Coastal Kitchen Curtains | Blue Coastal By The Sea Tier Pair Review

The kitchen is the heart of a house that is very important in providing the warmth of the household. You will always want to do a lot of things to get a sense of comfort in your kitchen. When you are with family or close friends and relax while enjoying a cup of coffee, it would be more comfortable if your kitchen atmosphere supports it.

There is no problem with your kitchen size. You can still provide a little ornament or a small decoration that might have a major impact on the layout of your kitchen. Indeed, sometimes decorating the kitchen is a little tiring job to do, but if it is done it will be very helpful in providing the new atmosphere in your home.

Blue Coastal By The Sea Tier Pair 3-min
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Some things you can do to give a new touch in your kitchen is to replace or add a new decor there. You can add large objects like the curtain, chair, and others or start from small objects like canister, rugs and more. Talking about curtains, lately, we often encounter many different kinds of the kitchen curtains that are very interesting and certainly very suitable to provide new sensations and nuances in your kitchen.

The coastal kitchen curtain is a thing now, you can feel the oceanic touch around the room by placing such curtain. This curtain has a coastal themed that really suitable for your home if you want to try a new and refreshing sea atmosphere.

This time we have a review about one of the best coastal curtains that have good quality and price that is perfect for you. The product is the Blue Coastal By The Sea Tier Pair by The Curtain Shop, let’s see what you will get from this curtain.

Blue Coastal By The Sea Tier Pair Review

Blue Coastal By The Sea Tier Pair 3-min
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The design is always number one indicator to get a new product for your lovely kitchen because it can reflect the character of the owner. The overall look of this Blue Coastal by the sea tier pair is quite simple yet adorable enough with its decoration.

Blue Coastal By The Sea Tier Pair 3-min
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It comes with the combination of white and navy which looks cute and beautiful. There are beautiful sketches of the anchor, shellfish, starfish, and fishing boats scattered around the curtain.

You can see the patterns with classic style and nautical style that is really great for making a fresh and natural atmosphere inside the kitchen. The overall size of this product is 60 W x 24 L, quite nice to cover a standard size window.

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The materials that used in this Blue Coastal by the sea tier pair is 100% polyester and absolutely machine wash. However, the fabric is quite flimsy and feel not really soft. For you who love the curtain which still lets the sun shines in beautifully, this curtain is surely a go.


As told before, due to its flimsy fabric, the curtain may or may not last for years with its color and texture. Perhaps with a good care, you can keep the quality of the curtain well.


You have to be careful to wash the product to keep its structure and the color since the fabric is not really that great. Yes, it is machine care, so you can take care of the product at your convenience.

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This Blue Coastal by the sea tier pair comes with the $16.69 price tag, and you get what you pay for. Considering its design, the price is not a problem, but you have to consider about its fabric quality too.

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Dimensions 60″ Wx 24″ L
Materials 100% polyester
Style Oceanic
Color Blue pattern, creamy white, blue
Type for room Multi (Kitchen)

So, if you are looking for a cheap coastal kitchen curtain, this one is still worth to includeinto your shopping list. The fabric is not really that great, yet it’s still able to decorate your kitchen beutifully.

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