Walmart Curtains For Living Room | BROWN Rod Pocket Faux Curtain Review

Make the living room more attracting is one of the important things. The attracting living room will never fail to make us feel comfortable inside. The beautiful living room is enjoyable, it also can give the good impact for our feeling inside. You can add something with beautiful color to get your living room more attracting.

For this kind of problem, add or change the decor can be the best alternative. One of the decor which can make the living room more attracting is the curtain. The curtain is an important piece you need in the living room to keep too much out light. But on the other side, the curtain can be the perfect addition to make the living room more beautiful with its appearance and color. You must need one to make your living room perfect.

There are so many curtain in the stores both online or offline,  but here we will give you the review of a recommended curtain for living room. The product is BROWN Rod Pocket Faux Curtain. It is a great product which can make your living room more having good looking. Here is it the review of BROWN Rod Pocket Faux Curtain for you!

BROWN Rod Pocket Curtain Review

BROWN Rod Pocket Curtain
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This BROWN Rod Pocket Faux Curtain is a modernly designed curtain to pair up the brown colored living room. It is very simple but decorative. The product is also useful for the out light blocking and save the energy costs. It is a recommended product for your living room better looks and usable.

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This product features the 100% polyester. It is a great quality for the curtain. Polyester is a well-made material which is less fading, it doesn’t shrink out. Well after all the material of this BROWN Rod Pocket Curtain is not too bad for the living room.


The BROWN Rod Pocket Curtain is constructed of the polyester. It can last long as long as you treat it nicely. Polyester is long lasting, less fading, less wrinkling, and nonbreathing. After all, this product is a durable one.

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To clean this curtain, you can use the washing machine. Be careful when you are cleaning this kind of curtain, you do not have to bleach it. This BROWN Rod Pocket Faux Curtain material also can dry quickly. It is easy to treat this product.


You can make this curtain your living room perfect addition by just spending $15.50 of your money. It is very cheap, right? You don’t have to worry about the price of the product, it is affordable enough.

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Product TypeCurtain
Dimmension54″ W X 63″ L

At the end of the review, we can conclude that this BROWN Rod Pocket Curtain is a great product which is very useful for the living room thus beautifying at once. The price is also affordable for you who has a limited budget. You may love this one to be in your living room.

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