3 Piece Living Room Table Sets | Bowery Hill 3 Piece Table Set Review

Sometimes we ignore the living room when we are too busy with our outside activities. But, one thing we have to remind about, we should make the living room as a great spot in the house because we mostly spend time there. Making the living room as inviting as possible is not a difficult thing even if when we are too busy outside.

The living room can be a great spot for having the conversation with our guests or friends even if it is not a frequent activity. We should add the great furniture and accessories to make the great living room ours.

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One of furniture which can make our living room look greater is the table set, especially the three piece table set. You will get a beautiful and useful decoration once you have a three piece table set in your room.

With so many products available, you must feel confused to choose the stylish three piece living room table set. But, you do not have to be worried, because here we would give you a three piece table set product review for your reference.

It is the Bowery Hill 3 Piece Table Set by Bowery Hill for your reference. Let’s check it out!

Bowery Hill 3 Piece Table Set Review


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  • 5.6K

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The design of the table is quite adorable with its transitional style. The stud detailing on every side of the table makes it look way more attractive. The table set is finished in mesmerizing natural oak color. Overall the design is simple but the set has more which couldn’t be described.

However, for some of you, the design perhaps look too simple and traditional. It doesn’t really much possess that transitional style.

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  • 5.6K

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This Bowery Hill 3 Piece Table Set is all constructed of oak, which is a heavy and strong type of wood. It has a course texture and the prominent grain. Oak is popular and mostly used for the table for the more natural appearance.

Without a doubt, the table’s construction is sturdy enough yet feels the quite light weight. You can move them easily.


If you want to clean the table set, you can use the sanitizer for the surface and then clean the rest with the wet or dry cloth.  It is very simple, isn’t it?

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As it’s constructed of oak, the Bowery Hill 3 Piece Table Set’s durability will not disappoint you. You can use the table set for a long time without any fear of fading. Oak usually used for some variety of contemporary and transitional pieces.


You can display this Bowery Hill 3 Piece Table Set in your lovely living room by spending $209.99. The price is cheap enough because it is sold under $250.00. You can buy this oak table set without any regrets of its affordable price.


Set Includes Coffee Table, End Table & Chairside Table
Dimmension Coffee Table : 19″ H x 24″ W x 48″ D
Weight 73 pounds
Material Oak
Style Contemporary

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That’s all the review of the Bowery Hill 3 Piece Table Set for you. Hopefully, it can be your better guide of choosing the suitable 3 piece living room table sets.

We recommend this product because of its stylish appearance and its affordable price. You can easily clean the table set too. This product will be a perfect addition for your lovely living room.

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