Top 5 Best Kitchen Appliance Brand | Buying Guides and Tips

As the heart of a house, a kitchen always deserves the best. The homeowners should meticulously create such an inviting atmosphere in this room since it is used for various joyful activities. From cooking to catching up some documents, you can do many things in the kitchen.

One of the top lists questions, when you are remodeling or building a kitchen, is about what is the best kitchen appliance brand. There are dozens of appliances brands which offer competitive products nowadays. Some of your friends may recommend this one, and the other, making you feel confused which one that you should really choose.

best kitchen appliances brands
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Some homeowners may think that the more expensive the product is, the better quality that they will get, but it is not always a true statement. There’s always some brand which offers reliability appliances at your convenient. So it always an important job to do some research about the reputation of some appliances brands before deciding to go with one.

There are some considerations that you can keep in mind in choosing the best kitchen appliances brands, as follows:

  • The track record of the brand.
  • The sophistications of the functions which are offered by the brand.
  • The variety of the designs that you can choose.
  • The durability of the materials used.
  • The maintenance of the product.
  • The warranty pf the product.
  • The after sales and service programs.

Some kitchen experts have broken down hundreds of kitchen appliances brands into the best 5. They are chosen due to some considerations as mentioned above. This information will ease you to pick some good products to put in your kitchen. Let’s check them out!

  1. Whirlpool

    The company was first founded in 1920 and becomes unstoppable until now. This brand has sold more than 4,100 appliances last year with not more than 170 service cases. They are so popular in producing innovative appliances with reliable quality.


    bosch best kitchen appliances brands

    credit: Bosch

    If you have not really much budget to buy the reliable premium kitchen appliances, just go with the Bosch. They have been involved in the business for more than one century. It’ indeed, they have sold two times more product than Whirlpool, but their service rate is about 900 cases.


    samsung best kitchen appliances brands

    credit: Samsung

    With its successful diverse business, the kitchen appliances from Samsung are also recommended to buy. Most of the adored products from this brand is the front load laundry and refrigerator. They also have such an innovative appliances to offer. There are more than 1,600 products sold last year with 11% service rate.


    Kitchenaid best kitchen appliances brands

    credit: KitchenAid

    About 90 years ago, this company was first founded with its famous ancient stand mixer. Last year they have sold over 1,900 appliances with about 250 service cases. Their new product’s availability in the market becomes one of this brand’s issue.


    wolf best kitchen appliances brands

    credit: Subzero-Wolf

    Starting its journey from 1930, Wolf is one of the best kitchen appliances brands which accompany thousands of family. This brand sells dozens of interesting products to install in your kitchen. With 1,543 sold products and 16.4% service rate last year, Wolf is a quite recommended for you to think about.

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