Blue Living Rooms: 25+ Stylishly Captivating Ideas You’ll Admire

Of course, you always need to decide one particular color that you will use to colorize your home. Commonly, you have to pick one main shade that will become the background color of the room then choose the other ones to complement it.

Whether you choose the basic neutral color, vibrant, or bold shades, the choice always depends on your needs and taste. However, you have to know that the color holds a very huge role in determining the bedroom will look and feel like which means that you should carefully choose it.

Besides creating the overall look of the room, each color option also has its own psychological effect that gives a certain atmosphere inside the room. Therefore, it’s quite an important thing for you to do some deep research about the character of the color that you want to apply to your living room.

When you go with blue, you will have an attractive living room with a fresh and calm atmosphere. The decor will not only get adored by everyone but also they will love to stay inside the room for hours and hours. You can use it as the background color which is applied to the walls or just decorate the room with some bluish pop-ups.

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To inspire you, check out our list of blue living room ideas that you can use as the ultimate reference when you are about to colorize your very own living room.

Best Blue Living Rooms Ideas

Blue Living Room: Modern French Country

The combination of beige and white of this living room creates a neutral warm overall look with the gorgeous textures which reminds you of the beauty of old French home decor. The L-shaped sectional with tufted button accent in navy blue is the main focal point of the room which add a bold color touch and modern twist to its vintage nuance. The blue Moroccan rug, classic table lamp, and even a striking wall art perfectly enhance the beauty of the decor.

Blue Living Room: Elegant Bold Decor

Blue Living Room: Elegant Bold Decor

Bright blue colorizes all sides of the wall of this living room which looks so enchanting. A blue sofa as the focal point flows beautifully with the background color of the room alongside the table and curtain. To make it look bolder, two armless chairs in black complete the furniture arrangement in a very elegant way. Thanks to its white ceiling which balance the nuance inside the room so it doesn’t feel too intimidating.

Blue Living Room: Stylish Navy White

In this idea, navy blue works as the background color which is applied to all sides of the wall. The wood accent in white also decorates the wall which gives a more textured and brighter touch to the decor of the room at the same time. The pieces of furniture in white also help to brighten up the bold nuance of the decor. Black and gold then become the additional color which glamorizes the overall look of the rooms stunningly.

Blue Living Room: Festive Soft Decor

Blue Living Room: Festive Soft Decor

Basically, this living room is colorized by soft blue which looks simply beautiful. But then, those chairs with full-print cover makes the room look way more attractive. A round log-style table brings the rustic touch to the decor of the room. White colorizes the ceiling which works together with those huge mirrors and glass window to give a wider impression to the room’s narrow dimensions.

Blue Living Room: Chic Pewter Decor

This living room looks so stylish with its pewter blue background color which fits for you who want to have a more colorful minimalist decorating style. A pink chair gives a chic blushing color touch which is enough to make look more admirable. The wood flooring in light finish then adds a warmer hue and earthy texture in a very beautiful way.

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Blue Living Rooms: Warmly Bold Decor

Blue Living Rooms: Warmly Bold Decor

An orange sofa and rug become the centerpiece of this living room with navy and white background color. They look strikingly attractive by adding a warm contrast and atmosphere around the room. Some bluish decor items and accessories complete the decor to complement the room’s background color. The silky navy drapes with a classic floral pattern then add another style stunningly.

Blue Living Rooms: Pretty Floral Decor

Some wall arts and throw pillows in the floral pattern makes this blue living room look so attractive by adding patterns and colorful touch. The color of the walls matches gorgeously with the color of the modern sofa which creates a nicely harmonious overall look. The grey wood planks then cover the flooring which adds more earthy texture yet still lets those colors of the decor pop-up perfectly.

Blue Living Rooms: Earthy Bold Decor

Here, navy colorizes all sides of the wall which makes the room look boldly elegant. A sofa in emerald green is the main focal point of the room with the brown leather chair and white marble coffee table complement it, creating a mesmerizing earthy vibe around. A white rug and table lamp then brighten up the overwhelming bold nuance of the room in a very admirable way.

Blue Living Rooms: Artful Chic Decor

The sleek clean-lined sofa in pink looks so catchy in this living room with the teal background color. It gorgeously blushes up the bold nuance of the decor by adding a more girly touch. The artful decor items then make the decor look more fascinating which will surely amaze everyone. The white and brown marble tiles which cover the flooring glamorize the overall look of the room with its natural finish.

Blue Living Rooms: Stunning Transitional Decor

This one is basically a neutral living room which combines grey and white as its background color. The line textures of the walls give an enchanting vintage nuance while the blue sofa and rug in contemporary design add a more modern twist. It’s a very inspiring living room with transitional decorating style.

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So those are the best blue living room ideas that we have picked just for you. For sure, they are so worth to add to your ultimate inspiration list when you have a plan to decorate or redecorate your beloved living room. They look so admirable with a very comfortable atmosphere which makes them so tempting to have.

You can always consider blue as the main color of your living room since it has good characteristics that will make your living room look and feel so inviting at the same time. You can co with sky blue, aqua blue, navy blue or pewter blue as you wish. Of course, our list of best blue living room ideas will help you to find the one which really suits your needs and taste.

Just pick the best blue living room that you really lobe and start decorating your very own living room now!

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