Complete Tips and Guides to Proper Bathroom Towel Bar Height

The existence of towel bar or ring cannot be missed when we are talking about the bathroom decoration. It’s a such an essential feature that will help you a lot to do some activities in the bathroom.

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Some homeowners sometimes just choose to hang the towel bar without any particular measurements when it’s actually an important notion to think about. This thing is mostly forgotten and seems like something simple.

When you install the towel bar or ring at a proper height, the result will mainly affect two things. First, obviously you will be able to use the towel bar or ring conveniently, and you can also have the neatly beautiful look in your bathroom.

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Therefore, measuring the bathroom towel bar height is always an important thing that you have to keep in mind when you are about to install one in your own bathroom. To measure the proper bathroom towel bar height relates closely to the other accessories that you have in the bathroom decor that’ll influence how you should install the bar.

Here, we have a brief and complete guide to theA�bathroom towel bar height that you can use to help you install one properly. Use it as a guide when you are about to install a new towel bar or replacing the old one.

Proper Bathroom Towel Bar Height

As has been told above, in measuring the properA�bathroom towel bar height, we have to determine where you will install it. Below, we have divided some spots which are mostly chosen for installing the towel bar or ring.

This measurement is the recommendation from the National Kitchen and Bath Association, so you can definitely trust it.

  1. Directly Above the Floorbathroom towel bar height 2-min

    If you install the towel bar directly from the floor without any stuff below it, the proper height is somewhere between 36″ and 48″ off the floor. The 30″ measurement will be so convenient for the younger guest when the 48″ one is a nice height for the adults. You can use this option to install multiple towel racks.

  2. Above the Toiletbathroom towel bar height 4-min

    Installing the towel bar or ring just above the toilet, the measurement can range between 21″ and 28″. It will provide an easy reach to use the towel every time.

  3. Above the Vanity

    The towel bar height above the vanity is slightly the same when you install it above the toilet. You can mount it 20″ to 22″ above the vanity.

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When you prefer to go with the towel ring, measure the height from the bottom of the ring, not from its hanger. It’s because you will hang the towel much lower than when you use the towel bar.

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So that’s a brief guide to the properA�bathroom towel bar height from the National Kitchen and Bath Asociation. You can use it as the ultimate guide when you have a plan to remodel your bathroom.

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