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Decorating a bathroom is such an endless topic which is always so interesting to talk about. You will always find that the trends of the bathroom keep changing from time to time.

For sure, having an old-fashioned bathroom is not a thing that every homeowner wants to experience. Therefore, it’s always important to know what is the latest bathroom trend to have an up-to-date inspiration.

One of the most adored bathroom decors today is the nuance of blue which is so considerable to be the theme of your bathroom remodeling plan. The idea is simply about choosing the shades of blue to dominate the overall look of a bathroom.

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Here, we have collected lots of blue bathroom ideas which are so worth to add to your inspiration list. You can make them as the ultimate reference to have an up-to-date bathroom decor that everyone will love.

So just keep scrolling to see our best inspiration of blue bathroom ideas!

Blue Bathroom Ideas

Rustic Decorative Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 1-min

The superbly attractive bathroom with the combination of decorative blue tile and grey concrete wall. It creates a nice blend of modern and rustic touch in one bathroom layout.

Furthermore, the clean-lined white bathroom fixtures brighten up the room gorgeously.

Electric Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 2-min

Choosing the brightest shade of blue can be a good alternative to have a captivatingly bright bathroom instead of picking white. Here, the electric blue is chosen and combined stylishly with the white element to make it even brighter.

Then, the black accents give the bold statement which makes the decor of the room look way more attractive.

Zenith Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom 39


Zenith blue is the shade that will give a dark soothing color which is definitely considered to pick. You can pair the color with white to create a calming neutral atmosphere.

Pale Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 4-min

Another shade of blue that you can choose to create a more neutral look is the pale one. In this idea, the color is combined with grey which makes it perfect to be a great inspiration for you who are looking for a neutral bathroom layout with a more colorful atmosphere.

Decorative Nautical Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 5-min

The decorative floral tile in white and blue dominates the overall look of this bathroom, creating a very catchy decor. Its glossy deep blue vanity and white cabinet beautifully complements the room.

Moreover, the nautical rugs give the room another style in a very simple way.

Farmhouse Navy Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 6-min

It’s surely safe to say that navy is always an everyone’s favorite when it comes to bathroom decoration. Here, the shade is chosen for a farmhouse-themed layout which makes it look modern and traditional at the same time.

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Floral Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 7-min

The floral wallpaper always creates such a classic vibe for a room’s decor and choosing such look for a bathroom is never a bad idea. This inspiration shows a beautiful blue floral wallpaper which is combined with the white wood paneling wall.

Geometric Blue Bathroom

The chic bathroom with the stylish combination of the plain white wall with the geometric blue tile. It shows a stylish way to make an all-white bathroom look colorfully decorative.

Furthermore, the rustic wood cabinet brings another style to this bathroom decor.

Classic Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 9-min

The blue wallpaper in Morrocan pattern creates a classic atmosphere which is so inspiring to try. To make it look way more vintage, the Europen bathroom fixture and furniture decorate the room perfectly.

Modern Earthy Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 10-min

This bathroom shows a unique combination of modern and earthy touch that is so worth to be included in your inspiration list. It blends of vibrant electric blue and decorative marble tile beautifully.

Decorative Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 11-min

Another inspiring blue bathroom with a decorative nuance that you can use for your ultimate reference. It uses the brick-style tile in soft blue and black which makes it look decoratively bold.

Striped Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 12-min

The stylish blue bathroom with the stripe accent which dominates its overall look. To give a more decorative touch the wood paneling wall and festive flooring decorate the room gorgeously.

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Log-Style Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 14-min

Wood touch is always a good choice to give a bold statement to a blue bathroom. Here, the decorative tile in deep blue is combined with the glossy wood flooring and exposed wood beam awesomely.

Coastal Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 15-min

The mixture of blue and wood paneling wall always creates a chic coastal decor that you can try. Then, adding some nautical-themed decor items can be a simple way to decorate such kind of bathroom.

Soft Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom 36

The dazzling blue bathroom which is dominated by the soft blue paint to create a super bright nuance. Furthermore, the white marble with the hexagon pattern gives a more textured touch while still keeps it simply beautiful.

Elegant Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 16-min

Installing a huge glass door and window is definitely a good option to create a fresher and brighter bathroom. It lets the natural light o come through maximally and allows an enjoyable sightseeing to the outdoor surrounding.

