Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection | Cambrian Court 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Review

Do you want to add a feminine contemporary style on your bedroom? Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court 5 Pc Queen Bedroom will be the perfect answer for you. With its minimalist and stylish design, it will bring a fresher and more modern look to your bedroom look.

In addition, the quite cheap price for a high-quality product will make you fall in love with this bedroom collection. Ssst, before you go deeper in love to this gorgeous bedroom set, here is a review you should read first. Enjoy!

Cambrian Court 5 Pc Queen Bedroom Review

Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court White 5 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom
  • 10.8K

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For you, young lady, this bedroom collection is a must-have item to bring a modern and sweet feeling to your space. Ash white finish on poplar solids and white ash veneers beautifully carved in Jewel-shape embosses details all over on furniture fronts. It gives a luxurious charm in a feminine style that is the perfect match to high-end teenage girl’s bedroom.

In addition, gold finish accent in panels and drawer pulls make it looks so glam. Meanwhile, the turned legs that supporting this lovely product give a strong and bold impression that you can rely on. Thus, a bedroom set you will always desire to have it.


Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court White 5 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom includes a 3-piece bed set, a six drawers dresser, and a vanity mirror. Beautifully carved in poplar solids and white ash veneers, the bedroom furniture set adopts the feminine contemporary design in minimalist style.

The bed set has overall beauty in the minimalist style you’ll fall in love with. The drawers in faceted and raised front with Jewel-like details will instantly add a chic and stylish impression to your bedroom. Meanwhile, metal bearing glides in each drawer will make it easier to pull out even if your store heavy stuff inside.

Never forget about the mirror that complete the overall look of the bedroom set. Crystal clear mirror with beautiful frame in subtle golden line detail, it adds an opulent touch upon the dresser which it’s attached.


The 3-Pc Bed Set

Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court White 5 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom
  • 10.8K

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Like another Sofia Vergara Bedroom Collection such as the Paris Silver Queen Bedroom, the bed set is always being counted as three pieces, and it has its own characteristic in each piece.

The Headboard has 3 sections Jewel-like faceted panels that will become a sweet show stealer in your bedroom. Then, the footboard is designed to be lower than the mattress, creating a spacious feeling to your bed.

Don’t forget about that raised Jewel-like detail in the footboard front, giving a matching image to the bed overall look. In addition, golden rectangular line details on the inset frame of the footboard and headboard adding an opulent touch you can boast on.

The Dresser

Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court White 5 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom
  • 10.8K

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High-end, unique, and minimalist, the Cambrian Court dresser will give you all of those looks in an instant. The six faceted drawer dresser comes with strong English and France dovetail construction with minimalist straight line metal pulls.

Meanwhile, golden line inset detail becomes a glamorous touch for your bedroom. It is not too much but enough to bring an elegant and opulent impression. All of it is being bound by white ash finish that is not only exuding its minimalist design but also bring delicate temporary accents.

Thus, a nice and sweet addition you can bring to your bedroom, even if you buy it separately.

The Mirror

Cambrian Court 5 Pc Queen Bedroom
  • 10.8K

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With it sleek and clean design, the Cambrian Court mirror becomes a chic element that complete the Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court 5 Pc Queen Bedroom. Similar with its complement, the crystal clear mirror is framed with poplar wood solids and white ash veneers in an ash white finish.

Meanwhile, a gold accent is subtly giving an elegant and opulent touch to the mirror. Thus, you can do your daily touch-up on this beautiful vanity mirror in the stylish and luxurious way.


Adopting contemporary style in a more feminine way, the Sofia Vergara Cambrian Court 5 Pc Queen Bedroom will make your chamber become way more stylish. Beautifully crafted in ash white finish, this product has a matte soft tone color that will match any bedroom styles, especially minimalist and contemporary one.

Indeed, crafted in rigid rectangular shape with faceted Jewel-like panels, this collection exudes a sweet and romantic feeling that you’ll love for sure.

The dresser has six spacious drawers that quite enough to hold your makeups, jewelry, accessories, and any other girly stuff. The dresser top is quite wide to place various kind of your makeup equipment while in use. But, don’t forget to tidy up the clutter after you had finished keeping its clean and sweet appearance.

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Poplar wood is a medium hardwood that is inexpensive and quite lightweight as it has porous pores. It makes poplar can easily catch humidity for a humid area.

Thus, poplar wood is not quite durable as it can easily get infected by fungus and insect. In addition, poplar has low bending strength and shock resistant, so you have to be careful when you try to assemble this product.

Meanwhile, white ash has high shock resistant and quite rigid. A quite resilient and tough hardwood to be mixed with poplar as the solids. It covers the weakness the poplar had in this bedroom set.

Despite the fragile nature of poplar solids, its white ash veneers make the bedroom set little bit tougher. But not that tough enough if compared with pine, maple, teak, or other hardwoods.

Thus, in durability, this bedroom set is quite durable but still, it has a little bit of flaw considering its poplar solids. I suggest you to keep the humidity levels in your bedroom stay low to prevent fungus infection to your furniture.


The price of $1,099 is quite pricey regarding its wood materials such as white ash and poplar. But, if you mind about its style and beauty it’s quite worth it.


Bed Set86″L x 63″W x 56″H
Dresser68″W x 18″D x 37.5″H
Mirror48″W x 38″H
MaterialsPoplar Solids, White Ash Veneers
FinishingAsh White Finish
Drawer PullGolden Finish Straight Line Metal
StyleFeminine, Contemporary, Minimalist

Considering that beautiful design, this Cambrian Court 5 Pc Queen Bedroom perhaps is reasonable enough to buy though with that pricey price tag. Perhaps it’s only for you who are willing to spend lots of bucks to buy a Sofia Vergara’s bed set collection.

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