Cheap Living Room Sets Under $500 | Buchannan Sectional Sofa Review

If you are the one who loves to improve the living room, you are doing a great activity. Improving living room will affect the atmosphere and the views around. It can be great and you can refresh the atmosphere of the room, but you have to choose the right furniture to change or add.

When you change the living room furniture, you should choose the one which is suitable and it should pair up with other accessories inside. Furniture which can change the views and the atmosphere around the living room is the sectional sofa.

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The sectional sofa is one of the living room set part. You can make your living room more comfortable for having quality time with the sectional sofa. One of recommended sectional sofa for living room with a cheap price tag under $500 is the Buchannan Sectional Sofa.

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This sectional is a great one which can make the living room more beautiful and comfortable. The affordable price of the product also makes it easy for your limited budget. If you want to know more about the Buchannan Sectional Sofa, here we have the review for you. Let’s check it out!

Buchannan Sectional Sofa Review

buchannan sectional sofa
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The design of this product is contemporary, this sofa will suit the modern living room. It has the tufted button on its back seat. The sofa is a corner sectional design type, it will be a great sofa to complete the corner of the living room.

It has the attached seat and back cushions for the comfortable. The design is so minimalist and its lovely dark chocolate color will beautifully decorate any themes of the living room.

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This sofa will provide the extra seating and relaxing lounge environment in your living room. It is good for you who want to spend a long time by having a seat on the sofa. The microfiber upholstery covers up the sofa and creates the plush comfort you can sink into.


The material which is used for the fabric cover of this sofa is the soft microfiber upholstery in chocolate. It is easy to clean and the dark color will not easily show the dirty part of this sofa. In the legs and frame, the solid hardwood will not disappoint you.

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This sofa surely provides you the great seat and back with its thick padded parts. You can spend your time longer on the sofa and do some activities such having the conversation, watching the television, and resting.


This Buchannan Sectional Sofa is such a durable chair once you feel its construction. It has the durable frame construction made of the hardwood. The microfiber upholstery also not a poor material for a sofa covers.


The Buchannan Sectional Sofa has a price around $469.00. It is very affordable for you who has the limited budget for the home improvement. A great product with affordable price is great.

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Overall this Buchannan Sectional Sofa is a reliable product for your living room improvement. You will not regret of buying this product. You also do not have to worry about the prices. This one is a recommended living room chair with a price under $500. Keep improving your living room!

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