Tips to Remodeling Your Own “Bat Cave” with Cool Batman Bedroom Set

Remodeling the bedroom with the cool and heroic Dark Knight theme is a good idea to refresh the bedroom’s overall look. Even you can do it for your own bedroom as the Batman theme is always right for any range of age.

But, a Batman bedding set is not just enough to bring the coolness of your favorite superhero character Gotham hero. You have to add some decors, accessories, and many other to recreate the “Bat Cave” in your bedroom. Here some tips to remodeling your personal “Bat Cave” with cool Batman Bedroom set

Na Na Na Na, to the “Bat Cave”!

Batman Bedroom Set

Heroic Color of the Cape Crusader

Batman Bedroom Set
Credit: Ebay

If Superman is always identic with Red and Blue, The Dark Knight has any range of color in many version. Although dark black is always the Batman’s major color, The Cape Crusader has more color in each version.

You can use gray, yellow and navy blue as shown in 60’s -70’s comic book and Adam West’s version, or Batman Beyond’s red and black. In this case, beige or gray can be a suitable major color for the wall. It will make a serene, calm, and mysterious impression in the bedroom, same as your Gotham Prince.

In addition, use darker color tones in accessories, decals, decors, curtain, etc. For more color options, you can adopt the color of his rivals and sidekicks, such as purple and green from The Joker, light green and orange from The Poison Ivy and Riddler, and red, yellow and green from Robin.

Put on The Dark Knight Bedding Set

Batman Bedroom Set
Credit: Ebay

The focal point in the bedroom is always the bed itself. Put on Batman bedroom set for your bedding. There are various kinds of Batman bedding set in the market that you can choose. For a grown-up bedroom, you can choose a darker and more minimalist bedding set.

An iconic Bat sign on black or navy blue bed cover is quite enough for your bedroom. Meanwhile, you can choose a more illustrated bedding set for the kid’s bedroom. A Batman Lego themed bedding set is cute and fun for your kids.

Batmobile Bed for The Junior Batman

Batman bedroom set
Credit: PotteryBarnKids

What else is more iconic than a Batmobile in The Batman? Yep! You can add a Batmobile bed in your Caped Crusader’s lair. Make your kid’s dreams as The Batman and save the Gotham from the Joker. You can buy it in many merchants and providers, or you can just make it yourself for the cheaper reason.

Meanwhile, you can put the Batmobile on the top of drawers or cabinets as accessories. But, you can build a more detailed version of Batmobile bed by yourself for a more enthusiastic impression.

Cool Furniture to Complement Your “Bat Cave”

Batman Bedroom Set
Credit: Etsy

Your “Bat Cave” won’t complete if you don’t have cool Batman furniture to complement it. Many products of Batman Bedroom set of furniture are offered, but you have to choose the coolest and cheapest for your own.

Black finish furniture with Bat sign ornamental on the drawers and chest is a must for children. But, you need a more out-of-the-box Batman furniture set for your own. A more creative and sophisticated furniture that will store your “Bat Gadget” and “Bat Suit”. In this case, why don’t you just try a DIY or custom furniture to create a Batman bedroom set of your own?

“Bat-Signal” for The Lighting

Batman Bedroom Set
Credit: Menkind

For the lighting in the Batman bedroom, make it dim and gloomy to represent the darkness of Gotham’s  night. In addition, a Bat signal lamp will be a perfect complement for your “Bat Cave”. You can put on the desk and direct it to your ceiling.

When the light goes off, there will be a Bat signal on the ceiling and it’s time for you to be The Batman – I mean in your own dream.

Batman Bedroom Set
Credit: Etsy

In another way, you can make a DIY Bat Sign accent light a small effort. Put a string light behind a Bat Sign shaped board then hang it on the wall as decoration. Voila! A Bat-Signal lighting accent for your Bat-Cave is ready to enlighten your gloomy night in Gotham.

Put Some Batman Decoration

Batman Bedroom Set
Credit: Ebay

If everything has been put together in its place, put some Batman decoration to give the final touch. Wall decals, wall sticker, or even just Batman action figure on the desk.

For attractive kid’s bedroom, you can apply Batman themed wall decals or funny Batman Lego on the desk. While for grown-ups, there are ample alternatives you can add to your bedroom element. Action figures, wall decals, Batmobile miniatures, even a Bat-suit or Bat-wing replica can be a marvelous Batman decoration in your bedroom.

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