Get to Know: British Gas New Boiler Cost

Boilers are one of the important hardware that you can’t opt-out of, especially in winter. Just like the other electronic fixtures, boilers could show their tired signs so you have no choice but to replace them with a new one. On the other hand, you might just want to simply change the current one with the most updated and more energy-efficient version. If you’re planning to purchase and install a new boiler, you have to take into account many considerations to get the right choice.

Why would I have to do that? Well, it’s simply because you don’t want to buy the one that is labeled ‘cheapest in the town!’ but then realize that it’s literally ‘cheap’. You also don’t want to buy the most pricey one with the label ‘the best in the world!’ but turns out that it’s not worth every penny that you’ve spent. There are some points that you have to consider so the new boiler is within your budget and needs.

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1. Boiler Types

  • Conventional Boilers: this boiler is the one that you may have known where it heats the water, stores it in a water tank, keeps it warm to use it later.  This boiler type is suitable for big houses with a few bathrooms and radiators.
  • Combination Boilers: combi boilers are the contrary from conventional ones because this boiler type provides on-demand hot water and don’t really need a separate hot water tank. Also, since it’s more compact, it would be a perfect choice for smaller houses.

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2. Boiler Sizes

Sizes do matter when it comes to planning to purchase house hardware because you want to spend your budget on something that you really need. Choosing the cheapest one is not always the best decision, so does when you decide to buy the most expensive one.

When it comes to boiler sizes, you may have known that there are wall and floor broilers with their own pros and cons. The wall boiler usually has a more compact size so you can just put it in a designated or existing cupboard while a floor boiler is mostly bulky and can take up some space.

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3. New Boiler Cost

As explained above that boiler types, sizes, and the size of the house will affect the cost of both product and installation. Some products might include the service warranty along with the installation process and some others might not. In general, the cost of boilers depends on boiler types, sizes, manufacturers, and performance which is between £500 and £3,000 ($661 and $3,968)

As for British Gas new boiler cost is depending on different boiler types, sizes, technology, and manufacturers. Some manufacturers that the company use to supply boilers are Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, and Viessmann:

  • Valliant gas boiler prices range from £720 to £2,800 ($952 to $3,703) and remain popular across the UK for efficiency and eco-friendly designs.
  • Worcester Bosch offers a wide selection of gas and oil-fired boilers, ranging from £750 to £3,600 ($991 to $4,761).
  • Viessmann boilers prices range from £800 to £2,900 ($1,058 to $3,835). This one provides some options due to the variation in kW outputs.

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For each new piece, British Gas offers three main types of new boilers to choose from, those are:

  • Conventional boilers: the price range is between £1800 and £3,200 ($2,380 and $4,232)
  • Combi boilers: the cost is around £1,500 and £3,000 ($1,983 and $3,967)
  • System boilers: the price range starts from £1,600 to £2,900 ($2,116 to $3,835)

If you decide to choose British Gas, you will get some benefits that you might want to consider. Those benefits are:

  • Five-year British Gas warranty
  • Fixed-price guarantee,  what they quote is what you pay
  • Professional installation by a fully qualified British Gas engineer
  • Up to £205 saving on your annual energy bills

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Choosing a new boiler is not something simple that you can do like buying cutleries or tableware. It’s something like an investment for your family and you to get the best choice for a long time. Of course, we only provide a brief summary of how to choose and the expected price range for each boiler type.

Of course, we would recommend you to consult with professionals so that you could get proper help for both pricing quote, installation, and the whole planning process.

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