Festively Calming Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 17-min

This one is a festive bathroom with the chevron flooring and decorative drape which looks so tempting to try. With the combination of soft blue and white, the room still feels calming with its festive element.

Brownish Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 18-min

Brown is definitely a good choice to combine with blue, and this idea shows how to combine it in a very simple way. Basically, it’s a bathroom which is dominated by soft blue and white, then the brown accessories and furniture colorize it.

Moreover, the decorative brown tile and jute rug creates a more attractive look to the room’s decor.

Beach Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom 35


The simply admirable blue bathroom which is inspired by the vibe of the beach. Its light blue wall is combined beautifully with the off-white brick-style accent which pops out a stylishly refreshing atmosphere.

Glossy Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 19-min

Fully-covered with the blue glossy tile, this bathroom looks so attractive. You can see the different pattern of tile which makes it doesn’t look boring with its blue finish.

Then, the Victorian-style furniture and fixture bring the style of the room to a whole new level.

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Festively Vintage Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 20-min

The unique inspiration for a decorative bathroom with a more vintage nuance that you can copy. Here, the wall and flooring are covered with the similar type of tile which creates a superb look.

Then, the plain white bathroom fixture and mirror help the room to look much cozier.

Ancient Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 21-min

The distinctive blue bathroom with the ancient fixture and furniture. It has a catchy combination of bright blue and bold brown.

Matte Navy Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 22-min

Matte navy elegantly colorizes the bathroom which creates such a calming atmosphere. The color is matched with shades of brown which makes it look beautifully warming.

Icy Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 23-min

An all-blue bathroom which features the combination of decorative and plain tile in the icy shade. The room looks dazzlingly captivating with the proper arrangement of the fixture.

All-Blue Textured Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 24-min

You can choose the textured blue tile to make an all-blue bathroom look more decorative without applying other colors. In this layout, such tile fully covers the wall which makes it so stunning.

Furthermore, the light blue tile, white ceiling, and lots of light fixtures optimally light up the room, so it doesn’t look stuffy.

Modern All-Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 26-min

Another all-blue bathroom inspiration to add to your inspiration list, and this one is completed with the modern fixtures. As you may have noticed, the room has a stylish combination of striped wall and decorative flooring and wall that everyone will surely love.

Deep Blue Bathroom

blue bathroom 34



At the first sight, you can definitely how comforting this bathroom is with its deep blue overall look. Then, the white furniture and fixture simply decorate the room which also neutralizes it charmingly.

Earthy Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 27-min

As has been told before, the blue and brown decor is never a bad choice to be the theme of every bathroom. Here, brown actually dominates the room which is applied in its furniture, fixture, flooring, and shower area, then blue works to brighten it up attractively.

Farmhouse Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 28-min

Farmhouse-themed decor always gives a stylish touch to a room layout timelessly. In this bathroom, the wood plank wall in glossy deep blue is chosen to dominate it.

Furthermore, the rustic cabinet and vintage bathtub style up the room very well.

Navy Nautical Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 29-min

The stylish nautical bathroom with a nice combination of white and navy. Its stripe accent on the flooring becomes the major focal point which makes it even catchier.

White and Deep Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 30-min

The brightly stunning bathroom which is dominated by the deep blue glossy tile and white element. Then, the huge window is installed to make the room look much brighter.

Washed Blue Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 31-min

It’s always a good idea to choose the washed wooden flooring to create a rustic look in your bathroom. The soft blue can definitely become a good pair for that kind of flooring.

Naturally Festive Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 32-min

The festive bathroom which is inspired by the beauty of mother earth. It chooses the tree wallpaper in blue to fully cover its 4 sides of the wall.

Matte Soft Bathroom

Blue Bathroom 33-min

The mesmerizing bathroom with the chill nuance of matte soft blue that you will love. Again, the washed wood flooring brightens up the room very well and the espresso vanity fives a gorgeous bold touch.

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Blue Bathroom-min

Well, those are some inspiring blue bathroom ideas that you can include in your inspiration list. They perfectly combine the colors and elements which create an attractive layout that you can copy.

You can choose the one that suits your taste and the existing layout of your bathroom. Keep in mind to always create a nice harmonious look that will also make your bathroom feels so inviting.

So happy remodeling your very own bathroom now!

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