Lucky 13 Cool Bedroom Gadgets to Enhance Your Sleep Quality

Technology and sleep have a very complex relationship. In one side, it brought vast disruptions to the sleep quality. You can imagine how many people that still awake in the middle of the night with their gadgets on. Texting, browsing, listening to the music, gaming, etc are always often done in the bedroom. Phrases like “one more minute” or “one more gag” are always being spoken by gadget users that bring them to another sleepless night.

Moreover, some researchers reveal the bad effects of EMP and radiation from the gadgets to the sleep quality. On the other side, there are many products of technology that can enhance your sleep quality and become a nice addition to your bedroom decoration. Here, assorted 13 cool bedroom gadgets that can enhance your sleep quality and add a stylish touch to your bedroom decor.

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Heated Footwarmers Slippers (USB Wired) by Smoko ($35,5 – $39,5)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: Amazon

When the winter comes, it always freezing in the morning. It will be hard to leave the warmth and coziness of your bed. At least, you must be unwilling to step on the cold floor with your barefoot. Then, here comes the Heated Slippers with USB that will help you. USB-powered heating units distribute warmth inside the slippers to keep the comforts and warmth on your toes. With two detachable USB wire, you can recharge it on USB port in your laptop, desktop, or 5v USB adapter. Available in one size that will fit in the most foot size and many funny characters like Narwhal, Yeti, and Unicorn.


Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: Cubesensors

A modern art piece with a cordless and stylish cube that will monitor the overall condition of your bedroom. It has the temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, light and pressure sensors that will send the information to the clouds so you can access it everywhere. It will also send alerts when the bedroom condition is way far from optimal. In the evening, it will let you know when you have to dim the lights on. The stylish and unique shape of this will be a nice addition to your bedroom.

Osmos Smart Humidifier

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: Quirky

This is not just a regular and old-fashioned humidifier. This a very sophisticated invention by John James Velasco that will keep the humidity level of your bedroom balance. Featured with automatic shut-off when the optimal humidity is reached and connectivity with your cell phones. It will send a notification when the filters need replacement and the water needs to be refilled. Moreover, you can control the product via your mobile device, an easier way to balance the humidity in your bedroom.

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Elgato Avea Mood Light

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: Elgato

A more sophisticated and easier way to change the look and the mood of your bedroom. Now, to change the mood of your bedroom will be just as easy as a swipe or taps on your mobile device. Create your own desired perfect mood with innovative mood lighting. You can modify the color of the mood lights with your own customization. It has connectivity with your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet.

Sleep Number c2 Bed with SleepIQ® Technology ($899.99)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: SleepNumber

For a smarter and better sleeps quality you will need to change your old mattress with this Sleep Number C2 Bed. Optionally powered by SleepIQ®  Technology inside the bed, it will track your sleep behavior. You will be informed about your how much time you need for an ideal sleep, optimal wake-up time, and what time is your ideal sleep. The connectivity with your favorite apps will let you know how your life affects your sleep and vice versa. Based on this, you will learn factors that affect your sleep and how you can change it to improve your SleepIQ score better. A good example how a technology can enhance your sleep quality.

Ramos Alarm Clock

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: RamosClock

Too lazy to wake up while you have many things to do in the morning? Here the solution comes. It is not like any regular alarm clock that can be snoozed easily then you can fall asleep again. You have to get out of the bed to make this noisy boy shut off. You will be forced out away from the bed to the remote place where the defuse panel is located. Moreover, you have to enter the password making you use your brain to shut off this alarm. It will help you to wake up by activating your brain to figure out the password. Then the best part is, you’ll figure out now that you’re in the kitchen, bathroom, etc that will make you away from the notorious seductive bed and start your day.

Withings Thermo – Smart Thermometer ($87.95)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: Amazon

A smarter choice for the thermometer in your bedroom. It features HotSpot Sensor technology with 16 infrared sensors to take more than 4000 measurements. It will find the hottest point and send the most accurate result to your mobile devices in just 2 seconds. The connectivity is always the key to the technology recently. It also connects to your smartphones and app to gives information and explanation based on age, fever symptoms and history. In addition, you can take notes, add photos, and set reminders to your devices. Don’t worry about hygiene, it is contact-free making it is the most hygienic way to take a temperature.

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ($499)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: Amazon

Don’t worry about your bedroom cleaning, with this iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuuming Robot you will clean all over the bedroom with almost no effort. Able to delivers up to 5x air power with AeroForce Cleaning System, this robot is almost maintenance free. It is easy to use, you just set up the robot and it will do the rest of cleaning job in 7x per week. As it is designed as low as 3.6 inches tall, you won’t be worried about the space under the bed, furniture, and kickboards. The Robot will clean up it all.

Robotic Mop ($249)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: Amazon

After you use Roomba 880, use the iRobot Braava Floor Mopping Robot to complete the cleaning. With disposable microfiber cleaning cloths, it mops out any dirt from your floor. Attach the cloth, set up, and let it do the rest of mopping job. It has 2 cleaning modes depend on the job you want to do. Sweep mode will allow the robot to dry mops the floor in straight lines with cleaning cloth. Meanwhile, mop mode will let the robot to move back and forth and mop with a damp cleaning cloth to clean the floor.

SleepPhones Wireless ($99.95)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: SleepPhones

Add these cool bedroom gadgets to complete your sleeping experience. With this SleepPhone Wireless, you can listen the audio with the most comfortable and stylish way before you get to sleep. Built in the shape of a headband and Bluetooth connectivity, you will not worry about disrupting cable all over the head when you sleep. You can listen to your favorite music, podcast or just white noise to help block out the unwanted noise coming from the soundproof less wall.

IKEA Nordli Wireless Charging Bedside Table ($109.99)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: IKEA

When you get to sleep it means you recharge your energy so you can get back to your activity tomorrow. At the same time, your gadgets need to be recharged too. With these cool bedroom gadgets from IKEA, you can recharge your gadget when you sleep with less effort. Just put your gadget on the table and let it do the rest, even you don’t need to attach a cable to your gadget. Although wireless charging is slow, it will fully recharge your gadgets as you wake up with full energy in the morning.

Smart Mattress Cover ($299)


Credit: EightSleep

With this cool bedroom gadgets, you will figure out that we are now living in the future. As we mentioned above, that the connectivity is the key to technology, this product also connected to your gadgets. You can sync it with your smartphone to track your sleep quality and even your coffee maker to start brewing right after you getting out of bed. Featured with thermostat inside, it will keep the optimal temperature inside your blanket. You won’t need layers of the blanket to tackle cold and freezing night in the winter. In addition, it even can maintain a different temperature in a different side of the bed.

GhostPillow Smart Real Time Cooling Pillow ($85)

Cool Bedroom Gadgets

Credit: GhostBed

Technology now is almost in every human being needs. Even in the simplest thing that we even don’t think before, it has technology inside. Most of them are very useful but some other are ridiculously useful too. We already have discussed 12 cool bedroom gadgets that will enhance the quality of our sleep. It is varying from mattress to the alarm clock. Now, we have a high-tech pillow that can keep the temperature of the pillow stay cool. I think this is literally very cool bedroom gadgets to be added to your collection. Self-claiming to be the World’s Most Advanced Real-Time Cooling Pillow this pillow is made of a cooling aerated gel memory foam that really cools you down as you put your head on it. In addition, it gives the right balance, support, and comfort to keep your lumbar stay in a good position while you sleep.

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