Built In Hot Tub: 25+ Mesmerizing Ideas for Exhilarating Backyard

What makes a backyard become so enjoyable for everyone? Is it the natural landscaping that you create? Is it those pieces of furniture that you provide? Or other additions that can enhance its beauty and comfort at the same time so you will have an exhilarating outdoor living space?

Yes, a hot tub is definitely one of several additions that you can keep in mind when you have a plan to give some improvements to your beloved backyard. It’s a great water feature that offers lots of benefits that you, all the family members. and the coming guests can enjoy. That is why it always becomes everyone’s favorite.

As a health-related water feature, a hot tub will totally support your healthy lifestyle. The hydrotherapy benefit that every hot tub comes with, can relax your stiff muscle and heavy head in a very comfortable way. The heat of the water, bubbly wave, and the moving jets will massage your body so you can have a fresher body and lighter head.

Instead of installing a fabricated one, some homeowners prefer to choose to build their own hot tub. Of course, it can cost you more than when you buy the hot tub which has been designed by the manufacturer both its appearance and technology, but you will a hot tub which totally suits your needs and taste once you build one in your backyard.

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For you who are willing enough to spend your budget to improve your backyard, we have picked dozens of amazing built in hot tub that you will totally adore.

Best Built In Hot Tub Ideas

Built In Hot Tub: Cozy Round Oasis

Built In Hot Tub: Cozy Round Oasis


A small round hot tub is the main element which makes this backyard look and feel so inviting to enjoy. Concrete block is the material which builds the base of the hot tub area which then becomes a gorgeous small patio. The natural landscaping which includes some rocks and greeneries surround the hot tub area which enhances its beauty and provides more privacy at the same time.

Built In Hot Tub: Stunning Modern Design

Built In Hot Tub: Stunning Modern Design


This small hot tub is built on the edge of a sloppy terrain of this spacious backyard. The glossy tiles in the earthy finish with faux rocks emphasize the hot tub area which totally makes it look so fascinating. You can enjoy the beauty of the natural surrounding while having some relaxing time in a very captivating way.

Built In Hot Tub: Simple Minimalist Style

Built In Hot Tub: Simple Minimalist Styl


For you who prefer to have a small sofa for an intimate relaxing time, this idea can be a good reference that you can copy. The design of a hot tub is quite small with a square shape which can fit 2 adults comfortably. The main material which builds up the hot tub is metal and the white tiles surround it. It looks strikingly elegant among the grass field base of the yard.

Built In Hot Tub: Modern Above-Ground Design

Built In Hot Tub: Modern Above-Ground Design


If those in-ground hot tubs don’t really suit your needs, this one in above-ground design is the one that you can’t miss. The grey finish of the hot tub looks so elegant which the greyish gravels decorate it beautifully. Moreover, it also comes with endless water flowing feature which totally brings its style to a whole new level.

Built In Hot Tub: Cozy Modern Deck

Built In Hot Tub: Cozy Modern Deck


A deck comes with a rectangular hot tub which can fit 6 to 8 adults. Its sleek rectangular design gives a stylish modern touch to the rustic overall look of the deck. For sure, you can copy this idea when you have a dec in your backyard.

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Built In Hot Tub: Captivating Cozy Tub

Built In Hot Tub: Captivating Cozy Tub


A huge fireplace completes the feature of this hot tub area which creates a more comfortable atmosphere and an admirable overall look at the same time. The fireplace sparks a much warmer nuance when you have some relaxing time. The hot tub area looks uniquely stunning with those natural concretes and rocky blocks which fit for you who love rustic vintage decorating style.

Built In Hot Tub: Enchanting Modern Design

Built In Hot Tub: Enchanting Modern Design


A fascinating round hot tub which is covered with greyish tiles become the main attention grabber which style up this huge patio. It complements the fireplace and the small pool which complete the features of this outdoor living space very well. The design of the hot tub adds an elegant modern twist to the rustic overall look of the patio.

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Well, those are the best built in hot tub ideas that we have picked just for you. They look so beautiful to decorate your backyard while also adding a more sophisticated feature to make your life become much healthier. Of course, you can add those ideas to your ultimate reference when you are about to create an exhilarating outdoor living space.

Choosing to build a hot tub then purchasing the fabricated one can be a good alternative to consider. You can choose your own personal custom design and complete it with the technology that really suits your needs and taste. The built in hot tub will never fail to become the major focal point which grabs most of the attention that you can use it to relax your body every single day.

Just pick the best built in hot tub that you really love and start improving your very own outdoor living space!

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