Best Paint Finish for Bathroom | Problem, Tips and Recommended Paints

The color is not the only consideration when you are planning to beautify your room. However, the color options become the main essential as your complement lists. The color you choose will represent your personality, many people prefer the light color for painting but for some, the dark color is more comfortable.

In addition, choosing the right color for painting your bathroom wall is a must. It talks about your taste, characteristic and passion. With the existence of color, automatically, your room is going to give a new sparkling harmony.

By painting your bathroom well, it totally creates your room to be more inviting and catchy. Anyone who comes to your bathroom will be amazed by your perfect color choice. Indeed, you won’t be ashamed when you invite people to your house.

Is the painting good enough to make the wall catchy? The answer is exactly not. Painting without finishing is nothing in making your wall pretty. With a good finishing, automatically, the room delivers the high painting result. For that reason, we are going to share you some tips in choosing the best paint finish for bathroom.

Best Paint Finish for Bathroom

best paint finish for bathroom
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Before we explain some tips, it is better to know the bathroom wall texture and criteria, all of those will we described below.

Knowing the Bathroom Characteristic

As we know, the bathroom is exactly a wet room with water dripping anywhere. In fact, bathroom is a special space in your house which is different from others which then determine the homeowners to choose the best paint finish for bathroom.

Identifying the Bathroom Wall Problem

Generally, the wet room potentially generate the mildew, moss and microbial growth on the wall surface. Those automatically raise unsightly so as it makes the wall dirty and faint. Therefore, we totally need the paint finish to shoo away the cause.

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The Tips to Obtain Best Paint Finish for Bathroom

To get the best result of paint finish, you have to do some recommended tips below:

1.Prevent the Moist Wall

With the wet room, moisture must be your concern before painting or coating on your bathroom walls. Moisturizing exactly influences the bathroom walls in two ways. For the first, the shower and steamy bath will arise the water droplets on the walls.

Second, the water that directly comes out from the bath, sink or shower. In this tip, you actually must be able in preventing moisture before you start to paint the wall. The watertight shower curtains, blackspalshes, and shower tile surrounds are able to prevent the water on paint finish.

2. Choose the Matching Paint Finish

As we know, the paint has 5 primary finishes which suits to certain room. Explained briefly, Those 5 primary finishes are a flat or matte finish, eggshell finish, satin finish, semi-gloss finish, and high gloss. The each paint finish matches the room in the house.

  • The Flat or Matte Finish – pratically uses for  bedroom or other interior that will not be beated up by children.
  • The Eggshell Finish –  really good for dining rooms and living rooms which deliver an excellent finish for the spaces.
  • The Satin Finish –  popular with easy cleaning, it practically suits for hallways, family rooms, foyers, and kids’ bedrooms.
  • The Semi-Gloss Finish – really appropriate for rooms where the drips, and moisture stains the wall, best use for bathroom, trim, chair rails and kitchen.
  • The High-Gloss Finish – a great choice for the door, kitchen and window trim.

3. Apply the Best Paint Finish

After you know the matching paint finish for the room, it is your turn to apply the best paint finish to remodel the bathroom. You can start applying the semi-gloss paint finish. As desribed above in knowing and identifying the bathroom wall characteristic. The bathroom is totally wet room in which it rinses the water droplets, moss and mildew on the wall.

With the semi-gloss paint finish, it reflects the light for getting a bright and shiny appearance, which will enhance the look of your bathroom. The paint is more durable and easier to clean for your bathroom. Besides for bathroom, the semi-gloss is also reliable on trim, woodwork and covering the kids’ bedroom wall as neat as possible.

4. Maintain the Bathroom Wall

When you applied the paint finish to your bathroom wall, certainly, you might be ready in maintaining for the time to come. As the time goes by, the bathroom wall is getting the stains, mold or mildew. Then, repainting the wall using the semi-gloss routinely is a must for you.

Those are some considerations and the tips to have the best paint finish for bathroom, Hopefully, our tips will help you in getting the amazing paint result for your bathroom. In addition, we also have some affordable semi-gloss paints that are very recommended for you to buy. Here we go!!!

5 Best Paint Finish for Bathroom

High Endurance Semi-Gloss Paint

best paint finish for bathroom
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Credit: Walmart

The first semi-gloss paint comes with great coverage that suits to bathroom interior. With the durable and washable feature, it eases you to maintain the wall well. The product is offered at $19.76 available at Walmart.

Prestige Interior Semi-Gloss Paint

best paint finish for bathroom
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Credit: Amazon

Come with ultra premium paint and primer in one, this product allows you to get the smooth application. The semi-gloss features with acrylic latex and washable that enables for easy cleaning. Prestige semi-gloss offers the wall to get a bright and shiny appearance. With water clean-up features, it is really ideal to paint the bathroom. You just have to spend $36.95 at Amazon to have this one.

2 Pk Krylon Black Semi-Gloss Paint

best paint finish for bathroom
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Credit: Ebay

This semi-gloss provides direct to metal corrosion protection so as it delivers durable and smooth finish. It suits for wood, wicker, glass, label and metal. To have this one, you should spend $34.99 available on Ebay.

Zinserr Quart Semi-Gloss Perma-White Mildew Paint

best paint finish for bathroom
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This stain-resistant paint finish really matches for indoors where the humidity and mildew grow up. It comes with features including blister-proof, stain-resistant, bonds to glossy surfaces. The Zinserr Semi-Gloss Paint offers the price at $31.61 available at Overstock.

Taubmans Easycoat White Semi-Gloss Paint

best paint finish for bathroom
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The last recommended paint finish to buy, it provides antimicrobial protection to prevent the mildew, fungus and mold growth. The Taubmans semi-gloss paint is really good in damp areas and wet room of your home. It is offered at $34.40 available on

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