Things You Need to Know About Cedar Fence | Tips and Review

Wood is the best material of outdoor additions because it matches naturally with the backyard’s surrounding. If someone is asking about what is the best type of wood for outdoor space’s add-ons, cedar would be the first answer. It has been so popular among many homeowners that cedar wood is very qualified to beautify their outdoor spaces, whether it is about the appearance and the quality.

In the case of backyard’s fencing, obviously, cedar is one of the most common used material. While metal or chain link fence cannot naturally blend with a backyard, choosing cedar wood fence is a great idea. The security, durability and privacy offered by the wood fence have satisfied many homeowners.


cedar fence
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Compared to other types of wood, cedar offers better benefits for you. That’s why it becomes so adored. There are many benefits that you can get by investing a cedar wood fence, such as:


This is the most famous benefit of cedar wood, it is because the wood has natural oils within which help to prevent rotting and insect damage. Cedar also has the great ability to withstand all weather conditions.


Natural cedar fence also looks gorgeous and will add much value to the outdoor space. The rustic appeal of the wood matches perfectly with the backyard’s environment and makes your outdoor space feels more inviting.


Don’t forget about the natural scent of the wood which is so pleasant to enjoy. The other unique thing about cedar fence is it can control the temperature around your backyard. Cedar has some natural air pockets which can work as insulation to keep the surrounding space feels warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Privacy and Security

When it comes to fencing, you must need a great privacy, and cedar wood offers you the great one. It completely protects the backyard, so you will feel secure.

Cedar wood fence is available in various design and quality. You can choose the one which suits your needs and budget. Below we have one product which has satisfied many costumes, so it is recommended for you to buy. The product is Severe Weather Natural Fence Picket that you can buy from Lowes, let’s take a look.


Cedar Fence Picket Review

cedar fence review
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credit: Lowes

The premium quality cedar fence from Severe Weather which is so durable to protect your outdoor space. It comes in lovely golden brown color with dog ear style. This premium fence is so lightweight, and you will not find any ugly holes or cracks.

The dimension of this cedar fence is 6′ high x 5.5” width with 0.59” thickness. Though it is not pressure treated, but as we know that cedar has the great natural durability, so you should not be worried about this case.

As for the installation, you can easily do it by yourself, without any helps from professionals. You may need some hours to install the fence but is really worth it.

At Lowes, this fence picket is sold at $2.80, and it is a very reasonable price to get the premium natural cedar fence.


Dimension6′ x 5.5”
MaterialCedar wood
FinishNatural cedar
ColorGolden brown
StyleDog ear top fence


To keep the cedar fence look great over the years, you have to install it properly. It will make the wood panels stand straight and aligned well. It is right that some types of woods can experience shrinking or warping, but you will not see the problem happens to cedar wood.

You don’t have to use any chemical to maintain cedar fence since it is naturally made durable to place outdoor. The oils contain in the wood are enough to make them sturdy, so treatment like sealant is not really required.

Cedar may experience fading over time, though some people love this natural fading color, but others don’t. You can stain the wood to handle the problem if you won’t keep the fence look fresh.

With so many benefits that you can get from cedar fence, you must be convinced to buy one. The durability, beauty, and security which is offered by cedar fence are so hard to resist. Cedar fence is also quite easy to maintain, so it will not cost your time and budget over time. The fence doesn’t need to be treated in a special way to keep it in good condition. You can get those benefits by spending not really much money,

When you are about to buy the product, always do some research and read the reviews from those who have bought one. It will help you to get the good quality cedar fence which is really worth to buy.

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