25+ Most Stylish Bedroom Color Combination Ideas to Steal

Decorating a bedroom can be quite complicated since you have to make it look admirable and feel comfortable at the same time. As the room where you take a rest after a long tiring day a bedroom should have a very comforting atmosphere which comes from its decoration.

The first thing that you can keep in mind when it comes to bedroom decorating is the color. It holds a very huge role in creating the overall look and nuance of your bedroom.

As you may have known, each color has particular psychological effect which will lead to the atmosphere that you will feel. Therefore, you have to be so careful in choosing the main color to colorize your bedroom.

You can also combine two or more colors for the decor of a bedroom which definitely will make it look more attractive than choosing only one color. But, it can be quite risky to combine several colors in one decor. You may end up having an ugly color combination if you don’t do it propely.

Moreover, you also have to pay attention in lighting, patterns, and texture of the room which relates to the furniture, accessories, and decor item. They have to beautifully complement the color combination and create a nicely harmonious nuance.

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For your inspiration, we have picked dozens of beautiful bedroom color combination which will totally inspire you. They properly blend all the elements of the decor which make them so tempting to copy.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of bedroom color combination ideas!

Best Bedroom Color Combination Ideas

Navy and Pink

bedroom color combination 1

A very stylish bedroom with navy and pink mixture. Each color is applied in a very proper balance in which navy colorizes the wall and drape then pink bedroom bedding and another drape complement it.

To brighten up the room’s nuance, white rug is chosen. The contemporary furniture and decor item in black and cold totally enhance the gorgeousness of the room.

White and Pewter Blue

bedroom color combination 2

A brightly soft bedroom color combination which uses white and pewter blue. The bedding with white duvet and decorative cover in similar color harmonize the decor gorgeously.

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A big glass window lets the ligth from outdoor surrounding which brighten up the room perfectly. Then, a tall indoor plant completes the decor and gives a very refreshing vibe.

White and Violet

bedroom color combination 3

Violet colorizes one side of the walls in bedroom with white domination. The color gives a very vibrant touch in a very attractive way.

The bedding also comes in similar color combination which becomes a fabulous centerpiece here. To add more texture, wood flooring in light finish is chosen.

White and Teal

bedroom color combination 4

A very stylish bedroom color combination in teal and white.The bedding in similar colors with the suede fabric glamorizes the decor perfectly. Then, its wood flooring gives another bright color and brighten up its overall look.

Navy, Pink, and Yellow


Three chic colors are combined stylishly in this bedroom which is absolutely inspiring to try. The room looks so colorful but nit intimidating at all due to its proper mixture. (Read also Best Cheap Bedroom Sets Under $500)

Emerald Green and Monochrom


Emerald green fabulously gives a bold touch to this living room with white and black domination. The brightly clean white bedding looks so beautiful which balance the decoratice look from the rug and indoor plant. A big window then brightens up the room to make it feel more comfortable with its narrow size.

Grey and Wood


Grey tales over the decor of the room which creates an elegant neutral nuance. The wood flooring then gives another color and texture yet keep the minialist characteristic of the room. Some earthy-inspired decor item complete the decor whih emphasizes its natural atmosphere.

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Purple and Blue

This bedroom has two colors which are combined uniquely. Blue dominates the room.and purple gives another touch of color on one side of the walls.

The bedding in green also makes the room look even more colorful. Alongside its wood flooring, the bedding creates a fun earthy vibe.

Soft Blue and Teal

A beautiful bedroom color combination which uses plain soft blue which is accented by teal. White ceiling with gorgeous moulding then enhance the beauty of the room very well.

This kind of decoration surely reminds you to the 90s era. Therefore, it works better for you who love the beauty of old time.

Uniquely Two-Toned

Basically, this bedroom uses white and green but the way those colors combined makes it look distinctively gorgeous. Both of them are used in different portion in colorizing the ceiling, walking, and even flooring.

Moreover, besides its common concrete wall, an exposed brick wall and wood flooring makes it even more distinctive with nice texture. For sure, it’s a unique bedroom color combination that you can try easily.

Shades of Grey and Yellow

Concrete wall is one of the popular options to decorate a bedroom with a contemporary look. Here, such wall is used which sparks a chic neutral look.

Then, the light grey colorizes another side of the wall elegantly. To brighten up the room, unique yellow flooring is chosen and white takes over the rest of the wall to neutralize the nuance.

Teal and Wood

Teal is definitely the chic color which will never fail to style up your bedroom. In this idea, the color is combined with the wood tone which surely creates a very stylish with a very exhilarating atmosphere.

The white ceiling and flooring makes the room look bright amd let the color combination pops up fabulously. All the furniture, accessories, and decor items are designed in contemporary style which fits the character of the decoration perfectly.

