Inexpensive Bedroom Chandelier | Caden 4-Light Chandelier Review

The lighting fixture, we mean about a chandelier, can be a pivotal element in your bedroom. At least there are three reasons to support that.

First, simply it gives you a lumination to do any activity right before you fall asleep in the night. Then, the second reason is it gives a bond that unites the whole elements in your bedroom comprehensively. Last but not least, it gives a final touch that amplifies the impression that you desire in your bedroom.

For an inexpensive bedroom chandelier solution, Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier by Viv + Rae is a panacea. Furthermore, classical design with candle-like bulb base become a sweet addition to any bedroom style.

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Caden 4-Light Chandelier Review

Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier
  • 2.8K

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This mini chandelier is adopting candelabra style with its cascading beaded details mixed with scrolling arms. It exudes a classical style in a very luxurious impression, giving a sweet touch in any bedroom look.

In addition, you can install this chandelier as a ceiling fixture with a hardwired connection or just hang it as a swag lamp. With its candelabra-like design, Caden 4-Light Chandelier is very sweet to be added for a toddler bedroom as well as for an adult bedroom too.


Product TypeMini chandelier; Crystal Chandelier
Number of Lights4
Replaceable Bulb IncludedYes
Bulb TypeIncandescent
Bulb BaseE12/Candelabra
Wattage25 W
Adjustable HeightYes
Wrought Iron, faux glass, plastic and acrylic
Voltage120 Volts
Power SourceJunction Box
Canopy IncludedYes
17” H x 14” W x 14” D
 4 pounds


Caden 4-Light Chandelier
  • 2.8K

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This gorgeous chandelier is adopting the classical style with candelabra-like shape. The light’s wrought iron base is beautifully carved into artistical curves, giving a luxurious impression and sturdy structure for this mini chandelier.

Meanwhile, the bulb is mounted face up just like the other candelabra shape chandelier, it imitates the shape of candles with its flame. In this case, you should use a chandelier-shaped bulb in order to match the candelabra shape.

The faux glass accent is beneath the candle-shaped lamp. So, there won’t be light refractions from the lamp that gives unique sparkle all over the bedroom. However, if you want a low light in the night, you can install a dimmer switch.

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As a multi-purpose chandelier, you can use the Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier as swag lamp with its retractable cable. On the other hand, you can use it as a ceiling fixture too with a hardwired connection.


Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier
  • 2.8K

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Viv+Rae as the producer of this classical chandelier uses wrought iron as the base. Then, with the white finish on the base, it will fit perfectly with any bedroom decor. It offers a durability and flexibility to create an artistic and durable chandelier.

Meanwhile, faux glasses with fine cutting are chosen to be the sweets accent for this adorable chandelier. Unfortunately, the plastic and acrylic are used for the material of the faux glass. Although it is not really visible, still the plastic and acrylic won’t give sparkling shine as well as glass or crystal.

Lighting Fixtures

Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier
  • 2.8K

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The Caden 4-Light Chandelier has four bulb base as the lighting fixture of the chandelier. It uses 4 E12 bulbs to give the lighting in your bedroom which holds up to 25W wattage for each bulb, that makes it 100W at the max.

Meanwhile, it suits to the electricity voltage in the USA as it uses 120V voltage, but for most of the Europe and Asian, you have to use an inverter.


The Caden 4-Light Chandelier has 17″ height, 14″ width, and 14″ depth. If you want to just hang it as a swag lamp, you can hang it up to 78″ from the ceiling. The weight itself is not too heavy as it just reaches up to 4 lbs (1.8 kg).

For a small bedroom, this chandelier is a perfect addition that will give an overall lighting. Meanwhile, if you have a medium bedroom, it will be a sweet and nice chandelier that give a little tiny touch.


With a quite affordable price of $63.99, the Caden 4-Light Chandelier is a jaw-dropping chandelier you’ll never miss. Why should we say that about this mini chandelier? Because it is a wrought iron chandelier! Actually, a wrought iron chandelier is much better, and generally more expensive than just a generic metal material one.

A wrought iron chandelier has a more complicated process in its production. There will be forging, bending, welding, and finishing processes to create a great chandelier base from wrought iron material. As a result, a more durable and high-quality product to decorate your bedroom.

Meanwhile, the use of plastic and acrylic material for faux glass accents are quite reasonable. The producer needs to minimize the cost production from the wrought iron material. Although it shines less than real glass or even crystal accent.

Plastic and acrylics are quite enough to give a beautiful accent to the chandelier. Indeed, in this chandelier, the acrylic accents will not refract the light. So you almost won’t see the difference between its acrylics or crystal accent.


The Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier is a great lighting fixture chandelier that comes in a mini package. As the people said that size doesn’t matter, this mini chandelier is quite enough to give a sweet touch to your bedroom.

Comes in the 4-Light bulb, it will give quite enough lumination for your small up to the medium bedroom. The price itself is quite cheap if you remind about its wrought iron material that is much better and durable than metal.

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The product is more suitable for you who are looking for a light accent for your nursery bedroom since it comes in a small size. It’s so recommended if you do it that way, and not really a wise idea to pick this chandelier to put in your bedroom.

Well then, overall, the Caden 4-Light Crystal Chandelier is a must-buy chandelier to be added to your shopping list.

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