10+ Adorable and Stylish Bridge Faucets for Kitchen

If someone asks, ‘What is the heart of a house?’, the kitchen should be the best answer. This is the room where you, all the family members and the coming guests can do almost everything. Besides for those cooking and dining times, kitchen allows us to do other stuff like browsings, catching up documents, having some joyful conversations, etc.

It is always an important consideration to make the kitchen looks and feels more inviting. It should be a comfortable space in your house where you can spend a long time doing some activities. Keeping all the furniture and appliances look stylish is always a must.

Cabinets, fridge, sink, may hold a huge role in styling your kitchen’s design, but never forget about those small things like faucets and floor mats. They also support the look of your kitchen and have some important functions.

Kitchen’s faucet provides many various functions to help you in finishing some activities. It perhaps one of the most-used kitchen stuff than others. Therefore, choosing the one which works and looks well is mandatory when you shop for one.

There are hundreds of various designs of faucets with different features that you can choose based on your needs. You can pick the vintage or futuristic faucet style with various finishes and mounting style. Always choose the one which matches beautifully with your kitchen’s style.

For some good references, here we have some adorable and stylish bridge faucets for kitchen which are recommended for you to buy. Let’s check them out!

Bridge Faucets for Kitchen

Vintage Double Handle Kitchen Faucet by Kingston Brass (Price: 115.99)

bridge faucets for kitchen 2

credit: Wayfair

The 8″ height wall mount kitchen faucet which looks adorable with its early American style. It is a good choice to match with your traditional kitchen style.

Tudor Double Handle Kitchen Faucet by Kingston Brass (Price: $392.15)

bridge faucets for kitchen 3

credit: Wayfair

The gorgeous kitchen faucet which will become one of the focal points in the room. The polished brass finish of this 14.5″ height vintage faucet looks luxurious to enjoy about. This faucet’s construction is not disappointing.

Opulence Double Handle Deck Mount Kitchen Faucet by Danze (Price $569)

bridge faucets for kitchen 1

credit: Wayfair

The elegant bridge faucet with tumbled bronze finish which creates such a simple yet exclusive touch to your kitchen. You can feel the quality of the faucet once you weigh it on your hand. This solid bridge faucets for kitchen comes with side spray. The dimension of the product is 18″ height x 15″ width.

Country Kitchen Bridge Faucet by Rohl ($709.99)

bridge faucets for kitchen 4

credit: Wayfair

The reliable kitchen faucet which comes with cross handles and side spray. The design looks classy and timeless. You will love to install this 9.25″ height faucet in your kitchen.

Bridge Style Brushed Nickel Finish Kitchen Faucet by Water Creation ($353.24)

bridge faucets for kitchen 5

credit: Overstock

The lovely classic high-arc clearance faucet with brushed nickel style which looks great in the kitchen and bathroom. It creates such a retro touch once you installed it in your kitchen. The height of this product is 11.5 inches.

Whitehouse Collection Vintage III Kitchen Faucet (Price: $698)

bridge faucets for kitchen 6

credit: Lowes

This is a beautiful vintage bridge kitchen faucet with its long classic swivel spout and oil rubbed bronze finish. This 12.5 inches height faucet truly brings a traditional atmosphere to your kitchen.

Rigid Spout Wall Mount Bridge Faucet by Elements of Design (Price: $152.99)

bridge faucets for kitchen 7

credit: Wayfair

This faucet will give an attractive modern look to your kitchen with its adorable rough chrome style. The finish doesn’t only beautify your kitchen appearance but also relates to its great durability.

Double Handle Bridge Faucet by Fima by Nameeks (Price: $459.99)

bridge faucets for kitchen 8

credit: Wayfair

A simple yet beautiful faucet that will enhance the style of your sink station. This faucet doesn’t need to be extraordinary to look adorable.

Elements of Design French Country Kitchen Faucet by Kingston Brass (Price: $240.47)

bridge faucets for kitchen 11

credit: Lowes

Another traditional style of bridge faucets for kitchen with solid brass construction. The oil rubbed bronze style is always a great choice to enhance the classical look of every faucet. It comes with 13 inches height.

Moen Edison Mediterranean Kitchen Faucet (Price: $199)

bridge faucets for kitchen 9

credit: Lowes

Give your kitchen a little bit of Eastern’s beauty with this gorgeous Mediterranean Bronze kitchen faucet. Sure, this is not really a bridge faucet, but the design is very irresistible to miss out. There is a soap dispenser included with this 13″ height faucet.

Pfister Avalon Kitchen Faucet (Price: $168.74)

bridge faucets for kitchen 10

credit: Lowes

The reliable stainless steel faucet which looks so lovely to install in your kitchen. The style may look conventional, but it really nice to decorate your sink area.

Always choose the kitchen faucet wich match with your cabinet hardware’s finish to give an inviting look. Keep in mind about for what kind of jobs that you will use your faucet. Also, read the features of the faucet which fulfill your needs.

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