent and welded carefully with elegant gilded finish creates a great bed frame that is excellent in design and dependable in durability.

Thus, it makes the Fashion Bed by Legget and Platt Baroque Bedroom Set is a must-have for you who want a Baroque bed set at an affordable price.

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Those are some recommended Baroque bedroom set that totally worth to consider when you are looking for one to install in your bedroom, or for your next bedroom remodeling’s addition plan. They are offered at such reasonable prices with stunning design and reliable durability.

Well then, what is your choice of Baroque bedroom set?

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