Bathroom Curtains: 10+ Amazing Curtain Ideas and Guides

A bathroom is an important part of our home. So, we have to ensure that the bathroom has a great design and look pretty. And one of the best ways to make it look better is by put curtains in the bathroom. A curtain will create a strong accent that will make you feel comforts when you are in the bathroom. If you wondering how to choose the right curtains or want to find ideas and inspiration, you are in the right place. Our team has prepared all things needed to answer those problems. Check it out!

Bathroom Curtains Ideas

Farmhouse Bathroom Curtain Ideas

bathroom curtains ideas

If you a big fans of farmhouse decoration, this bathroom curtains ideas can be a great reference for you to improve your bathroom. This simple curtain has a solid accent which has contrast the overall design of this bathroom. It is important to use a consistent theme for decorating your bathroom because it will create an amusing atmosphere in your home. Then, you can place a bathroom wall decoration to make it prettier. Surely, by using this bathroom curtains your farmhouse bathroom will look much better.

Pretty Bathroom Curtain Ideas

It is great to have a fresh atmosphere in the bathroom. It will create an amusing feeling which can make you feel relax while you are on the bathtub. The bathroom curtains in this bathroom have a wonderful pattern which creates a distinctive feeling in this bathroom. Depends on your taste, you can also decorate it with something different like chandelier which isn’t used often in a bathroom. It is unique and you will have a classy feeling in the entire bathroom. Surely you can have a pretty bathroom if you add the right curtains in your bathroom.

Elegant Bathroom Curtains Ideas

A classy and elegant bathroom can create an amusing feeling that will make you feel relax when you are in the bathroom. Like an elegant bathroom above, the curtains have a huge impact on creating an elegant feeling in this bathroom. It looks so contrast and also attractive. You have to choose the right color to ensure the bathroom look nice and can fit your taste. Then, since the theme is elegance; you don’t have to make it over-complicated by adding too much decoration on the wall. By adding a simple (and amusing) vase with flowers will transform an ordinary bathroom into a great bathroom that will make you feel comfortable.

Modern Bathroom Curtains

A modern-style bathroom curtain is a great way to make your bathroom look much better. It is an easy way to improve your bathroom greatly. The simplicity which is important for creating a modern decor will make your work easier. Like the modern curtain above, this simply designed curtain successfully add a distinctive feeling in the bathroom. Then, you should use neutral wall colors to avoid over-complicated design. Finally, you can add wall decoration like; painting, frame, or flowers into your bathroom to complete the design.

Minimalist Bathroom Curtain  Ideas

A modern and minimalist bathroom surely can be a great idea for improving your bathroom. The elegance feeling which produced by decoration will make you feel comforts and relax. You don’t need s strong contrast if you want a minimalist bathroom. A simple and neutral color like white will do the work which will make your bathroom looks amazing. In addition, you can also put some pieces of furniture in the bathroom (depending on the bathroom size) if you want to spend some time in the bathroom.

Grey Bathroom Curtains

If you want a calm and relaxing feeling in the bathroom, this grey bathroom curtain can be a nice addition in your bathroom. The grey color decoration will make your bathroom look attractive and inviting. It is a great way to creates a distinctive atmosphere in the bathroom. However, you have to make sure to use a calm and neutral wall color to avoid over-complicated design. Finally, if you want to make it even better, a simple decoration will make it a nice and pretty bathroom for your lovely family.

Another grey bathroom curtain which is perfect for a modern bathroom design. What we love the most about it is the pretty ornament on it which can also be the part of the decoration. It will be great for a small bathroom with a limited space. Then, you can also put your favorite flowers to create a fresh feeling in the bathroom. Finally, if you have a small bathroom and want to have a better privacy, this bathroom curtain can be a great solution to solve it.

Best Fabric for Bathroom Curtains


It is obvious, that canvas is sturdy and rough material. However, it works well on the bathroom to make your bathroom dry and clean which is very important for a bathroom. You can find a lot of bathroom curtains from canvas, you can choose which one fit your bathroom nicely. You have to carefully choose the right canvas for your bathroom because it is not completely water resistant.

Satin or Silk

Satin and silk are great if you want to create a luxurious feeling in the bathroom. It will easily create a glamour bathroom which is perfect if you have the budget. However, you have to use it carefully because it is easy wrecked and not water resistant. So, you have to make sure to use it with care if you want to use silk or satin for the bathroom curtains.


The polyester fabric is sturdy and woven like canvas. But, they are water resistant and easy to clean. The best thing about it is; you can easily find a lot of styles which fit your bathroom. So, if you want a simple and easy to care curtains, the polyester can be a great choice for you.


Bathroom curtains are important to create a strong accent in the bathroom. It will make your bathroom looks unique and attractive. Choosing the right bathroom curtains is essential if you want to make over your bathroom. Then, by using the right materials for the curtains you will make your bathroom prettier. Surely, all bathroom curtain ideas above can be a great source for your inspiration and reference.

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