Orange and Grey

The combination of orange and grey in this bedroom looks so catchy with a very warm vibe that you will totally love. Wood flooring increase the warmth inside the room while the white ceiling soothes it beautifully.

Neon Green and Soft Blue

This bedroom color combination is for you who want to have a vibrantly attractive decor. The bright neon green is mixed with soft blue which gives a unique overall look to the room.

Soft blue works to neutralize the neon green but still gives the colorful touch. White ceiling and rug then adds a neutral color to avoid the overwhelming nuance inside.

Muted Blue and Green

A gorgeous bedroom comor combination which uses muted blue as its main color. The green drapes then give another color touch which then gives a nautical vibe around.

The bedding as the focal point comes with floral printed cover in similar color combination harmonize the decor cleverly. Its bamboo frame surely makes the decor look so unique and also emphasizes its beachy theme.

Soft Brown and White


An admirable bedroom with soft brown as its main color. White is chosen as its second shade which is only applied to the ceiling. It’s a good bedroom color combination for you who want to have a neutral yet warm decor.

Grey and Red


Grey and white are combined elegantly in this bedroom color combination which gives a neutral overall look. Then, some bedroom accessories in bright red add a very vibrant touch which enhance the attractiveness of the rooms decor in a very simple way.

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Yellow and Purple

The combination of yellow and purple in this bedroom looks brightly colorful. Two colors go well side by side in a balance portion

Some wood planks in glossy natural finish give a beautiful earthy touch. Bamboo blind and indoor plant the makes the atmosphere feels so fresh.

Red and Green

A fabulous bedroom with the mixture red and green which is so worth to copy. It looks so colorful with a very cheerful vibe. The beige flooring then balance the color combination warmly

Black and Green

Black takes over almost the whole bedroom since it colorizes its four sides of the wall and ceiling. The color creates an elegant gloomy overall look to around the room.

To make it look more attractive, some bedroom accesories in green complete decor. White then colorizes some focal points and ceiling to brighten up the room.

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So those are some inspiring bedroom color combination that you can use as the ultimate reference when you want to enhance the attractiveness of your beloved bedroom. You can steal the way those ideas combine the color, furniture and accessories then bring the style to your very own bedroom.

Pick the best idea which really suits your needs, taste, and the existing layout of your bedeoom. Keep in mind to always create a nicely harmonious look so you will have a bedroom which looks and feels so inviting.

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Choosing more than one color for your bedroom is definitely a good idea to make it look so attractive. Yoy can pick two or more shades and combine it harmoniously. The colors can be applied to the walls, ceiling, flooring or other elements of the room like furniture accessories, or decor items as you wish.

The main key to the bedroom color combination which looks and feels inviting is all about the harmonization. It’s how you choose the kind of colors and give a proper portion of each color. Moreover, other supporting elements like lighting and ventilation hold some very important roles.

Below, we have some easy and simple tips to create and admirable and comfortable bedroom color combination.

Determine the Effects

As has been told before, each comor has its own character whic gives particular psychological effect for us. So for the first step, you have to recognize what atmosphere that you will get if you go with some certain colors.

It’s so important to keep in mind since you my end up having a bedroom with an uninviting color combination which doesn’t suit you. To do this step, you can start by thinking about what color you like the most then use it as the main color of the room. Then, you can continue picking another color to combine with.

Think About the Style

After you have deciders the colors, you also have to think about the particular decorating style. Each color scheme works best for each decorating style.

For instance, blue and brown work best for nautical theme, grey and brown work best for farmhouse theme, white and black works best for minimalist theme, and so on. It’s the very next thing to consider after choosing the colors.

Keep the Balance

It’s the most important thing that you have to do in mixing the colors that you have chosen. The balance means that you apply each color in a proper portion.

It doesn’t always mean about the percentage of the colors application, it’s also about the contrast, brightness, and saturation. If you it properly, you will have a bedroom decor which looks and feels inviting at the same time.

Add a Neutral Color

Combining more than one colors in one room may end up creating an overwhelming vibe with an uninviting look. White and light grey can do a very good job to neutralize the color combination of your bedroom.

Those colors are like the must-applied element to balance the color combination so it looks nicely attractive. You just need to use the color in the small amount.

Proper Lighting

When you use some color for your bedroom decoration, you have to really pay attention to the lighting. Beside the main light source in the ceiling, you can add some additional lighting sources like sconces and table lamp which will brighten the room especially during the night.

Then, the window will also let the outdoor light to come to the room which helps a lot to make it look brighter and feels airier. In addition, the mirrors will reflect inside the room gorgeously and gives a wider impression.

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