Bullfrog Hot tub: An Honest High-End Spa Review

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There is no spa or hot tub manufacturer that assembles a better product like Bullfrog Hot tub. Their patented JetPak process is possibly the best invention in tub history! JetPaks are a feature that uses chair backs with many different massage configurations.


Then, it can be interchangeable and also you can adjust massageA�treatment system as you wish. Moreover, you can fine-tune the pressure JetPaks as you want. You won’t find this kind of flexibility in another product.

What is The Extra Benefit Does JetPaks Provide You?

The typical spa includes 600 – 700 feet of pipes. Compared to Bullfrog spa which is less than 85 feet. Fewer pipes mean more power efficiency and make it easier to fix your hot tub when you find a leak in your Bullfrog hot tub.

Every inch of the pipes, pipe elbow and fitting is a source of friction as water travels in the pump to every jet. Just a view other product has this kind of feature. This resistance reduces massage pressure and jet power with fewer efficiency motors and diverter valves.

A hot tub producers compensate a diverter valve carries the jet strain from 1 chair and diverts it into a different spot. Power from the other place can only achieve a pressure in almost any chair. You can’t run each of the jets at the same time if a spa has a diverter valve.

Furthermore, the pipes are another source of energy reduction, reducing jet pressure by around 18%, to further complicate matters.

The JetPak Technologies


JetPak technologies let you get a great relaxing moment when you seat on it, with each one of the jets turned on at the same time. There aren’t any diverter valves. Every JetPak comes with an adjustment dial.

Without any needs to take it out of 15, you’re able to achieve power in almost any chair. The Bullfrog hot tub allows you to choose which massageA�treatment you need, with full control. No other hot tub provides this degree of treatment control.

What’s Your Capacity To Pick Your Jet Configurations For a Huge Thing?


There are no two individuals are 100% identical. Something you can’t get it in the most products in the market you can find it in Bullfrog hot tub.

By having a Bullfrog hot tub, you will get over 20 distinct configurations. Each configuration will provide you a different type of massage.

Though some might like the constant pressure of their neck masseuse JetPak, others will find relief from the calming body massage that comes from the Oscillator JetPak. Moreover, you can customize this fantastic system easily so that everybody can configure their setting.

To customize it, just call the Bullfrog team, and they’ll do it for you in no time!

Everybody Loves It!


JetPaks are all about personal treatment. Bullfrog Hot tub consulted with their research team to make the spa jets from the accessible group of doctors, chiropractors, and massage therapists. Bullfrog Hot tub possess the most jets out there in a hot tub industry.

When you obtain a Bullfrog spa, you have to decide on the precise JetPaks which can work best for you. Down the road, you can buy a different JetPak. Moreover, you can upgrade your tub with the best and most up-to-date technology and designs that you can’t find in any other product.

Slimming down the pipes underneath creates more space for insulation. Water remains in the primary body of this spa instead of beneath in pipes where it loses temperature in a significantly faster speed.

Heat which accumulates in the rear compartment is recycled and went back to the spa water. Every Bullfrog spa matches or exceeds the rigorous energy guidelines created by CEC 20.

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What We Love About Bullfrog Hot Tub

To find a leak in a traditional spa, you should drill the shell to reduce its power and make it as the possible leak spot. Factory employees must complete this procedure, introducing the potential for error. Hot tub factories are moved to decrease the price of such a labor-intensive system.

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In Bullfrog Spa, the casing is a lot stronger because of the decreased demand for drilling. There’s but one hole per chair rather than one per jet. Their fittings and the JetPaks stay above.

If a jet fitting neglect, it will flow back into the body of water instead of underneath, the repair procedure is simplified. A JetPak can eliminate without any tools’ use. There’s no need to remove cabinet panels and dig underneath.

Solid Material

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The material and construction of the hot tub are accountable for encouraging tens thousands of pounds of water along with the occupants of your spa. Moreover, the vast majority of the hot tub has sub-frames made from wood.

Though every hot tub today includes a wood exterior cupboard, in most place in the US, you can see dramatic temperature changes daily, in temperature up to 50 levels. In short, wood frames are vulnerable to damage from insects, rodents, and moisture.

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Constructing a spa frame is quite labor intensive. Then, their manufacturing facilities have transferred to Mexico to reduce labor costs. Wood glued, stapled, nailed, and needs to be cut.

Issues from the product and gaps seem that there is no significant thing. In the most place in America, winter problems are a big issue, and a low-quality hot tub can make it worst.

What Makes It Even Better


Finally, their injection molded ABS foundation pan and frame are more resistant to rust, and you have a lifetime guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. The ABS base prevents rodents, moisture, and insects from wreaking havoc and entering the spa.

The system of fabricating gets rid of the part of human error while fixing and cutting to construct a wood framed tub and is constant. Every Bullfrog Hot Tub use this system, so you don’t need to worry about rust.

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