Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? | Complete Tips and Guides

Ita��s surely a fun thing when we want to keep the look of the bathroom stay fresh to create such an exhilarating atmosphere when you use the room every single day. You can play with redecorating or giving another touch to its layout.

One of the methods to style up your old-boring bathroom is by changing or simply painting the tile which hugely influences the overall nuance of the room. However, some of you may wonder, can you paint bathroom tile? And the answer is, yes you can.

But still, since you are dealing with a room with an ‘abnormal’ (or simply wet and damp) condition, there are some things that you have to consider before painting the tile of your bathroom. You cana��t just go buy some random paints and recolor the tile just like you do to other rooms in your house.

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For further guide which will answer your, Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? Question, you may need to keep scrolling and read carefully.

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile?

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As the answer to that question is yes, ita��s time to consider whether you want to do it by yourself in DIY method or asking some help from the professionals. Ita��s all up to you to choose which method which suits you best since each of them has the pros and cons.

To ease you to choose the best method to paint your bathroom tile, below are some brief explanations that you can consider.

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? | DIY Way

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The keys to successfully paint your bathroom tile are about how you prepare the surface before painting and choose the right paint. Those elements hold such an important role whether or not you will get a good result in changing the color of your bathroom tile.

There are some steps that you have to do to get a good result when you are about to paint your bathroom tile:

  1. Clean the SurfaceA�a�� The very first thing to execute before painting your bathroom tile is cleaning it. You have to remove any dirt or mildew on the surface of the tile by using abrasive bathroom cleaner. Then, wipe the surface using a wet sponge and let it dry. Ita��s so important to have a clean surface before you paint it.
  2. Sand the Surface a�� The next step is removing the gloss of the tile by sanding it. You can use a fine synthetic grit sandpaper and smoothly sand the tile. This step is better executed if you have an orbital sander which will smoothen the tile faster and better. Then, remove the residue by using a damp cloth and let dry.

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Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? |Types of Paint

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Now leta��s talk about how to paint the tile if you want to do it in your own way. The methods are differed based on the types of pain that you want to use which are latex or epoxy paint, as explained below:

  1. Epoxy Paint a�� There are lots of pre-packaged kits that are specifically sold to answer your, Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? question. It includes the complete supplies, tools, and clear instruction, the Rust-Oleum or Homax Tub and Tile are the recommended products that you can consider to buy.
  2. Latex Paint a�� Firstly, give the tile two coats of bonding primer and let it dry. Then, coat it with the acrylic latex wall paint.

The most important thing is never to use the regular or water-based paint because they are not the proper types of paint to deal with the bathroom environment. They will not make your bathroom look any better.

Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? | DIY Tips to Do

Furthermore,A� we have some tips that will help you to get the best result in painting your bathroom tile. They are so important to do so you wona��t end up having an ugly bathroom after repainting the tile:

  1. Ventilate the Room a�� Yeap, once you decide to repaint your bathroom tile by yourself, make sure you have the maximum ventilation to help the pain do its best. Turning on the fan is also a good idea to even make the room breath more.
  2. Spray the Paint a�� The spray gun works better than the brush or roll since it will give a much neater look.
  3. Read the Review a�� Before deciding to purchase a particular product to paint your bathroom, you can read some reviews from the trusted customers about the product. They will help you a lot to choose the best paint to buy.

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Can You Paint Bathroom Tile? | Professional Way

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Well, if you are not willing enough to do the job by yourself, you can always contact a professional to handle it who (obviously) knows better about painting the bathroom. They will examine the condition of your bathroom to know whether they can repaint it or not.

For sure, the professionals are highly educated and trained in their particular job which will automatically give you the better result. They know the technique to give the tile the best color with the best detail that we may not be able to do.

Moreover, they will also do the job much safer both for the homeowner and the environment. The pros will use the standard equipment which can reduce the chemical exposure which (in some cases) can be so threatening.

In addition, you can choose more color options when you hire a professional to handle the job. When the home kits commonly offer limited tones, the pros have limitless color choices and even the custom one as you wish.

So how much do you have to pay if you use a pros help to paint your bathroom? Based on the survey that we have conducted, you have to spend about $1,000 for a typical tile and tub repainting, and the price depends on the condition of your bathroom.

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If you think you can paint the tile of your bathroom all by yourself, ita��s fine, go ahead. However, there are lots of things that you have to keep in mind as has been discussed above.

You have to deal with the cleaning and sanding which should be done properly in order to get the best result. When you dona��t do it well, you will not be able to give the tile the best color that you dream about.

Then, the painting step itself needs a very extra attention so you can have a nice-looking tile to make your bathroom look better. Pay attention to the detail of the paint and follow the instruction properly.

Remember that ita��s not like painting your bedroom wall, but ita��s bathroom, with its particular surrounding. You will have to give greater attention when you want to give the room another touch of paint.

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Keep in mind to provide the huge ventilation when you are executing the job. The paint should set properly so it will stay last for years.

Hiring a professional for is the best option obviously since they will give their best service to repaint your bathroom tile. But for you who have a limited budget, painting the tile of your bathroom is always a worth-to-try DIY project that you can do by yourself.

So, can you paint bathroom tile? Of course, you can, but the choice is yours.

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