3 Piece Bathroom Rugs | Butterfly Empire 3 Piece Rug Review

Upgrading your bathroom with useful and functional stuff is totally a must for you. A bathroom surely needs some useful stuff to support the homeowners to do their activities. The bathroom is the dampest place in your house that delivers much water droplets everywhere.

The wet room extremely can cause someone to get unwanted slipping accident. To prevent it from happening, you have to place the serviceable bathroom stuff. Then, one of the most beneficial bathroom stuff to avoid such accident is the bathroom rug.

butterfly empire 3 piece rug
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Indeed, bathroom rug is constructed to provide security in your bathroom. You can choose any styles and designs as you want since the rug also influences the overall look of the bathroom.

The one which comes in 3 Piece package is much better to purchase since it offers you various functions. It is commonly placed for some functions including toilet seat cover, bath mat, and contour rug.

Nowadays, lots of 3 piece rugs are available with various design and price that you can find at Walmart. Then, one of the most satisfying products that totally attracts many customers is Empire 3 Piece Bathroom Rug. This product comes from Empire Home Fashion brand that expands hundreds of home appliances with the high-quality material and fantastic design.

But, you do not forget to look for the reference to its product before buying the best one. Searching the review from the other customers is absolutely an effective and efficient way. So, if you are planning to buy 3 piece bathroom rug, here, we have a review of Butterfly Empire 3 Piece Rug.

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Butterfly Empire 3 Piece Rug Review

butterfly empire 3 piece rug
  • 4.3K

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The 3 piece rugs come in several designs and model, but this orange one is the most impressive. Not only give a charming look to your bathroom, this stunning rug will absolutely beautify your bathroom’s interior. This soft luxurious material with its vivid pattern will not let you down at all.

Butterfly Empire 3 Piece Rug comes with 18″ x 18″ for contour rug, 18″ x 18″ for a bath mat and 17″ Standard toilet seat cover. Those sizes will suit well for the three spots in your bathroom space. This rug is available in 8 mesmerizing colors that brighten up bathroom’s look.

The minus of this product, however, its toilet cover doesn’t fit well to the toilet seat. Quite disappointing since you can’t use all of those included rugs.  (Read also: Bathroom Rug Review)


This charming orange rug utilizes the great technology to get perfect construction. This rug is made from 100% Acrylic Pile (Polyester) that entirely gives a smooth and soft touch while you step on.

Based on the structure, polyester can be a thermoset and thermoplastic that produce the smooth cloth. This material totally capable of absorbing the water through the fibers inside. So, it is why the lots of mat products use this material to produce a useful and superb goods.


To get an easy and simple way for cleaning this rug, you can clean it by washing, then leave it dry. Furthermore, its machine washable feature enables you to wash it in the machine that makes you easier to take care of the rug.


Constructing of polyester fiber, there is no doubt about it. The polyester blends the cotton and polycotton to produce strong material. The synthetic fiber in polyester totally makes the material strong enough to face the bathroom’s damp condition.

Moreover, the polyester fabric highly resistants to stain and any damage source. If you do the right way in maintaining this rug, it is possible to get the long lasting performance.


This 3 Piece rug product offer the price at $16.40 at Walmart, that is an affordable price for you to get this marvelous rug. Certainly, the price is worth for its design and function. Butterfly Empire Home 3 Piece Rug is completely a pleasing product that can run effectively.

After reading the review about, certainly, you’ve got an information about this product that can become the consideration. Well, it is your time to determine which one product that can answer your need. Therefore, comparing many products is exactly important for you. Make sure to choose the right one that totally matches to your bathroom interior.

We totally emphasize that this Butterfly Empire 3 Piece Rug is really recommended for you. Besides its design and functions, the price is also affordable for you to get this kind of terrific bathroom rug. Good Luck!!!

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